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Fighter is a type of card used by the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. The set includes twenty subtypes representing different types of fighters belonging to different squadrons, nine Terran and eleven Kilrathi.


Type specifications from the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game Manual:


  1. Each fighter card represents one spacecraft, belonging to one of many different squadrons. Fighter cards are not unique. You may have an entire deck of "Killer Bee Squadron" fighters.
  2. All fighters have the following values: Attack Support, Maneuver, and Defense. Fighters may or may not have a Bombing Value.
  3. Fighters are put into play by pating the Mustering Cost and placed in the Ready Area during the Mustering Phase.
  4. A fighter may be launched without a Pilot or Weapon card.
  5. Fighters that are returned to the Ready Area are separated from their attached pilot and weapon cards and may be reconfigured.
  6. When a fighter is destroyed, it is placed in the discard pile, and Power Points are lost equal to the number of cards in the Flight plus one Power Point for each medal on the card.


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