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Hellcat V Elite is a subset of the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game's Fighter card type. It is based on the Hellcat V spacecraft's appearance in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. The set includes four Hellcat V Elite cards which have identical specifications. The Hellcat V is the standard variant.

WCCIC Review

For an extra Medal Point, you get +1 Support and +1 Maneuver over the standard Hellcat. The Maneuver is probably what's going to make it worth it. You'll be allowed to play an extra card during the combat phase and will be able to use just about any Maneuver or Battle Damage available. If you're low on points or don't have any crew with Medals you can "tap", go for the standard Hellcat though. The Hellcat V Elite isn't worth eight power points (3 plus 1 Medal converting into 5 power points).
Rating : 5.5

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