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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Antares Quadrant
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Corsair is a star system in the Epsilon Sector that was once under the control of the Kilrathi Empire. It hosts a total of eight planets.

The Corsair System is a remote Kilrathi colony system that was first settled in 2610. It saw extensive action during the action at Firekka, in which the Kilrathi attempted to invade the Firekkan home world in 2655. The TCS Tiger's Claw retreated to this system and conducted covert operations to determine a motive for the Kilrathi invasion, as Firekka was then considered relatively insignificant, strategically. Using KF-100 Dralthis from the KIS Ras Nik'hra, a Fralthi-Class Cruiser under the control of the Terran Confederation, the pilots of the Claw conducted numerous deep-cover missions to determine the strength and purpose of the enemy fleets passing through Corsair. Using fake IDs and transponder signals, the Terrans discovered from the Kilrathi warship databases that the Kilrathi had chosen Firekka to host the annual Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony in honor of their war god Sivar.

The Claw later returned to Corsair to protect the Terran ground forces assigned to disrupt the ceremony on Firekka. This defensive action resulted in the destruction of numerous Kilrathi patrols and troopships. The marines eventually landed on Firekka and were successful in disrupting the ceremony, ensuring the eventual liberation of Firekka. The Claw stayed on station and escorted the surviving marine transports that had managed to escape Firekka. They then fled to Charon before the Kilrathi could intervene.

Corsair was the site of the Confederation's first transmissions from the heir to the Kilrathi throne, Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka.

The Tiger's Claw saw extensive action in the Corsair System from 2655.278 to 2655.295. They included:

  • The rescue of the TCS Austin from a Kilrathi ambush by Claw pilot Ian St. John, who was on an unsanctioned flight in a captured Dralthi.
  • Numerous reconnaissance missions in which Claw pilots flew modified Dralthis to gather intelligence on Kilrathi strength and goals in the Firekka System.
  • The destruction of at least two Snakeir-Class Carriers by Christopher Blair.
  • Interception of Kilrathi transmissions in the Firekka System.
  • Several patrols aimed towards the destruction of Kilrathi squadrons pursuing Terran troopships en route to Firekka.
  • The destruction of numerous Kilrathi troopships.
  • Escort missions for retreating Terran marine transports.

Corsair eventually came into Terran control in its later history and by 2701 hosts a population of 3,981,111,945. After the emergence of the Nephilim in 2681, the Corsair System suffered horribly at the hands of the insectoid aliens, with the Nephilim using the territory as a marshaling point for its incoming invasion fleet and the vast majority of its natural resources were depleted for use in the ongoing war effort. Many battles were fought in Corsair as all sides competed for control of the system. Many refugees of the Nephilim War have since resettled in Corsair.

The Corsair system also serves as the de facto capital of the New Confederation, a faction led by Admiral Vanhecke. The base for this faction is the TCS Port Broughton, a Midway-Class Heavy Carrier salvaged after its near-destruction in the war. It is now a major refugee center that is permanently confined to the Corsair System.