Michael Casey

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Michael Casey
Casey around 2654
Callsign Iceman
Place of birth Vancouver, British Columbia
Place of death B'shriss System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Forces
Rank Major
Battles/wars Vega Campaign
Relations Kylie Sarah {wife)

Julia Casey (daughter)
Lance Casey (son)

Michael Casey, aka "Iceman", was a Terran Confederation fighter pilot assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw during the Terran-Kilrathi War. Due to his ruthless and deadly flying style, the other pilots said Casey had freon for blood, which is how he earned the callsign Iceman. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2623.

In 2652 Casey ran into Dakhath near Planck's Star.

He held the record for most kills in the Tiger's Claw's history as of April 2654. He was known for a calm, perfect flying style and excellent aim. He was also very taciturn, communicating only necessary information to his wingmen and speaking even less when not in the cockpit. He frequently flew as wingleader for Jeannette Devereaux. He was featured in Pilot Profiles in 2654, at which time he held the rank of major.

On 2655.293 he received word that the TCS Jerusalem had intercepted a Kilrathi slave ship, and that his daughter Julia was among the freed. Shortly after Firekka, he took a shore leave and met Kylie Sarah Richards, a waitress. A few months later they married. He recorded holo-videos for her and their unborn son, Lance.

Six weeks after his second marriage Casey was killed in action "on a deep space patrol in the B'shriss System." Christopher Blair brought back his life-pod, but the official report of his death omitted the fact that he was found in pieces, to spare his family the additional trauma.