Bartender (Pirate Base)

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Privateer - Screenshot - Pirate Base - Bartender.png
Allegiance Pirate Base bar

Bartender is the unnamed owner of a bar on a Pirate Base. He was a pilot for the Exploratory Service until he saved up enough to buy the bar. He had family on Palan and was very concerned for them when the 2669 blockade cut off contact with the planet. He was always happy to pass on rumors to Grayson Burrows while working the bar. In 2670, he began packing to leave Gemini out of fear it was becoming too dangerous. He considered relocating to the Magellan sector. He appears on Drake, Megiddo, Oakham, Smallville and Tuck's; it is not clear if they are intended to be the same bartender or five different people.



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