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Sector Vukar Tag Sector
Quadrant K'vt Tag Quadrant
Jump Links Lushkag, Rushta, Xsar, S'kur Tql (7), Jugara, K'vt Tag (4)

Baragh is a star system deep within the remote Vukar Tag Sector. It is a colony of the Kilrathi Empire.

The Baragh System is a remote colony system located far beyond the frontier of the Kilrathi Empire. It hosts the planet Baragh and is largely unknown to the Terrans.

The Baragh System was the site of a major engagement between the Terran Confederation and the Kilrathi during the year 2668. In that year, the Terrans were launched Operation Back Lash against the Kilrathi in an attempt to strip it of its war prowess through the conduction of deep-space raids. One of these raids resulted in the Raid on Kilrah, led by the Wake-Class Escort Carrier TCS Tarawa and her escorts. Upon completing the attack on Kilrah's shipyards and factories, the Tarawa and her one surviving escort, the TCS Intrepid, fled to the Baragh System as they attempted to outrun their Kilrathi pursuers. Although nowhere near the Terran Confederation, Baragh was their only option as all other jump points at Kilrah had been closed off by the Kilrathi Home Fleet.

The battered Terran carrier force was cornered by a massive Kilrathi fleet at Baragh, comprised of three carriers. The Tarawa was continually hammered by the far superior Kilrathi, sustaining massive damage, massive crew losses, and almost all of its pilots were killed in action. Desperate to save the vessel, the Intrepid conducted a suicidal attack on the nearest cruiser guarding the carriers. In a massive torpedo exchange, the two vessels destroyed each other. The TCS Concordia then arrived disguised as a Kilrathi carrier, buying the Tarawa the time to escape. Despite the massive Terran losses, the battles of Kilrah and Baragh were a major success for the Terrans.