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This is a master list of all guns found in the Wing Commander universe.

Guns with Master Articles

These weapons will have all their variants displayed on a single article page.

Laser Cannon

  • Mk 20 Laser Cannon
  • Laser Turrets (assorted)
  • M-47 semiauto laser gun - Infantry Weapon - End Run
  • Turreted Laser - Claw Marks

Mass Driver Cannon

  • Mass Driver Mini Cannon - Infantry and Fighter/Space Weapon - End Run
  • Mass Driver Scatter guns - Infantry Weapon - End Run
  • Kilrathi Point Defense guns - End Run
  • Anti-Torpedo guns - End Run
  • Gatling Mass Driver - Fleet Action
  • Heavy Caliber Scattergun - Infantry weapon - Action Stations (May not necessarily be MD round does not say)

Neutron Gun

  • Neutron Mini Gun - End Run

Particle Cannon

Plasma Cannon

Stormfire Gun

Photon Cannon

Tachyon Cannon

Ion Cannon

  • Chain Ion Gun

Meson Blaster

All Other Weapons

Dual Mount Turret A

Dual Mount Turret B

Electron Gun (Kilrathi)

Fission Cannon

Flak Gun

Flux Beam

Flux Beam MkII

Flux Cannon (Kilrathi)

Fusion Cannon

Ionic Pulse Cannon

Kraven Mk. IV

Leech Gun

Ionic Pulse Cannon

Steltek Cannon

Fusion Cannon

Mass Accelerator Gun (Kilrathi)

Mass Ion Cannon

Phase Blaster (Kilrathi)

Proton Accelerator Gun

Reaper Cannon


Sonic Accelerator (Kilrathi)

Tachyon Gun

Stream Laser

Stream Laser Mk. II

Volt Laser

Anti-Matter Gun

Phase-Transit Cannon

Dust Cannon

Cloudburst Cannon

Light Burst Maser (Nephilim)

Quantum Disruptor (Nephilim)

Light Plasma (Nephilim)

Heavy Plasma (Nephilim)

Shield Killer Cannon (Nephilim)

Heavy Maser (Nephilim)

Gorgon Heavy (Nephilim)

Turret Maser (Nephilim)

Turret Plasma (Nephilim)

Capital Ship Plasma (Nephilim)

Triple Heavy Particle Turret

Triple Plasma Cannon Turret

MK4 Heavy Plasma Cannon Turret

Assault Gun (Confederation Marine weapon) - Freedom Flight

Stenson Drakon rifle - Sniper-scoped infantry weapon - End Run

Lightweight Gatling Assault Gun - Infantry Weapon - Action Stations

Heavy Assault Gun - Infantry Weapon - Action Stations