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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Sa'Kahn Quadrant
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Valgard was the codename for a Kilrathi star system in the Epsilon Sector.

In the year 2654, the Kilrathi Empire destroyed the Confederation colony of Goddard, killing 250,000 colonists. They accomplished this by arming one of their capital ships, the KIS Sivar, with the new Proton Accelerator Gun, which could destroy an entire planet. The Terran Confederation retaliated by ordering the TCS Tiger's Claw to hunt down and destroy this super-weapon, starting Operation Thor's Hammer.

During this pursuit, the Claw pursued the Sivar and her task force to an unknown star system that was codenamed "Valgard". It was here that the Claw attempted to lure in the Sivar in order to destroy it. Instead, they trailed a Kilrathi transport in the hopes that it would lead them to the fleet, which was low on fuel. They succeeded in destroying many of the Sivar's escorts by posing as a Kilrathi supply base that had been destroyed in an earlier strike.

The Tiger's Claw conducted several hit-and-fade raids here between 2655.071 and 2655.115. Among them are:

  • Several routine patrols against the Sivar's escorts.
  • Several strikes against resupply vessels.
  • Ambushes against Kilrathi fighters and warships suffering from fuel shortages.