Blood Most Noble Squadron (card)

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Blood Most Noble Squadron
WCTCG Bloodfang Blood Most Noble Squadron.png
Rarity Rare
Equivalent Excalibur

Blood Most Noble Squadron is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Fighter (Bloodfang)
Card Rating 1 Medal Point, 5 Muster Points
Side Indicator Kilrathi
Artist Credit Origin Systems, Inc.
Squadron Name Blood Most Noble Squadron
Squadron Motto The Emperor's Chosen
Attack Value 5
Support Value 3
Bombing Value 2
Maneuver Value 4
Defense Value 4

WCCIC Review

Bloodfangs are actually identical to Excaliburs in the CCG. Their Attack is nice, but they're a bit low on Defense. That Defense value is key. It means a generic Thunderbolt one-on-one can destroy a Bloodfang, but a Bloodfang can't destroy a Thunderbolt. Remeber that. Otherwise, the Bloodfang is a really nice fighter, just be aware of its weaknesses. I'd rate the Bloodfang just a bit lower than the Excalibur because the Kilrathi have other special craft available (Strakha, Sorthak, Dreadnought).
Rating : 6.5