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Weapon System is a type of card used by the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. The set includes twenty cards, ten Terran and ten Kilrathi.


Type specifications from the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game Manual:


  1. Each Weapon card represents one weapon or weapon system that exists in addition to the standard equipment of the fighters to which they are attached. Weapons are not unique and any number of them may be in play at one time.
  2. Weapons modifiy or occasionally replace the Attack, Support, Maneuver, Defense, and/or Bombing Values. If Weapons cards modify a value that the fighter does not have (such as the Bombing Value on an Arrow or Darket), then that ability has no effect. Weapons may replace a value that does not otherwise exist.
  3. Weapons are put into play during the Mustering Phase.
  4. Unless stated otherwise on the Weapon card, only one weapon may be placed on a fighter at a time. One exception is the Torpedo Mount. This weapon card allows the placing of another weapon card - the Torpedo - on a fighter that would not otherwise be able to carry the Torpedo.
  5. When a Weapon card is destroyed, the card is placed in the discard pile. Power Points are lost as described in the Fighter Section.


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