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Modifier is a type of card used by the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. The set includes seventeen cards, eight Terran and nineteen Kilrathi.


Type specifications from the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game Manual:


  1. Nav Point Modifier cards are played on any of the five non-carrier Nav Points. Modifier cards include natural phenomena, such as asteroids and enemy obstacles such as capital ships and mine fields.
  2. There can never be more than one Modifier at any one Nav Point at one time. A new Modifier may be placed at a Nam Point only if the previous one has been removed.
  3. Modifier cards are put into play by paying the Mustering Cost in the Mustering Phase.
  4. Once played on a Nav Point, Modifier cards may not be moved to another Nav Point. They remain at that Na Point until removed from the game and back to the owner's discard pile.
  5. Certain Modifiers are noted in the card text as being capital ships. Capital ships are vulnerable to fighter attack.
  6. Capital ships are unique and only one of each type can be in play at one time.
  7. Capital ships may be destroyed by enemy fighters if there are no friendly fighters at the Nav Point at the start of the Combat Phase.
  8. If destroyed, capital ships are discarded. The amount of Power Points lost to the capital ship's owner are noted in the card text. If removed by means other than combat (such as Maneuver or Luck cards), no loss is taken.


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