Capital Ship Plasma (Nephilim)

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Capital Ship Plasma
Type Cannon
Damage 10,000
Range 10,000 k
Acceleration 3400
Refire Rate 9.5 sec
Energy Rating 500 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Gunnery Officer Report:

The Nephilim Plasma cannon found on the Kraken-Class Ship Killer and the Tiamat-Class Dreadnaught are the most powerful turret weapon in their fleets. This weapon could punch a hole in anything the Terran Confederation has, and its purpose is in destroying the biggest capital ships that Confed can build. The refire delay is very long, of course, but with a lucky shot, refire is redundant.
If the smaller Plasma guns harness the raw power of a star, then you can consider that the capital ship version throws a supernova.