Gorgon Heavy (Nephilim)

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Gorgon Heavy
Type Gun
Damage 70
Range 4000 k
Acceleration 4000
Refire Rate 0.4 sec
Energy Rating 60 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Gunnery Officer Report:

To the best of our knowledge, empirical evidence indicates that the Gorgon Heavy employs the same or similar technology as the Confed Tachyon Gun. Post-fire trace emission studies have confirmed the presence of high amounts of polarized tachyon particles.
There exists as of yet no intelligence as to precisely how this gun works. Most reports indicate the technology must be similar to that used in the Confed Tachyon Gun. The damage done by both weapons is roughly the same, and if anything the Nephilim do not seem to have been able to accelerate particles to the velocity the Terran Confederation has. It is perhaps this lower velocity limit that also limits the maximum effective range of this gun.