Hellcat V

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Hellcat V
Type Medium Fighter
Manufacturer Douglas Aerospace
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Black Lance
Union of Border Worlds
General Characteristics
Length 27 meters
Mass 14 tonnes
Crew 1 (Pilot)
Maximum Yaw 60 dps
Maximum Pitch 60 dps
Maximum Roll 60 dps
Acceleration 225 k/s2
Maximum 420 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1200 kps
Max Acceleration 900 k/s2
Default Missile Loadout
2 x 3 Medium Hardpoints
Decoys 24
Hellcat V Target Identification, circa 2673.

Hellcat V during Border Worlds Crisis 2673

The Hellcat V is a medium fighter that saw extensive service with the Terran Confederation beginning in the 2660s.


The Hellcat V was the workhorse fighter of the Confederation during the Terran-Kilrathi War. The Hellcat V is a strong contender for the best all-around fighter in the fleet during its service era. Lacking the acceleration and speed of an Arrow or the power of a bomber, the Hellcat is best suited for SWaC (Space Warning And Control), reconnaissance in force or escort missions.

By the end of 2669, Hellcat V squadrons were stationed on almost every carrier and installation in the service of the Terran Confederation. Some also saw use by the Union of Border Worlds and pirate groups like the Black Lance, albeit in limited numbers. Aside from serving in the Terran-Kilrathi War, they also saw extensive action during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673.


Hellcat (2669)Neutron Gun (2)
Ion Cannon (2)
Image Recognition (6)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Hellcat (2673)Particle Cannon (2)
Ion Cannon (2)
Image Recognition (6)
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom
Hellcat (Victory Streak)Laser Cannon (2)
Ion Cannon (2)
Image Recognition (6)
Victory Streak


Wing Commander Academy (TV)

Victory Streak

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

WC4 manual

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom



Behind the Screens

  • Flavor text was written for EA's official Wing Commander Arena website, but after several entries were completed, the idea was dropped and none of the articles were officially published. In the entry for Dralthi Rhino, the Hellcat was given the designation F-42.