TCS Gwenhyvar

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TCS Gwenhyvar
Type Exeter-class Destroyer
Primary User Kilrathi Empire

The TCS Gwenhyvar was an Exeter-Class Destroyer in the service of the Terran Confederation prior to the year 2652.

During the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Gwenhyvar served loyally with Confederation forces on the front lines of the conflict. However, in 2652, the vessel mysteriously disappeared. It was speculated that the vessel had been captured in dry dock by the Kilrathi Empire, with some of its crew and fighter complement on board at the time. During the Vega Sector Campaign, there were ongoing rumors that the Gwenhyvar was posing as a Confederation vessel in order to lure unsuspecting Confederation forces for ambush.

During Operation Thor's Hammer in 2655, a Confederation vessel named the TCS Johann requested assistance from the TCS Tiger's Claw while in the Jotunheim System. They reported that they had accidentally wandered into Kilrathi territory and needed assistance in warding off an enemy ambush. Two pilots, Major Christopher Blair and 1st Lieutenant Mariko Tanaka, responded to the distress call. Upon arrival, they discovered that the Johann was actually the Gwenhyvar, and it launched Kilrathi-controlled F-44 Rapier IIs to attack the two pilots. The ambush failed, however, as Blair and Tanaka were able to fight through the enemy fighter screen and destroy the Gwenhyvar, ending the vessel's campaign of deceit.

Upon returning to the Tiger's Claw, Blair and Tanaka reported their discovery to High Command, establishing the fate of the vessel.


Class: Destroyer
Length: 360 meters
Mass: 8,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 150 kps
Cruise Velocity: 100 kps
Acceleration: Poor
Max Y/P/R: 2/2/2 dps
Fore Shield: 25.0 cm equivalent
Aft Shield: 25.0 cm equivalent
Front Armor: 22.0 cm
Right Armor: 20.0 cm
Left Armor: 20.0 cm
Rear Armor: 20.0 cm
Guns: Single Mount Laser Turret (4)
*Dual Mount Lasers Turret (6)
Triple Mount Laser Turret (1)
Missiles: *1 Spiculum IR