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Longbow is a subset of the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game's Fighter card type. It is based on the F/A-76 Longbow spacecraft's appearance in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. The set includes six Longbow cards which have identical specifications. The Longbow Elite is the rare variant.

WCCIC Review

Longbows will probably be the primary capship strike craft in many games. With a Bombing of 2 however, you're going to need another strike craft or a stat modifier to make a good hit. The easiest thing would be to send in two Longbows, but that's not extremely safe. Longbows have very low Attack and nonexistent Support values. Their Maneuver is only 1 and Defenses only 3. They're not going to be good in a stand up fight. You could make a flight of a Longbow and heavier ship. It's smart to take either a Thunderbolt or Excalibur so that you can score a capship hit. Think about using the Taunt card to make them shoot at the ship worth the leas to you.
To play it safe, send in a wing of more capable attack first to clear out the defenses and hold the Longbows back. Use them to deliver the killing blow.
Rating : 4.5

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