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The Deneb Quadrant lies in the Epsilon Sector and consists of the Ayer's, Canewdon, Chanel, Deneb, Epsilon Prime, Goddard, Leyton, Locanda, Logo, Morpheus, Orestes, Orsini, Peleus, Ross 34F, Tangier and Torgo systems.

The Deneb Quadrant saw much action during the Terran-Kilrathi War:

  • In 2654, the Terran colony at Goddard was completely destroyed in an attack by the KIS Sivar.
  • Most of the quadrant fell after the success of the Kilrathi's Deneb Offensive in 2668, in which Deneb was captured following the destruction of the Confederation 6th Battle Fleet.
  • In 2667, the Terran Confederation field tests the F-95 Morningstar in Canewdon. A traitor aboard the TCS Concordia steals a prototype on the behalf of the Kilrathi.
  • The quadrant hosted the secret headquarters of the treacherous Society of Mandarins in the Ayer's System, known as Ayer's Rock. The headquarters was destroyed by Special Operations operatives in 2667.
  • The Terrans successfully regained control of Morpheus in 2669.
  • The Terran star system of Locanda was a hotly-contested system prior to its destruction in 2669.
  • The Terran colony at Bistangio was devastated by a blitzkrieg Kilrathi attack in 2669.
  • Torgo fell after it was occupied in 2669.

In addition to this, the Deneb Quadrant was the site of several major offensives during the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673. Finally, a rebellion occurred in the Logo System after that conflict.

Behind the Screens

  • Throughout Wing Commander II, Deneb is referred to as the "Deneb Sector".