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Privateer - Screenshot - Idiot.png
Allegiance Church of Man

"Idiot" is an unidentified member of the Church of Man on Gaea.

In 2670, he was meditating at the Temple of Gaea with another church member when Grayson Burrows interrupted him wanting to beg forgiveness. "Idiot" welcomed Burrows to Eden and offered to begin his initiation in the church. Burrows convinced him to reveal Mordecai Jones' location in space, allowing him to kill Jones. Burrows returned to the temple after the mission to find it destroyed and "Idiot" despondant about the uncertain future of the church. "Idiot" informed Burrows that he could no longer begin his initiaiton.



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Behind the Screens

Privateer Righteous Fire only uses the name "Idiot" internally; the character is never referred to by a name in canon.