Flux Beam MkII

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Flux Beam MkII
Type gun
Manufacturer KriskArms
Damage 35 cm
Range 388.5 KM
Max Velocity 3480 KPS
Refire Rate 5 shots/sec
Energy Rating 3/10
Heat 160
Cost 8,000 credits"credits" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 8000.

The KriskArms Flux Beam MkII (also called the Flux Beam Mk II, the Flux Beam Mark II and the Flux Beam MKII FLX2) is an energy weapon available on the civilian market in the Tri-System. It is a upgrade of the Flux Beam.

The Flux Beam MkII can be installed in the gun slot of many ship models, including the Aurora, Shaman, Karnenan, Jendevi, Icarus, Drakkar, Danrik, Duress, Heretic, Faldari, Faldari MK II, Freij, Freij MK II, Straith, Velacia, Skecis, Skecis MK II and Kalrechi. They are the standard guns on the Vendetta, Jendevi, Faldari MK II, Freij and Skecis MK II.

The Flux Beam MkII is also used by the CIS on the ML2B and ML4X fighters and by at least three pirate clans. The Chirichan Testmos, Papogod Ashearer and Kiowan Krell all use the guns.

In 2790, KriskArms offered to give away a special edition Flux Beam MkII as part of their I'd kill for a million prize draw.


Seriously enhanced from its original state, this is not a weapon to be taken lightly. It is truly devastating.

As It Is In Heaven

The uprated model, boasting more rapid laser fire and even greater damage to enemies.

Your Guide to the Universe

An upgraded model, boasting a faster fire rate and greater damage potential.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

This is the best long-range gun in the game, for it is effective all the way up to 250 klicks. It's also a decent weapon up close, but not as good as the Volt Laser.