Super Wing Commander

Although Super Wing Commander could be grouped in with the platform/console ports, it is a drastic new look at the events of the original Wing Commander game and deserves its own listing. The graphics were brought up to par with modern games in 1994 and full speech was added throughout the game. It actually preceded Wing Commander III with its CD-ROM drive requirement. The game included the events from The Secret Missions as well. A special third campaign was also created between SM1 and SM2. This SM1.5 mission lead the Tiger's Claw on an adventure to track down and destroy the shipyards responsible for creating the Sivar Dreadnought. Additional rumors about stealth fighters and Admiral Tolwyn were added to support the lead-in to Wing Commander II.

Climbing into your cockpit, you smell the familiar scents of battle - the fresh rush of pure oxygen, the stench of sweat, the coppery tang of Durasteel. Your palms moisten as a rush of adrenaline quickens your pulse. You take what might be your last deep breath. Listen to the canopy hum overheading, you reach for the Engage Throttle button and brace yourself for launch.

You're the Terran Confederation's best pilot. If you can't outsmart the Kilrathi cats, no one can! You've been summoned to defend the TCS Tiger's Claw - can you survive and continue the bloody battle against the Empire?

Wing Commander set the benchmark in computer gaming. Now Super Wing Commander introduces the epic Kilrathi war to the Macintosh with even more missions and cinematic than the PC version - plus full speech and awesome graphics.


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The 3DO version is somewhat playable in FreeDO & the Macintosh version is somewhat playable in Basilisk 2.

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Don't know how to land your ship? Stuck on a particularly difficult mission? The following items may be of help:

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  • Released 1994-03-23


  • Released 1994-03-23

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