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The TCS Johann was the fake identification for the TCS Gwenhyvar, a Confederation Exeter-Class Destroyer that had been captured and operated by the Kilrathi Empire from 2652 to 2655.

The TCS Johann allegedly wandered into Kilrathi airspace while on patrol near the Terran-Kilrathi border and was ambushed in the Jotunheim System during the year 2655. They sent a distress call to the TCS Tiger's Claw, which was conducting a covert operation within Kilrathi territory. The Claw sent pilots Christopher Blair and Mariko Tanaka to investigate, only to discover that the TCS Johann was merely a guise for the ship's true identity: The infamous Gwenhyvar. The Kilrathi attempted to kill the two pilots just as they did to numerous other Confederation vessels they had lured into the open, but failed when the Gwenhyvar was destroyed in combat.