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Fan Projects Central
Have a fan project that's not listed here, or information on one that is? E-mail!

Project Index - In the Works

  • Attack Fleet
  • Final Conflict
  • Flight Commander
  • Freespace 2 TC
  • Invasion
  • Marine Corps
  • StarLancer
  • Unknown Enemy
  • WCZone
  • WingED
  • X-Wing Alliance TC
  • Project Index - Cancelled

  • Aftermath
  • End Run
  • HLSpace
  • Incursion
  • Kilrathi
  • Lost Universe
  • Project Index - Completed

  • Babylon 5
  • Fleet Action
  • Interactive
  • Original RPG
  • Secret Ops Missions
  • Vega Strike
  • Project Index - Unknown

  • Blair Screensaver
  • TCS Dark Knight
  • Fleet Commander
  • Privateer Online
  • Starseige TC
  • Web Project
  • Wrath of Kilrah
  • Attack Fleet

    Contact: Banjo
    Description: "Wing Commander : Attack Fleet is a 3D RTS game. RTS stands for Real Time Strategy, that's like Red Alert 2 and Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. But it's all in 3D, like Star Trek Armada. I am writing the game engine myself, and I have made good progress."
    Status: In the works.
    Web Site:

    Final Conflict

    Contact: Alexander Grober
    Description: "It should be a rendered 3D-movie called "Wing Commander - The final conflict". But now, I'm still writing the storyline. What I can already say is, that this movie is playing after Wing Commander Prophecy !! But there should be a connection with the prophecy... The movie should be approx. 30min long. The problem is, that I won't be able to use people in this movie. So it properly would be a simple 3D spaceflight movie with sound."
    Status: In progress.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Flight Commander

    Contact: Eddie Benowitz
    Description: "A new 3D space combat game featuring familiar Wing Commander ships."
    Status: Beta.

    [More Screenshots]

    Freespace 2

    Contact: IceFire
    Description: "A Wing Commander total conversion for Freespace 2.
    Status: Almost complete.
    Web Site:


    Contact: WildCat
    Description: "We are going to convert the Star Trek Armada game into a full Wing Commander game. It will have single player missions to provide a storyline and multiplayer missions so you can enjoy it with your friends. Most ships from the Wing Commander series will at some time appear in the game."
    Status: Creating ships.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Marine Corps

    Contact: TAFKAW
    Description: "An attempt to create a Wing Commander marine FPS game, based on an existing freeware engine."
    Status: In progress.
    Web Site:


    Contact: RubberEagle
    Description: "Several Wing Commander ships have been converted for use with Digital Anvil's StarLancer."
    Status: In progress.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Unknown Enemy

    Contact: Pedro
    Description: "An addon for Wing Commander Prophecy in the grand tradition of Secret Ops -- featuring new graphics, voice acting and a new story."
    Status: Being reworked.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    WC Zone

    Contact: Filler
    Description: "A Wing Commander total conversion for the freeware game SubSpace."
    Status: Just started.
    Web Site:


    Contact: Thomas Bruckner
    Description: "A next-generation Wing Commander Prophecy mission editor."
    Status: Under wraps.
    Web Site:

    X-Wing Alliance

    Contact: Steele
    Description: "Wing Commander fighters converted for use with X-Wing Alliance."
    Status: In progress.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Project Index - Cancelled


    Contact: Equalizer
    Description: "We are dedicated to the production of a fan made Privateer game. This game will be distributed freely over the internet at absolutely no cost."
    Status: Cancelled.
    Web Site:

    End Run

    Contact: LeHa
    Description: "A project to convert the rare Wing Commander novel End Run to an elecrronic format."
    Status: On hold, pending access to a scanner.

    Engine Source Code Release

    Contact: Jumper
    Description: "Our goal, to put it simply, is to eventually achieve an understanding with Origin and/or Electronic Arts by which the source code for one or more Wing Commander game engines would be released for modification by the fans, much in the way the Doom community continues to update the Doom engine."
    Status: On hold (recieved response from Origin).
    Web Site:


    Contact: Rambo
    Description: "A multiplayer space-sim mod for Half-Life, to be released in three parts. Will eventually include fighters from several different Sci-Fi universes, including Wing Commander's Lance class heavy fighter."
    Status: Cancelled.
    Web Site:

    Lost Universe

    Contact: Steven Kouri
    Description: "Two years had passed since the second Nephilim Incursion. Second Lieutenant Lance Casey,son of an ace pilot and a great pilot in his own right, patrolled a wormhole gate secured by the Terran Confederation,leading to a point millions of light years away.Unexpectedly, a faint signal of Confederation origin was detected coming from the maw of the gate.While the signal was recorded,Casey considered of it was a message from his mentor, Commodore Blair,previously thought dead."
    Status: Cancelled.
    Web Site:


    Contact: Korax
    Description: A 3D movie! The basic story has it that Angel has to get to Kilrah for WC3 and myself and B.R@DIU$, my partner in this, tell how she gets there.
    Status: Cancelled.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]


    Contact: Ladiesman
    Description: "Wing Commander: Kilrathi is a (hopefully) total conversion mod for Klingon Academy to set it in the Wing Commander Universe. It takes you back to the Kilrathi War, this time viewing the events from the eyes of the Kilrathi. You start out as a newly trained fighter pilot hoping to make a name for yourself, and bring honor to your clan. In the beginning, you will fly various Kilrathi fighters in standard Wing Commander style combat. But what sets this out from the rest is as you progress through the game, you earn new ranks. With these new ranks comes new responsibilities. For the first time ever in Wing Commander, you eventually fly Cap Ships. From the small corvette to the massive Kilrathi Dreadnaught. Do you have what it takes to pledge your allegience to the emporer and fight for your empire? Are you tired of piloting pitiful Terran vessels? Wing Commander: Kilrathi is for you!"
    Status: On hold.
    Web Site:

    Project Index - Completed

    Babylon 5

    Contact: KillerWave
    Description: "Conversions of both Babylon 5 and other Wing Commander ships to Prophecy's vision engine."
    Status: Available.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Fleet Action

    Contact: Voidsurfer
    Description: "The Fleet Action mod is a tribute to the Wing Commander universe. It replaces the original ships in Homeworld -- a space Real-Time-Strategy game created by Relic Entertainment and produced by Sierra On-Line -- with ships from the various games in the Wing Commander series."
    Status: Working version released. Currently working on a HW:C port.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    WC Interactive

    Contact: Jack Hogan
    Description: "A web-based 'continue the adventure' type Wing Commander story."
    Status: Online!
    Web Site:

    Original Role Playing Game

    Description: "A Wing Commander pen & paper RPG based on a newly created system of play."
    Status: Completed.
    Web Site:

    Secret Ops Campaigns

    Contact: Primarch
    Description: "A collection of fan-made Secret Ops campaigns -- Alien Legacy, Rebellion and Forgotten Heroes."
    Status: Two campaigns available.
    Web Site:

    Vega Strike

    Contact: Tiger Shark
    Description: "An original 3D space combat game set in the Wing Commander Universe."
    Status: Done.
    Web Site:

    [More Screenshots]

    Project Index - Unknown

    Blair Screen Saver

    Contact: Filip Verstraeten
    Description: "A comprehensive Christopher Blair screensaver, involving information on parents, birthday, youth and career."
    Status: In the works!

    TCS Dark Knight

    Description: "You play the Dark Knight saga as Casey again, since his time on the Ceberus he was transfered onto the Plunkett class cruiser Goblin,when the Goblin is destroyed Casey meets up with Zero and Maestro on an experimental ship called the TCS Dark Knight. Unoffically Confed is losing the war with the bugs, the bugs take the proxima portal and begin to invade Earth, after several unsuccessful attempts to destroy it, the Dark Knight and some other ships are sent on a last ditch mission to stop the war the only logical way, what was the Prophecy of Kn'thrak again?"
    Status: In progress.
    Web Site:

    Fleet Commander

    Contact: TrashCan
    Description: "Fleet Commander is a free downloadable multi-player space strategy game featuring online plan, a huge ongoing universe, a big story and a huge about of capitol ships, stations and fighters."
    Status: 2% complete. Currently working on graphics & background fiction.
    Web Site:

    Privateer Online

    Description: "Privateer Online will be a Persistent World Online game like Ultima Online and Everquest. The location the game takes place in is the Gemini sector just like in original Privateer. The game will have two different settings. One in space and one on planets. The space part will be just like any wing commander game. The planet part will be new to the wing commander universe. It will be all 3d like everquest"
    Status: Unknown.
    Web Site:

    Starseige: The Vega Campaign

    Contact: Orogogus
    Description: "To create a cooperative multiplayer campaign with a branching mission tree for Starsiege, based on the Wing Commander 1 Vega campaign."
    Status: Unknown.
    Web Site:

    Web Series

    Description: Time frame for this series is aproximaitly 1-1 1/2 years after the events of the movie. The pilot (pun intended) episode will be based on the events of the second game. My goal is to bring the events of the games, movie, and books into one cohecive universe.
    Status: Writing.

    Wrath of Kilrah

    Contact: David Suttle
    Description: "A simple-featured freeware game.
    Status: Demo released.
    Web Site:

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