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[[Goddard I after its destruction on 2654.326.|250px]]
Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Deneb Quadrant
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Goddard is a star system in the Epsilon Sector. It was a colony of the Terran Confederation that hosted at least two major planets, including Goddard I and Goddard II, as well as at least one moon, Steltka. It was named for the American scientist who invented the first liquid-fuel rocket in 1926, Robert H. Goddard.

Goddard was colonized in 2512 by North Americans, scientists and intellectuals.

Goddard II hosted 250,000 Terran colonists prior to the year 2654, and was likely the most populous colony in the system. It hosted several major cities and was relatively peaceful during the Terran-Kilrathi War prior to the 2650s. Goddard I is not known to have been colonized. The moon Steltka would later be colonized.

In 2654, mere weeks after the conclusion of the Vega Sector Campaign, Goddard was attacked by a massive Kilrathi fleet wielding a new superweapon, later identified as the Graviton Gun. The colony sent a distress call to the Confederation Space Navy before contact with the colony was lost. The TCS Tiger's Claw and all nearby vessels raced to Goddard's defense, only to discover that it was too late. Goddard II was totally destroyed, with all 250,000 colonists and all visible signs of life eradicated. Also, the Kilrathi fleet managed to escape back to Imperial airspace. Confed deployed marines to search for survivors, but there were none to be found.

The disaster at Goddard prompted the Confederation to retaliate by sending the Tiger's Claw to hunt down and destroy the Kilrathi fleet and its new superweapon, initiating Operation Thor's Hammer. It was later discovered that Goddard was the test site for the Graviton Gun, which was meant to be used to blast the Kilrathi's way through to Earth. The plan failed as the Tiger's Claw tracked down and destroyed the Kilrathi fleet and the Graviton Gun before it could be employed in numbers.

The fallout resulting from the Goddard Disaster would not be realized for years to come. Among the victims of the disaster was the brother of Terran pilot Zachary Colson. Colson firmly believed that the colony would have survived if the Tiger's Claw hadn't detoured to attack a Kilrathi troopship, so he betrayed Confed and helped the Kilrathi to destroy the Tiger's Claw in 2656. His campaign of terror would last ten years before he was finally silenced by Christopher Blair in 2668.

Notable Residents