Olympus Station

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Olympus Station
Type Space Station
Primary User Terran Confederation

Olympus Station is a space station in the service of the Terran Confederation. It is located in the orbit of Ghorah Khar, a separatist Kilrathi colony.

During the 2650s, the population of Ghorah Khar became discontent with the reign of the Kilrathi Empire, and along with a number of other frontier systems, rebelled against the Empire. These systems sought to join the Terran Confederation, and the Confederation gladly accepted their service after relations were formally established. Desperate to ensure their structural integrity, the Empire repeatedly attempted to retake Ghorah Khar in the decade that followed, forcing the Confederation to set up military outposts throughout the system to ensure the protection of the Kilrathi separatists. Among these stations was Olympus Station, which was first constructed in 2659. It would defend system into the Enigma Sector Campaign of the 2660s.

In the year 2665, Ghorah Khar was once again attacked by Kilrathi Loyalists, forcing the Confederation to intervene. Olympus took part in the defense, but was overwhelmed. Ultimately, Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas and Captain Christopher Blair fought off the assault before any major damage could be inflicted on the station. Ralgha and Blair later repelled further assaults on the station before they and their home vessel, the TCS Concordia, moved on to Novaya Kiev.

Although the Enigma Sector Campaign ended in a Confederation victory in 2667, the Kilrathi still made efforts to retake Ghorah Khar. As a result, Olympus Station was once again assaulted in a series of attacks, so the Special Operations Division arrived to deal with the invaders. Again, Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas and Colonel Christopher Blair and their allies repelled most of these attacks and escorted supply shipments between Ghorah Khar and N'Tanya, another rebel Kilrathi system. Olympus lost several patrols in the campaign, but stood firm it its defense of Ghorah Khar.

Eventually, five Kilrathi carrier groups attacked Ghorah Khar in succession. Three of these carrier groups targeted Olympus, killing fourteen of its pilots. With Olympus out of contact with the main Confederation forces, Ralgha and Blair returned to save the station. The defense was successful and Olympus Station survived, forcing the remaining Kilrathi carrier groups to retreat. The defense of Olympus effectively secured Ghorah Khar and the other rebel systems from the Kilrathi onslaught.