Tachyon gun

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Tachyon Gun
Type gun
Damage 70
Range 3900 k
Refire Rate .45 sec
Energy Rating 40 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

The Tachyon gun is based on the same technology that powered the first jump-capable capital ships. Tachyons, small particles that naturally travel faster than the speed of light, are trapped, decelerated and polarized to travel in streams. This changes their nature dramatically, and they become a considerable destructive force. If you feel in the mood to get into a real blaster battle, the Tachyon gun is what you want.
Tachyon guns in the 2680's have a longer refire delay than previous models, and cause more damage. They fire one of the fastest moving energy bolt projectiles currently known.