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2655 timeline



  • The Tiger's Claw arrives in the Bifrost System. Intel speculates that the Kilrathi strike force is retreating to a supply depot in the system for refueling, with reinforcements arriving in the form of at least two Fralthi-Class Cruisers and Ralari-Class Destroyer escorts; the Claw is ordered to locate and destroy the depot. Psi Wing is deployed to scout ahead of the Claw, flown by Blair and James "Paladin" Taggart.
  • During the mission, Psi Wing encounters an unknown Kilrathi warship, and are forced to break off the assault in the face of heavy opposition.


  • The Tiger's Claw locates the enemy depot. Theta Wing is launched to destroy the depot and any outlying Kilrathi forces; the mission is flown by Blair and Taggart. They succeed in destroying the depot and a Lumbari-Class Transport.


  • The Tiger's Claw intercepts a Kilrathi courier ship carrying vital intelligence on Kilrathi activities in the Vega Sector.
  • The Killer Bees Squadron identifies the Kilrathi warship carrying the superweapon that destroyed Goddard; it is codenamed the KIS Sivar after the Kilrathi war god.
  • Sigma Wing, flown by Blair and Michael "Iceman" Casey, is the first of several rotational patrols sent out to scout Bifrost for any remaining Kilrathi forces attached to the Sivar and her task force; the Terrans maintain full radio silence with the Kilrathi to avoid detection. Blair and Casey succeed in destroying two tankers, a Ralari, and a Fralthi during their patrol.


  • The Tiger's Claw arrives in the Valgard System. Mu Wing is launched to eradicate any of Kilrathi forces defending the Sivar, flown by Blair and Casey. They succeed in destroying several tankers before they are able to refuel the Sivar. They then destroy a Ralari and a pair of Fralthi while en route to the Tiger's Claw.


  • Mu Wing, flown by Blair and Casey, is launched once again to destroy Kilrathi stragglers attempting to locate the destroyed supply depot.


  • The Tiger's Claw tracks the Sivar and its strike force to the Vigrid System, but their presence is discovered by the Kilrathi. Omicron Wing is launched to intercept a Ralari en route to destroy the Claw; the mission is flown by Blair and Joseph "Knight" Khumalo.
  • The Claw launches all remaining wings to eliminate the remnants of the Sivar strike fleet. Blair and Khumalo fly Omega Wing to destroy any Kilrathi stragglers; they destroy a Fralthi-Class Cruiser and encounter the Sivar itself, badly underpowered. After a concentrated assault, Blair and Khumalo destroy the Sivar, along with the Kilrathi superweapon.
  • The Tiger's Claw, having completed its mission, returns to Terran airspace; Operation Thor's Hammer concludes.
  • All knowledge pertaining to the Kilrathi superweapon is lost.


  • Crown Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka is brought before his father, the Kilrathi Emperor, to face the consequences for his failure to ensure the safety of the Sivar and its superweapon; he is executed by means of disintegration.
  • Firekka, the home system of the Firekkans, announces its intent to join the Terran Confederation. The Terran Diplomatic Corps are deployed to Firekka to discuss official accession to the union.
  • The TCS Tiger's Claw is reassigned to Firekka to provide security for the diplomatic negotiations.
  • The Dralthi Mk II is first deployed in the Vega Sector.


  • The Tiger's Claw sends Alpha Wing, flown by Blair and Casey, to provide escort for the TCS Perez de Cuellar, which is one of the ships ferrying the Diplomatic Corps. Alpha Wing then discovers a Kilrathi convoy passing through the Firekka System.


  • The Confederation reports that they successfully liberated Vega Prime. The Kilrathi occupational force retreats from the system for unknown reasons.
  • Colonel Halcyon confirms the retirement of the Scimitar from frontline service.
  • The Drakhai, the Kilrathi Imperial Guards, are discovered in the Firekka System.
  • The Tiger's Claw launches Kappa Wing, flown by Blair and Casey, to identify the Kilrathi convoy believed to be ferrying the Drakhai. During the mission, Kappa Wing engages a Fralthi.
  • Blair leaves on shore leave and pays witness to the signing of the treaty between the Terrans and the Firekkans. The Firekkans officially join the Terran Confederation.


  • A Kilrathi task force is detected en route to the Firekka System. The Tiger's Claw launches Epsilon Wing, flown by Blair and Khumalo, to run recon and destroy any Kilrathi present in the system. During the mission, Epsilon Wing engages a Snakeir-Class Carrier, the latest carrier line of the Kilrathi Empire.
  • The Hhriss, an experimental Kilrathi heavy fighter, is encountered at Firekka.


  • The Kilrathi retreat from the Deneb Quadrant.
  • The TCS Tsiolkovsky confirms that the Kilrathi have captured Epsilon Station, taking many Terran POWs. Among the hostages is Philip, the fiancée of Tanaka.


  • The Kilrathi launch an invasion of Firekka. The Confederation scrambles reinforcements to the system.
  • The Tiger's Claw launches Epsilon Wing, flown by Blair and Khumalo, to evacuate the ships carrying the Diplomatic Corps out of the Firekka System. The TCS Trygvie Lie and the TCS U Thant are both safely evacuated.
  • Major Kien "Bossman" Chen and Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux engage several wings of fighters flown by the Drakhai. Devereaux escapes, but Bossman is killed in action.
  • The KIS Ras Nik'hra, commanded by Lord Ralgha nar Hhallas, requests asylum with the Confederation.
  • The Claw launches Omicron Wing, flown by Blair and Tanaka, to escort the Ras Nik'hra to the Claw. The TCS Austin sends a contingent of its crew to meet with the defecting Kilrathi.
  • The KIS Kraj'nisk is sent to intercept the Ras Nik'hra before it can defect. The intercepting vessel is destroyed by Captain Ian "Hunter" St John.
  • The Kilrathi redirect their forces from Tau Ceti to Firekka.
  • Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka sends a message to the Confederation, issuing an ultimatum that all Terran warships retreat from Firekka so that they may prepare for "The Way of Lord Sivar".
  • The Confederation orders a full retreat from the Firekka System. The Claw deploys Beta Wing, flown by Blair and Tanaka, to escort several Draymans evacuating the Firekka System.
  • The Tiger's Claw retreats to the Corsair System.


  • The Austin temporarily transfers two pilots, Zachary "Jazz" Colson and Etienne "Doomsday" Montclair to the Tiger's Claw to compensate for recent pilot losses.
  • St John averts an attack on the TCS Austin.
  • The Claw deploys Blair and Jazz on Beta Wing to run reconnaissance on the incoming Kilrathi battle fleets. The two pilots fly covertly in captured Dralthi to deceive the Kilrathi. During the mission, they engage two Snakeirs.


  • Five Kilrathi battle fleets close in on Firekka.
  • Lord Ralgha is interrogated by the Terrans on the Tiger's Claw. He reveals that the Kilrathi are hosting the annual Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony, also known as "The Way of Lord Sivar" to appeal to their war god for success on the battlefield. Firekka is chosen to host the ceremony. All non-believers who refuse to convert will be slaughtered.
  • The Tiger's Claw deploys Blair and Jazz in Mu Wing to escort two battalions of marines to Firekka. They fly Dralthis to intercept enemy communications in the system. They encounter Kilrathi-controlled Rapiers from the Gwenhyvar during the mission.


  • Dennis St. John, the older brother of Ian St. John, is killed in action when the Kilrathi attack the colony on which he is serving.
  • The Claw deploys Blair and Doomsday as Psi Wing to escort in several Draymans carrying the marine reinforcements to Firekka. They fly Hornets for the mission.
  • Devereaux and "Sorcerer" are ordered to escort the TCS General Powell to Firekka. The Drayman never arrives at its intended rendezvous.
  • The General Powell sends a distress call to the Tiger's Claw; the vessel has been captured by the Kilrathi and the marines on board are staging a mutiny against the boarders. The Claw launches Blair and Doomsday as Theta Wing in captured Dralthi to launch a sneak attack on the Kilrathi escorting the Powell. The Powell is safely recovered and the wounded are treated on the Tiger's Claw.
  • Jazz and Doomsday return to the TCS Austin, which retreats from the system.
  • Four marine shuttlecraft arrive on Firekka; they plan to assault the Kilrathi priestesses hosting the Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony.
  • The Kilrathi attempt to destroy the Tiger's Claw. Sigma Wing, flown by Blair and St John, to drive off the Kilrathi strike force.
  • Two Terran traitors are captured on the TCS Winterrowd in the Vega Sector. They claim to be agents of the Society of Mandarins, a Terran traitor network.
  • The Tiger's Claw intercepts a large force of Kilrathi troopships sent in to engage the Terran marines on Firekka. Blair and St John fly as Mu Wing, and destroy at least two troopships.
  • The Terran marines and their Firekkan allies, newly equipped with Terran weaponry, launch their assault on the Kilrathi priestesses conducting the Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony. The mission is a success as the Terrans kill most of the priestesses and disrupt the ceremony, but they and the Firekkans suffer severe infantry losses.


  • Crown Prince Thrakhath sends a second message to the Confederation, declaring that they are to retreat from Firekka immediately and that all marines on the planet will be slaughtered.
  • The Kilrathi destroy four retreating marine transports fleeing the system. The Claw scrambles to rescue the survivors.
  • Blair and Devereaux fly Omicron Wing to rescue three retreating troopships. Although they ward off the Kilrathi, two transports are destroyed before the pilots can intervene.


  • The TCS Jerusalem captures a Kilrathi slave ship in the Vega Sector. Among the rescued slaves is Julia Casey, the daughter of Major Michael "Iceman" Casey.
  • The Confederation occupies territories previously held by the Kilrathi. All Confederation forces are to retreat from Firekka.
  • The Kilrathi invade the Corsair System. The Claw moves in to wear down the Kilrathi fleet to prevent the extermination of the Firekkans.
  • The Claw launches all wings to intercept nearby Kilrathi vessels and patrols. Blair and Devereaux fly as Omega Wing.
  • The Tiger's Claw retreats to the Charon System. Iota Wing, flown by Blair and Maniac, is deployed to delay the Kilrathi pursuers.
  • Blair and Maniac fly Upsilon Wing to ward off the incoming Kilrathi strike force before they can destroy the Tiger's Claw. The defensive action succeeds and the Tiger's Claw retreats to the Vega Sector.


  • After a prolonged resistance, the Firekkan warriors, armed with Terran weapons, successfully defeat the Kilrathi forces occupying the planet. The Kilrathi abandon Firekka and are forced to retreat from the Antares Quadrant, effectively ending the occupation of Firekka.