Fission Cannon

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Fission Cannon
Type Gun
Damage variable
Max Velocity 1300 klicks per second
Duration 4.0 seconds
Refire Rate 0.00 second
Energy Rating 500/sec
Source Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Fission Cannon. Select the Fission Cannon, and charge it by holding down your trigger for no more than ten seconds. (After about ten seconds the gun begins to overload and the charge dissipates.) The longer you charge your cannon, the greater the amount of damage it does. Watch the gun power indicator (at the top right of your screen) to see when the Fission Cannon's energy pool is at maximum. If you begin to charge the weapon before the pool fully recharged (for instance, the indicator shows 50% of maximum), only the amount of energy in the pool will be available. If the Weapons system is allocated less than 25% of the ship's power, it will take longer for the energy pool to recharge.