Music Videos of Wing Commander Arena (Xbox 360)

Countdown to Launch (Fan Trailer)

This well edited piece, "Countdown to Launch!", combines footage from the Arena trailers with scenes and music from Wing Commander III.

A lot of the mainstream media sites are commenting on how excellent Arena is, but also warning that 'hardcore fans' won't appreciate it as a Wing Commander game. Here's the rub: they absolutely don't know what hardcore fans are thinking. They don't understand the simple joy of seeing the Kiranka logo again or of watching Rapiers and Dralthi dogfighting in HD. When you see a comment like that it means that Arena doesn't have a twenty million dollar film shoot -- but we know Wing Commander has always been about more than Mark Hamill. This new video, which connects the classic film productions to the new setting, is exactly the kind of message we should be getting out!

Soundtrack: Wing Commander III






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