Turret Maser (Nephilim)

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Turreted Maser
Type Gun
Damage 45
Range 9000 k
Acceleration 7000
Refire Rate 0.8 sec
Energy Rating 35 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Gunnery Officer Report:

It did not take much contact with the Nephilim attack forces to discover that Masertechnology is the mainstay of their ordnance technology. The powerful, focused microwave weaponry appears on nearly every ship in the fleet.
Masers have proven to be quite effective. Turreted Masers are efficient in punching their way through Confederation shields and, with little effort, through armor as well. These turrets are often exposed, but usually shielded, on the larger ships. When possible, shield emitters and turrets should be given highest initial priority in an attack on a Nephilim capital ship.