Shield Killer Cannon (Nephilim)

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Shield Killer Cannon
Type Cannon
Damage 12.5 w/ shield drain
Range 4200 k
Acceleration 2800
Refire Rate 0.35 sec
Energy Rating 40 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Gunnery Officer Report:

"Shield Killer Cannon" has become the popular moniker for the Lamprey's mysterious gun. Very little is truly known about this cannon - rumor has it that it drains energy from a ship's shields by sabotaging the electrical system of a ship, possibly by firing some sort of targeted device that latches onto the hull of the victim and pulls power locally, or possibly by disturbing the electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the ships. Studies of trace emissions remaining in areas of reported firings do not contradict theories of shield disruption, but they don't shed much light on the question either.

The following statistics have been compiled based on field reports from witnesses, but all personnel are warned to treat these as loose guidelines only, until some understandings of the technology behind this weapon can be reached.