Taryn Cross

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Taryn Cross
Privateer - Screenshot - Mining Base - Bar - Taryn Cross CU.png
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Exploratory Service
Rank Captain

Taryn Cross is a Captain in the Terran Confederation Exploratory Service best known for the discovery of the 'Delta Quad'.

In 2669, Cross was stationed on Rygannon and responsible for charting maps for the Gemini Sector. Exploratory Service leadership was pressuring her to finish mapping the remainder of the Fariss Quadrant. She was unaware that this was because of their interest in locating the Steltek derelict. Cross was also eager to complete the work and leave Gemini. Exploratory Service efforts ran into trouble while charting the Delta System, with her team losing three ships to unknown causes in separate attempts. Soon after, Grayson Burrows approached Cross for work that would allow him to reach unexplored systems he had identified on the Steltek artifact. Cross hired him to complete the survey of Delta and jump point Delta. He completed the mission and learned that the previous spacecraft had been lost to pirate activity. She next dispatched Captain Garrovick, who she considered one of the Exploratory Service's best pilots, to survey jump point Delta and the Gamma System. When Garrovick failed to report, Cross hired Burrows to finish the survey and discover Garrovick's fate. She went on to hire Burrows to perform the first crewed surveys of the Gamma System and then the Delta Prime System, completing the sector's charting work. The two developed a flirtatious relationship.

In 2701, Cross was a Captain in the Exploratory Service and was coordinator of efforts in the Pleiades Sector. She wrote Arming Yourself for the January 2701 issue of Star*Soldier.



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