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Weasel reports that Script Shop is selling the Wing Commander script. No word on what version it is, but I would assume it has the 'missing' scenes. It's only $15... naturally, they also have a great selection of seaQuest episodes.
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Pedro of Unknown Enemy is looking for someone to create textures for their new ship models -- including the Bengal, Kilrathi Super Carrier, Dragon II and two Kilrathi fighters. You can find pictures of the unfinished models at their web site -- which now features a flash trailer.
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Hope everybody has fun on this most important day of the year -- the one where you get an extra hour of sleep. Happy Halloween from the CIC!
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Hacker Hunger Horror on Hermes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

By Jim Polo, our Hermes correspondent. An evil computer genius has brought suffering to millions through his deviant ways. The cunning coder hacked into the source files for all food processing plants and drones, causing the prearation of all foodstuffs to be suspended in favour of the manufacture of outsize custard pies. Chaos has ensued as hungry citizens keep on getting hit in the face by pies when they ask for food at service points. Police are searching for a man with size eighteen feet and a red nose who goes under the pseudonym of 'Bonzo'. Food imports are greatly desired, although prices for dairy based dessert products have dropped considerably.
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Angel C. Little posted this over at take a look, it's easier than paying three zillion dollars for Kilrathi Saga at eBay.

I just spoke to the (so-called) nice and wonderful folks at EA Direct about Kilrathi Saga and this is what I was able to get out of them.....

Right as of now, they at EA Direct are currently talking with EA themselves about a possible re-release of Kilrathi Saga. According to the woman I spoke to, they are getting more and more demands for Kilrathi Saga and that its only getting more and more reasonable to bring it out once again. No dates as of right now but that could change at any given time.

Wanna have you voice heard - call EA Direct at 1-800-245-4525 and press 2 on the menu, then 3 on the second one. Then ask about ordering a copy of Kilrathi Saga. You will be told that its out of print, simply ask if a re-release on the Classics lineup is possible anytime soon and that it would be nice to see one. Please everyone, seeing Kilrathi Saga back on store shelves will help the series a bundle. Lets have our voices heard. Together we can get Kilrathi Saga back. Together we shall unite.

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TAFKAW made an unusual discovery -- they're currently running Wing Commander Academy (the animated series) on TV in Holland. It's on every Tuesday from 12:25 to 12:55 on RTL4. Very odd...
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Odrong Nendyk reports. All eight of them in fact! Because you guesst all eight numbers correctly in the Ser Cashalot lottery! Giving you access to an estimated prize fund of 12,750,000 credits! Just go into any Ser Cashalot outlet with your winning ticket and you'll be given instructions on how to claim your prize! Well done!
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Marcin reports that Fantastyka, a monthly Science Fiction & Fantasy magazine in Poland, has named us the Page of the Month! Very cool, thanks! Anyone out there able to find a copy of the magazine? It'd be much appreciated.
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Wing Commander has recently shown up in several places in Europe!
  • Eric reports that posters have appeared in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • The movie is now available on video in Poland!
  • Bugfix was kind enough to write the following article about the movie in Germany...
WC Movie is around in Germany

Something I thought I better report for all the German WC fans that might check regularily:

The Wing Commander Movie finally made it to Germany. After it was shown in its Original version during the Germany tour of the Fantasy Film festival in August (where I missed it BTW) I now saw the Movie in German this Tuesday in Berlin. All in all there were 4 cinemas in town showing the movie as preview. Those cinemas were all UCI theaters. The offical start will still be on 23 December.

So every WC fan in Germany check your nearest cinema quickly, probably best try would be an UCI theatre, for the WC Movie preview, sponsored by Benson & Hedges (the ones in Berlin have been). You might be lucky to catch it.

Seeing it on Tuesday really made my day. After having read all the critics about it I decided to take it slowly. And indeed the biggest lack, though the only real one, was the directing itself. It seemed to me that Chris was directing for the games where the vid scenes where more to accompany the gameplay, enriching it, while they are the only means he has in the movie. So after a lot of scenes I awaited to be able to grap my joystick to get really into it finally. Therefore - only naturally - the movie misses quite some its dramatic moments.

The FX are literally smashing and a big must-see. Especially the cockpits scenes I liked best. They ultimately made me grab my cup of coke much harder, about to start jerking it around.

Given that this movie actually establishs a new WC universe it is still or even now interesting to see how things were done or converted. Most interesting to me was how the different characters were depicted and played into their role. Maniac played his role best and most in line with his character in the games. One just has to like him and if you didnt do in the games you will like him in the movie. Whereas Paladin was converted - if not perverted - almost totally.

To sum it up: a decisive must-see for every truly Wing Commander fan. Regardless.

... ohh, and this is not a suggestion ... "That's a definite order!" ;-)

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'The Hades Inferno', the new VidFlik from United Executives, starring Cliff Mallone and Voluptua de Sire. Time is running out for Jake Starr... he's been trapped in the Dis Military Testing Area on Hades by the evil General Dastard [Harold Berkely]. He has only three hours to escape if he's to rescue the woman he loves... and that's if he lives! 'Boom! Bang! Ka-boosh! I love this film! Tops!' Norman Barry, Galactic Inquirer
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Sam & Dan Todd (of Through the Looking Glass fame) were kind enough to extract all of the Cobalt-60 simulator music tracks from Wing Commander Prophecy for us! They're available now in mp3 format... They also suggest we mention that Cobalt 60's album, Elemental, can be purchased here.
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Peter Telep's official site has been updated with a poll asking what sort of books you think he should write. Go vote!
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Fleet Action Assistance Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Justin Bielawa and Magno X have requested the assistance of the Wing Commander community in gathering pictures from Wing Commander 2 so as to help create a picture of the Battle of Terra from Fleet Action. Contact Justin here.
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Korax has sent an update on the status of Wing Commander: Incursion fan-made 3D movie he's working on...
By next Monday 1st November The Incursion Web Site will have a new promo trailer which contains a little background to the movie also a nice fire fight between some arrows and Dralthi, it sets a atmosphere more than anything. Download for the movie comes in two ways one has sound taken from WC2 or no sound (size being the difference) there will be 3 files to download for both versions around 15 meg for the first two files and between 2 and 6 meg for the last (version difference)

Also the first part of the script will be available for anyone out there to take part in.

Also a progression page will be put up which has the scenes and models that we are doing and gives a idea of how things are going.

All of these things that are going to the web site are done it is just uploading that will take the time, so the site may be up sooner than Monday

Thanx -=Korax=-

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Enthusiast Simon Cagoule reports. This year's Boardgame Super-Roll LXVII saw a level of competition and expertise that exceeded all previous expectations. Chief attraction was the much-hyped 'Genocide' showdown between Field Marshalls Alan Weeton and Marcus Peabody, a clash of the titans that saw Peabody gain a Pyrrhic victory through extensive use of Biological weapon counters. Also notable was the 'Munchin' Mutants' grand championship, the 'Contorter' free-for-all, and GM Kris Molson's specially created 'Dungeons of Ultimate Peril and Suffering' scenario, which afforded many a fan good sport. All in all, a fine day's gaming, and one which promised much for next year.
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As Was the Style... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I've just received a copy of the Wing Commander Movie Style Guide -- it's essentially a collection of sketches and information sent to people producing Wing Commander merchandise. I'll hopefully be putting up a bit of it each day... but for now, here is a PAINFUL plot description.
40 Kilrathi Capital Star Cruisers attack and destroy a peacefull small planet. The Confederation realizes that their scurity has been breached and the Kilrathi have gained access to top secret information - information that will allow the Kilrathi, within the next 40 hours, to hyper-jump to near Earth and destroy it. A small merchant space craft, captained by PALADIN, shuttling two young Confederation pilots (BLAIR and MANIAC) is the only ship in communications range. They are sent a new mission - take the encoded war plans to the Confed Star Carrier Tiger Claw. The mission - stop the Kilrathi - Earth's very existence is at stake.

Arriving at the Tiger Claw with his 15" holographic friend MERLIN, Blair delivers the secret message, but then confronts his superior officer Wing Commander Jeanette DEVERAUX, and a secret from his past. His father married a Pilgrim, a descendent from the earliest space explorers. Pilgrims are seen as "different" and so is Blair. Meanwhile, Maniac shows off his flying skills in a Rapier space plane in order to impress Rosie FORBES, one of the Tiger Claw's best, and cutest, pilots.

Successfully using a space-time shortcut, the Tiger Claw hyperjumps near the Kilrathi fleet. On a reconnaissance mission in their Rapiers, Devereaux and Blair are discovered by six Kilrathi fighters. They manage to destroy two of them but give away their presence, and the presence of the Tiger Claw. To protect the Tiger Claw and slow down the Kilrathi, Deveraux and Paladin lead a force of Rapiers and Broadsword bombers against the Kilrathi communications ship. The task force is joined by Maniac and Forbes who have become more than close friends.

While they are away, the Tiger Claw comes under attack. Paladin discloses his true identity - Commodore in the Confederation's Naval Intelligence Unit. He orders all planes back to the Tiger Claw. A huge battle against Kilrathi Dralthi and Kraut fighters takes place. Paladin obliterates two Kilrathi destroyers and is saved by Blair (using his tractor beam) from crashing into a small moon. Maniac again shows off for Forbes, but this time tragically gets her killed.

The Tiger Claw is saved, but sustains major damage. Needing repair parts, Paladin leads the Confed marines on a mission to capture and cannabalize a Kilrathi ship. Blair arrives at the Kilrathi ship and, with Merlin as his guide, seeks out the Kilrathi commanders. Blair uses the Pilgrim Cross' secret blade to kill a Kilrathi and learn that there is a spy aboard the Tiger Claw.

The Marines discover the secret coordinates the Kilrathi fleet will use to prepare for their hyper-jump to Earth. Unable to communicate these coodrinates to the Confed Fleet, Blair and Devereaux (who are clearly attracted to each other) sneak past the Kilrathis in order to make the hyper-jump first.

As they depart, a skipper cloaking and decloaking missile heads straight for the Tiger Claw. Devereaux leaves Blair and chases the skipper missile. She succeeds in blowing it up, but her Rapier is badly damaged as she uses her ejection pod.

Before Deveraux can be recovered, more Kilrathi attack the Tiger Claw. A huge Kilrathi Cruiser battles the Tiger Claw as Blair makes the jump to near Earth. Unfortunately, he is closely followed by the Kilrathi ship, the Snakier. The Confed fleet, hiding in ambush behind Pluto, is nearly ready for the invaders. To gain time, Blair tricks the Snakier into following him. Blair veers away from a giant gravitational whirlpool that sucks in the Snakier. The rest of the Kilrathi fleet comes through the jump point one at a time and are gunned down by the Confed fleet.

Paladin reports that he has foudn Deveraux and is bringing her in for medical care. On the Tiger Claw deck Blair, Paladin, Deveraux and Maniac are reunited as Earth is saved, for now.

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Do you like watching all those brave contenders go to their doom for the greater glory of their team? Bet you'd like to have a go, wouldn't you? The thing is, there's a 93% chance that you'll end up dead... kind of puts you off, don't it? Well, fret no more! Jeux t'aime, boardgame makers of great excellence, present you Deathball... The Boardgame! DTB features all your favorite teams, gameplay closely modelled on the real thing, and over 1,500 weapon cards, such as Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Deathbot Legiou, Disintigration Cannon, and good, old-fashioned Large Axe. Only 75 credits. Comes with FREE Scream-u-lator for that added touch of authenticity.
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I found a copy of A Darkness Upon the Ice by William Forstchen (circa 1985) in a used bookstore the other day... I thought the description of the former Wing Commander author was very interesting -- check it out...
About the Author

William R. Forstchen, who makes his home in Oakland, Maine, was born in 1950. Educated by Benedictine monks, he considered the calling of the priesthood but decided instead to pursue a career in history. Completing his B.A. in education at Rider College, he went on to do graduate work in the field of counseling psychology.

In 1978, William moved to Maine where he is currently an instructor of Ancient and Medieval History at Maine Central Institute, Pittsfield. He also coordinates activities as director of the Medieval Club, Live Dungeons, and Catapult Team Competitions at the school. His student teams recently set a new national distance record with a sixteen foot crossbow. William is owner of Northern Fantasy Game Company which specializes in play-by-mail games. The company will soon offer a play-by-mail game based on the Ice Prophet Trilogy. William lives with his wife, Marilyn, their dog, Ilya Murometz, and Anastasia the cat.

William's interests include iceboating, Hobie Cat racing, sailing, skiing, pinball machines, Zen philosophy, and participation in Civil War battle reenactments as a private in the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry.

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LOAFie Came Home Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I've said it before, and if all goes well I'll not say it again... I'm back -- and after over a week spend having to lie on my side after that last surgery, it's GOOD to be back. I'm hoping Chris hasn't minded keeping up with everything all this time... I know he's always very busy this time of year regardless of my medical status. So a big thanks and a big apology to him...
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Computer Games Online recently posted an article about the THX sound studio that Origin is boasting in Austin. It's actually not a short article, so you can find the full thing here. Thanks to TCNPhil and ATFW.
But imagine Ultima Online with a dynamic score that constantly changed, one that was downloaded on the fly. You can do that with MIDI, but with the various cards offering slightly different instrument sounds, it would be nearly impossible to guarantee the music would sound identical on all systems. They could download samples to the cards, but again you're looking at a larger download.

Another possibility is coming up with streaming MP3 audio, effectively turning Origin into an online radio station. Certain events, such as combat, might trigger these custom tunes, and they could be swapped out every few weeks.

Ultimately, online gaming is all about minimizing bandwidth, which tends to collide with all of the THX standards. How all of this may work in the future is the job of Matt Mitchell, who supervises the creation and recording of all audio for Origin. He'll get started on this task once Ascension is out the door.

Are You Bored by Life? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Article by Pat Ronysin. Do you find yourself unfulfilled by all modern society has to offer? Is conversation a tediou chore? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then perhaps it's high time you took up Crochet. We in the All-Systems Crochet Club like nothing more than to curl up with our synthi-wool and turn out beautiful blankets, quality quilts and dainty drinks mats. Excessive talking is prohibited at all of our nine Crochet Centres, so you can just turn off your brain and stitch, letting your worries and qualms slip quietly away. We're not worried about the meaning of life or the path to fulfilment - just the satisfaction of making beautiful gifts for friends and relatives.

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RoboDuck over at the Chat Zone posted an informative message about Wing Commander action figures going on sale in Holland. You can find them at Yendor in Rotterdam. Yendor is "at the street next to V&D and across Dump 2000 and behind the Virgin Megastore." They've got at least Marine Blair, Paladin , Maniac, the Kilrathi General, the Kilrathi Pilot and the Pilgrim Traitor. Paladin and the Traitor are somewhat harder to find than others in general. Each costs f17,50.

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There's a funny Wing Commander mention in the Neverwinter Night Vault about Scott Greig that Edward Pang found. It's from the profile of one of the people working on the new AD&D game Neverwinter Nights. You can find the full page here.
I have a university comp-sci degree and spent the next 4 years playing video games, uh I mean writing data base tools. A former co-worker of mine, told me about these medical doctors that were trying to make video games in their basement. I met them, and showed them the Wing Commander models that I had made (ah, sad but true). They figured that anyone with this little of a life would be a perfect employee, so they offered to pay me for a few months. We put together a demo for what was eventually going to be Baldur's Gate, got a contract from Interplay and that is how I got into the game industry.

Every Winner Loses! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A startling report by Derwin Limpers. I bet you're envious of all these lottery winners, aren't you, with their outsize comedy cred-slips, pad on Janus IV and flashy spaceships? Well, it seems that your envy might be a little misplaced, if the latest CIS research is to be believed. According to the report, Lottery winners make up one of the largest categories of crime victims, second only to freelance traders and traffic control operatives. In recent months, 127 Lottery winners have been murdered, 3,566 have suffered from offensive harassment, 812 have been mugged or assaulted, and 12,942 have been the victims of burglaries. Life's a bitch when you're rich, eh?

Chris' Fan Directory Profile Picture Rejects Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Unfortunately it is now too late to order Kilrathi masks in time for Halloween, but for the benefit of those who did in time, here are a couple of pictures showing off the masks. Demonstrating in the pictures how someone can work while wearing the masks is the CIC's very own Chris Reid! Now there is no excuse for not wearing your masks to work/school/job center/prison.

You Wooden't Believe It Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Says Lefty Opus. Zimzam Edific, unconventional architect extraordinaire, has done it again; his latest project, building a wildlife conservation park on the planet of Hephaestus has gone drastically wrong. Zimzam wished to accurately recreate the natural conditions in which the creatures live, and so decided to work entirely with wood. As a result, a vast area of the planet has suffered from deforestation, causing widespread death among the exact species the park was intended to preserve. Imports of lumber are urgently needed to try and limit Zimzam's depredations.

Screen Savers Save Screens Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Richard Bowden, compiler of the Wing Commander screen saver made from submissions for Peter Telep's WC site logo competition writes to let us know that he now has a Descent screen saver up for download made from the Descent contest entries. If you're a fan of Descent or you missed the Wing Commander screen saver, you can grab both from Peter Telep's site and see the funky new Halloween pointer and graphics while you're at it.

Scarier Than A Carved Pumpkin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

How many of you want to go around scaring people in a Kilrathi mask for Halloween? If you do, don't forget that today is the last day that you can order from Bad Planet if you want a mask in time for Halloween! Shipping is $9 for both masks.

Tour Company Loses Compensation Battle Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Legal correspondent Alvus Quint. Errata Tours, who offer a number of tours around the three systems, were brought close to bankruptcy yesterday when the Court of Commerce decreed that they must pay compensation to the families of victims of the Excelsior tragedy. 500 people died in the incident, when the unescorted liner Excelsior was destroyed by pirates, and Errata must pay out 50 million credits, which is to be shared amongst the bereaved families.

Happy Camper Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Alternative society correspondent Julienne reports from Karatikus. I'm here at the bash of the century, darlings, a simply huge drag party in honour of pop sensation Beltin' Jan. You wouldn't believe the naughy japes we've been up to, all these beautiful boys and girls wearing some just divine forcks, it makes me moist just at the thought of it. We're gonna party, party, party all night long, and yah boo sucks to any party pooper who says we're not. Oh, and a message to all you hunky space truckers out there: we're just gagging for Fluffy Rodents and Warp Steroids, darlings, so pop by and get down. Smootches to you all.

Trivia Reminder Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Just a quick reminder.. submissions for this week's CIC Trivia are due in by tomorrow. So if you do things like name two Plunkett class cruisers check out this week's questions here.

Gamespot Space Sim Poll Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

After try #535 at trying to get a decent multiplayer speed out of Freespace, this time with a cable modem and still failing miserably, Kris noticed over on Gamespot there's a nice little poll which asks you to vote for what you think is the best space-sim and Prophecy is on the list. Somehow Freespace 2 has made it to the top, but that can be fixed right? Go vote!

To His Toy Mistress... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Somehow, poetry correspondent Toni Cowey got to report on this incident

Behold, for Pleasure Borgs are free.
A-wandering round the galaxy.
Who set them loose I cannot say.
It happened on Hades one day.
These sexy droids are now for sale.
And moral people loud do weal.

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Lionel Caputo wrote to tell us that the WC movie is now out in Argentina. He even sent along a scan of a review of the movie. I was going quote parts of the review but thats a bit of a problem as you can see by reading the review here. Be warned its a 300k JPG, but anyway, perhaps someone can translate for us?

Tack-E-On Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Philip Galberth noticed a review over on Avault for the upcoming game Tachyon. Its not just the name that is Wing Commander-ish as the reviewer points out...
Surprisingly, however, the PC-based space simulation has more or less shied away from this character model. Perhaps it didn't help that the best-selling space sim series of all time, Wing Commander, focused not on the rugged individual, but on characters who were members of a larger military organization. Since the appearance of the first title in that franchise, only Privateer has really offered players the chance to take the part of a lone intergalactic entrepreneur. That being the case, the field is wide open for a game that portrays the ins and outs of the mercenary profession in space. It's not that much of a shock that an answer to that obvious call is set to appear soon. What might be slightly interesting is the fact that the source from which it will spring is none other than Novalogic. Not that Novalogic isn't capable of producing quality titles; quite the contrary, they've got a track record that includes well-regarded offerings like Delta Force and the Comanche series. But Tachyon: TheFringe is also their first entry into the space sim category. It would have been easy for Novalogic to play it safe by copying successful brethren like the Wing Commander titles. Instead, they've adapted the fighter-based combat formula to an overall model that is different from the pattern adhered to by so many other clones.
You can read the full article here.

Zak Brings the House Down! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Starsky Blackstone mixes with the stars. Work started today on the reconstruction of Cephalalgia stadium on Hermes, which partially collapsed while playing host to Rock hyperstar Zak Skintight and his band, The Buttock Men. Trouble started when the band ripped into their smash hit 'Jump [and I'll show you my Y-fronts]!'. The crowd promptly started bouncing around like loons, desparate for the sight of Zak's studded leather underwear, when A, B and E stands suddenly collapsed, crushing around 250 fans to death. Contractors have offered excellent prices for industrial materials necessary for repairs. We asked Zak for his comment, to which he replied 'It's a bit of a larf, innit'.

Positive New Australian Review Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sean Tudor over at posted about a new Australian movie review. It's pretty positive. The beginning is below and you can find the rest of the article here.
Wing Commander passes the screen test with its impressive visuals, says George Soropos.

A long time ago, in a bedroom far, far away, PC programmer Chris Roberts began the first part of what was to become a major game series. Over the years, the four-part epic introduced gamers to characters like Maniac, Blair and Admiral Tolwyn, along with some hairy villains called the Kilrathi.

Roberts pioneered the use of video "cut scenes" throughout games to create a cinema-like experience and involve players more deeply in the storyline, so it was almost inevitable he would eventually take the adventure to the big screen.

New, from Pulchresse... the CosmoDrone Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Girls! Is your lifestyle too hectic? Do you want to look like a catwalk model, but find you just don't have the time? Is your complexion suffering from too much long-distance travel and hard bargaining? Then you need the Pulchresse CosmoDrone system. Basically, it consists of around 500 nanodroids, so small they're invisible to the naked eye. Controlled from a discreet and stylish bracelet remote, they'll sterilise and cleanse patches of bad skin, tighten up bags and wrinkles, and even do your make-up for you. Don't let beauty be a casualty of your career. Buy the Pulchresse CosmoDrone system, only 1,250 credits.

A Temporary Leave this Time Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It turns out LOAF will have to have another emergency surgery tomorrow so expect him to be out for the next several days or so. Don't worry, this shouldn't be anywhere near as serious as the situation of a couple months ago.

Law Corps Torp Corpses Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A report by Tom L. Keefer. Anhur border patrols were celebrating last night, following a very successful intercept. While on routine patrol, a squadron of Stag-class police craft encountered an unauthorised Monolith-class transporter attempting atmosphereic ingress. Scans revealed it to be chock-full of highly illegal Human Organs, much in demand by the rich, old and unscrupulous. Squad-leader Gibsen issued immediate weapons-free authority. Torpedoes were launched, and seconds later the cargo ship was little more than a burning hulk. I spoke to Gibsen yesterday, who said, "I just hope the unfortunate donors wanted to be cremated."

New SETI@Home Account Feature Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Over at the SETI@Home website there's a new feature for user accounts. You can now associate a url with your name to appear on SETI group listings. Click here to access the account update area. You can find info on the SETI team for Wing Commander fans here and our current status here. There's also an I-War fan team here.

CIS Bulletin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

CIS agents are on the look-out for one Natassja Haigh, a truly lethal individual who is wanted for the savage murder of Monkerr Sangnant, along with 39 other counts of violent crime. She is described as a stunningly attractive female of about 20 years of age, with brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Classified as being of genius level intelligence, she goes under the pseudonym of 'Satan'. If you encounter this individual, do not approach her, as she is highly dangerous.

Grin & Bearcat It Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Steele posted a preview of his next X-Wing: Alliance ship conversion to the Chat Zone -- it's an impressive looking F-104 Bearcat from Wing Commander IV. Keep checking his site for details.
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Gnuflies Plague Hermes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tony Knox reports. Swarms of highly poisonous Gnuflies have infested the planet of Hermes. Pest controllers are seeking to remedy the situation, but already many citizens have been hospitalized after being bitten by the noxious bugs. Clean blood is in high demand.
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Building a Rapier Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tarantula sends pictures of a CF-117 Rapier he made out of Legos... he's working on instructions so that we'll be able to reproduce it ourselves. Keen, looks nicer than those horrid Star Wars kits...
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Youth Gun Craze Confounds Police Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Young persons correspondent Tony Knox reports. Local police on Hermes have admitted that they are powerless in the face of a new trend amongst the planet's youthful population. The latest fashion accessory for the 'hip' youngster is a powerful firearm, and kids will stop at nothing to get hold of one. Of course, this is nothing but good news for black market entrepreneurs, and a surge in smuggling activity has been reported.
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CIC Advertised on Radio Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The CIC, specifically our url, was mentioned last Thurday on the radio station AM 1620 KYIZ during their Z-Mix with Sly. The AM 1420/1620 KRIZ/KYIZ "Z-Twins" are based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. The mention took place during their weekly high school top ten hip hop countdown.

Don't Keep Your Eye on the Ball! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Medical correspondent Johan Tomst reports. Medical staff on Karatikus are distraught, thanks to a new sports craze. Known as 'Dart Tennis', the rules are complex, but boil down to the fact that being hit by a sharp, spiky object at high velocity is somewhat unpleasant. Only two deaths have resulted from the planet-wide phenomenon, but the increase in instances of minor surgery has been massive. Most worrying is the huge number of eye operations required, a result of the controversial new 'heading' rule. Optic Nerve stocks are extremely low, and more supplies are urgently required.

Covers Hit Europe Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Kris got his Prophecy keyboard skin from Simware. Here's what he had to say...
I received my cover from Simware ( on Thursday, October 8. Simware left it in the original Cockpit Collection envelope (which looks pretty good, as far as envelopes go). It arrived in excellent shape, and it fits perfectly on my European keyboard. In fact, it fits perfectly on any 'normally' shaped keyboard. The cost was $20 US for the cover itself, and $4 for shipment. So Europeans can obtain the cover via Simware for less than $25 US. All they have to do is order via e-mail or fax them the order form from their site.
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We Must Catch These Ghouls! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Says Tony Knox. Rescuers attempting to save survivors of a shuttle crash on Hermes were horrified when they discovered that a Human Organs ring had got there first. Nobody had been left alive, and all the corpses had been butchered for valuable organs such as limbs, eyes and livers. Police are mounting a huge operation to catch the offenders, who are expected to try and sell of their grisly hoard.
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Wing Commander Mask Deadline Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Important correction: the deadline for ordering the Kilrathi mask and helmet from BadPlanet is not today, but is rather the 18th. Shipping is $9 for both items.
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CIS Net Big Brain Bust Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A report by Tony Knox. CIS spokesmen last night announced that they had captured a large consignment of Brain Implants on Hermes. Police expect that this will severly hit the Black Market, and prices are reported to have risen extensively.
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Books, Books Everywhere Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Peter Telep's new book, Descent Equinox, is now available! Amazon & Barnes & Noble both report that it is now shipping -- I looked for it at the mall, but alas, t'was not in yet (I did grab a copy of Dune: House Atreides, though, & tis excellent). In addition, Tardu reports that The Forgotten War, a Star Trek: The Next Generation Novel by Wing Commander veteran William Forstchen is now available.
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Faulty Fork Fiasco Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Lifestyle expert Lynne Caring reports on location from Hermes. Mums and Dads, be warned of the presence of a potential death-trap in your home. If you've bought a Kiddi-Chow Auto-Fork in the last two months, check the serial number. Any models with a number beginning 5Y3 belong to a faulty batch the Kiddi-Chow factory Quality Checkers failed to spot. If you do own one of these machines, be careful not to use the 'Quick Lunch' setting, as this will send the machine into a fork-whirling frenzy; several hundred small children have already suffered horrendous injuries as a result. Hospitals are issuing emergency Medi Kits to worried patients, but supplies are low, so you may have to wait for new shipments.
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Goodbye-do Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It brings me a great deal of sorrow to report that a member of the CIC staff and a longtime fixture of the WC online community has decided to go offline. I've always counted Byydo as one of my best friends -- he's one of the most intelligent, insightful people I've ever known. He will most certainly be missed. Good luck in whatever it is you plan to accomplish, my friend.
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I Think Icon Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

You know those annoying personalized site icons that appear in IE5 bookmarks? Well, thanks to Frosty we now have one... re-add the CIC to your bookmarks if you want to see it!
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Timeline Updates Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

For those interested, the timeline is now being updated daily -- to follow the progress, simply check its own news area.
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Who Was That Masked Man? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Andy has found an online store selling the Wing Commander movie Kilrathi masks. If you order in the next three days, you can get them by Halloween without paying extra for shipping. You can find them here.
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Fan Made Wrath of Kilrah Demo Released Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

David Suttle is running a website for simple neat freeware games he's creating. Rrecently listed was demo for a "Wrath of Kilrah" game he's thinking about making. If there's positive feedback he'll continue work on it. You can find DSGames here and download the demo here (1.2 meg zip).

Incursion Site Updated Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The website for the fan-made movie Wing Commander Incursion has been cleaned up a bit. Korax also let us know that there should be a new trailer with a bit of theme to it in a couple weeks. Also of note is that they were just interviewed by a Polish magazine called Nowa Fantastyka about the project.

Descent Closing Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

An important reminder for those interested: the third book of Peter Telep's Descent trilogy, Descent: Equinox, is due to be released on Tuesday.
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What Games May Come Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I've been getting a lot of mail lately -- something unusual in itself -- asking about the next Wing Commander game. Since there hasn't been much news lately, I'll remind everyone here: there is very little information on the next game. All that is known is that it will be an online game, possibly based on the Privateer series. There is no release date, and the title hasn't yet been officially announced. Keep watching the news here, we'll report as soon as more information is available.
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