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This week, you can submit sites that you would like to nominate for the award of Best Wing Commander Fan Site of 1999. You are free to nominate your own site or someone else's. The only requirement is that it has to be a Wing Commander Fan Site. The CIC is excluded from the contest. The actual voting will take place soon. Be sure to nominate any site that you feel deserves the award.

Energize Captain Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Innovations correspondent Betty Swollocks comments. Have you ever been running scared from a bunch of pirate ships knowing that if you got in range of all their lazers your shields would fold and you would be history? Well, now is your chance to stand and fight. With the new Warpshield from Energise Systems you can be completely invulnerable for a few seconds. Though this is not long, it may be just the amount of time you need to see off several opponents before tacking the remainder using conventional shields.

It's That Time of Year Again Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

You may have noticed that our Christmas Lights went up yesterday. Stay tuned for more holiday related stuff in the coming days and weeks.

DALnet K-Lines AOL Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Five percent of our visitors may have noticed that they cannot access any of the Wing Commander channels on DALnet, where virtually all Wing Commander based irc channels are located. The easiest solution appears to be to switch to a local free isp and connect to aol via tcp/ip. Some of the more popular ones are NetZero and FreeI. You can complain about this mess at and

Star Arrested in Food Fight Frenzy Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Zeus Padanga reports from Hades. Zak Skintight, lead singer of hit pongo band The Buttock Men, was in prison on Hades last night, facing charges of affray, disorderly conduct and mass murder. Apparently, during his last concert, broadcast planet-wide, Zak shouted 'food fight!', leading to riots and food wastage on an unprecedented scale. Gross shortages of all foodstuffs have resulted, and many have started as a result. When asked for comment, Zak winked and said 'it's a bit of an arf, innit?. Keep on rocking, Zak.

A Call to Arms Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Another fan project is taking wings (not a pun)... here's the 411. [Editor's Note: the CIC promises never to use the term '411' again].

Staff memebers for a Wing Commander Web series.

Time frame for this series is aproximaitly 1-1 1/2 years after the events of the movie. The pilot (pun intended) episode will be based on the events of the second game. My goal is to bring the events of the games, movie, and books into one cohecive universe. I am in the process of writing the series bible and pilot episode right now.

Positions needed:

Asistant executive producer/editor: to pick up slack for myself as I do have school to get through and that must be my priority.
Writers: I would like to have at least 5 writers besides myself, but more are welcome.
Webmaster: To design and manage website. All web designs will be run through the staff but I will get final say.
Composer: to write some music for this series. Would be nice if used hints of David Arnold and George Oldziey's themes for overall theme.

Any interested parties, please contact me at please send samples of work. You will not be excluded from any other aspect of the series by applying for one position (i.e: Composer can write episodes). Thank you.

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Good Work All! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Just a note of sincere thanks to WingNuts everywhere: we were able to survive the first post-movie Thanksgiving without a SINGLE 'Pilgrim' joke! Hoorah!
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Civilian Version of Freij Craft Released Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

'Aeronaut' magazine editor Niff Tiddell reports. Ares Systems yesterday unveiled a new model of the fearsome Freij fighter, the ship that Military organizations all over the system have been so impressed by. The civilian version is slightly less powerful, but still features extremely heavy shields and armour and an unrivaled array of weapon and equipment slots. With all this and incredible acceleration, velocity and afterburner speed as well, the Freij looks set to take the mercenary world by storm. However, this level of quality does not come cheap so make sure you have plenty of credits available.
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Ship-o-Matic Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's something nifty that I've been compiling for a while... the Wing Commander Ships List -- a listing of all the ship and station names mentioned in the Wing Commander Universe thus far. Please send any additions or corrections to me.
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Those Which Came Before Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The 'Background' section of the CIC is now up -- it features back-of-the-box descriptions for each game and book in the Wing Commander series... sort of a Timeline Jr. We hope it will provide a useful reference for new fans.
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Even More Drinking Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

An updated version of the Wing Commander Drinks List is now available! Thanks to everyone who submitted additions and corrections! Keep up the good work...
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New Graphic Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The kind folk over at Nowa Fantastyka were nice enough to send a more correct version of their award graphic. Thanks!

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New Hard? Cor! Dates Announced Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tony Knox writes. Dance commune Hard? Cor! have revealed the plans for their next three-day 'be-in'. Set to take place on Hermes, it seems that we can expect the usual mix of right-on sounds, ethnic education and spiritual exploration. Police ae worried that the event will attract Warp Steriod dealers, and are going to establish patrols around the planet.
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Happy Thanksgiving Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Happy turkey day, people! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, be thankful that you're a fan of the best dashed game series ever. We here a the CIC are thankful for all of the many Wing Commander products we've received this year, the increasing prospects of the next game and all the visitors who make working on this site worthwhile.
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Delance Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Delance, not affiliated with the guy who played Q on ST:TNG, reports that a review at extensively compares Wing Commander to Freespace 2. Check it out here.
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Further-Delance Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Delance, not affiliated with, also wants to make sure that everyone knows that they can learn about George Sanger, the man who did the WC1 and 2 music, here.
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Ultima IX Released Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There are many machines on IX... erm, I picked up a copy of Ultima IX: Dragon Edition last night -- one question: why can't ORIGIN treat us this good? I think we all deserve certificates from Chris Roberts thanking us for seeing the movie! (I'm kidding, of course).
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Scourge of the Biting Vole! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A report by Yohan Gert. Inhabitants of the planet Bex have been living in fear for the last two weeks, thanks to an unprecedented infestation of the Hephaestan Biting Vole. Local boffins blame unusually humid weather for the outbreak, which has seen large packs of Voles wandering unchalleneged through the streets. Possessing a nasty venomous bite, and an even more unpleasant disposition, these manic mammals have already hospitalized 12,300 law-abiding citizens. Planetary stocks of Blood are very low, and more is required urgently.
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Send in the Sequels Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Following yesterday's example, Shawn Furniss has sent word of his work on a Wing Commander sequel script.
I am also writing a Wing Commander sequel script. Mine revolves around the Sivar Eshrad and Hobbes' defection. A new variant of the Rapier will be introduced that is capable of atmospheric flight (which the film Rapiers weren't). The first half of the story will mainly revolve around the pilots on the Claw training with the new fighter before Hobbes' eventual defection and news of the Sivar Eshrad on Firekka. I thought about including Dekker in a small sort of cameo at the beginning, because it opens on Repleetah and Dekker was there. Anyway I am still in the outline stage but I should start writing thje first half of the script by early to mid December. I'm still searching for a title and I am willing to take some suggestions. I've been trying to think of one that's unique enough that it doesn't carry any story expectations with, i.e. if i call it Vengeance Of The Kilrathi some people are going to expect it to follow the storyline of the Wing Commander 2 game. So any suggestions are welcome.
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Fleet Needs Commander Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Trash Can has sent us a status update on his Fleet Commander fan project. Here goes...
I just wanted to say that the Fleet Commander Project is not dead. We do have some serious problems. We have a new, thanks to Forsty, good looking homepage. Only thing is I don't have acces to the new server. I will get it soon, I hope. Then we have a major shortage of programmers. We allready have a piece of code fore the engine, so I'd like to ask every programmer to help.

Fleet Commander will be in the Wing Commander universe. My goal is to simulate the entire time line, and let the player play missions between it. On diffrent places not to interfere with time line.

For more information mail Trash Can (

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Sinoretti - The Spirit of Adventure Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

100% pure grain spirit. You've just hauled urgently needed food supplies across two systems to feed the starving millions. You've battled through pirates, braved asteroid fields - you need a drink fit for a hero. Pur yourself a Sinoretti, 100% pure grain spirit with added DiMethylTryptamine, and feel your ailments fade away, leaving you with the enduring sensation of well-being you deserve.
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Swedish Movie Reviews Coming In Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Fredrik Häll reviewed the Wing Commander Movie from Sweden. He sent in a copy of the review he posted at Dan's.
I just saw the movie on video, and I can't stop watching it. I know all about the "errors" of this movie but you have to remember that this was never intended to win Oscars, it was made so that WC fans, like us, could at last se the glory and grandness of the Wing Commander universe on screen. The 3 latest WC games had a total of 13 CD´s packed Ship specs, mission specs and above all movies. Its easy to criticize the movie when you have over 9 years worth of WC experience on the computer. If I am correct, almost all WC fans would like this movie to be a HUGE box office hit, with Oscars left and right and Chris Roberts raised to God-like status among us the WC fans. Believe me, so would I. However, I am not blind to the obvious "errors" of this movie and I do believe that the script could have been better, with better Infantry scenes. And Blair could have been more in the center of the movie like he should be. But I would rather see this movie than the brain-dead "Street Fighter" or "Mortal Combat" movies, or any other game based movie. In short, despite the set-backs, no one but Roberts could have made this movie with the limited budget and props available. I give it four stars and it deserves nothing less.
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Wing Commander 2 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Justin Bielawa sends this report on his efforts to write a Wing Commander sequel.
Well, I am working on a WC2 script, heavily based after William Forstchen's "Fleet Action" novel, but the going is slow (college is the devil's tool) and my contacts inside Hollywood are slow to respond.

I doubt my script will ever see the light of day, let alone celluloid, and I'm quite sure there's someone besides me writing their own WC2 script...Just as long as it ain't Droney. Hmmm...maybe we can put a bounty on him? Nah...

Back to the script, it's not much and I'm still rewriting much of it (I'm very picky about such things) but I do plan to forward it through a lawyer/friend of the family to Fox and see how it goes. If not, then DA gets it...if not...then I re-write the damned thing till I get it right.

Those people not familiar with "Fleet Action" (Shame on you!), it's the time period between the WC2 and WC3 games and depicts a vicious battle of the Confed and Kilrathi Fleets over Earth. It's well worth reading. I'm re-writing it to blend my original story (which was about 80% true to the book) with Peter Telep's "Pilgrim Stars", so now I'm going back and re-writing dialogue and (note to Mr Droney) CHARACTER SCENES.

I'd like to direct it myself but my directoral skills are limited to only a Film-making school's 8 minute short, in which, I had NO control over what-so-ever and let's just say my Hollywood contacts aren't in high places (I'm talking about editors and a few actors ala Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness. Though I did talk to Ridley Scott once...*reaches for phone*)...

Well, if the Chris Roberts is reading this, drop me a buzz. Again. Everyone else is free to contact me as well...flames, questions, comments, rantings, raves (woo...raves...gotta get back to that) or whatever...please feel more than welcome to contact me!

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Trivial Delay Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Trivia for week 53 will be delayed. Combined week 53/54 questions will be released this weekend when there's more time.
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Many Killed in Freighter Crash Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tony Knox writes. Emergency services on Hermes were working overtime last night, following the mysterious crash of a passenger freighter. At least 500 people have been killed, with many more injured, and local hospitals are full of victims. More supplies of all medical supplies are urgently required.
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Several Fan Projects Kicking Off Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

  • Sean "Knytemare" Wilde has just completed a preliminary test run of his new game, Terror Nova. He's now looking for people to actually begin playing normally. Terror Nova is a strategy/role-playing play by email game requiring daily participation. You can find out more about it here.
  • Eder Silva, working with Dreddnott and Nob Akimoto, are working on a Wing Commander total conversion of X-Wing Alliance. They anticipate it featuring over ten flyable craft, dozens more of unflyable craft, lots of missions, story taking place during the late 2660s, and nice sightseeing fromrange from Perry Naval Base to Earth. Their website should be up within two weeks.
  • And Steve has let us know that the Wing Commander Lost Universe project is back on track. It should also have a website with information soon.

Grain Store Goes with a Bang! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Zany Happenings columnist Japel Hoohar reports. Well, disaster-lovers, I've got a dooy for you this month, this time from the planet of Janus IV. It seems that a fire broke out at the Delors Grain, Salt and Butter Depository - some kid playing with Incendi-tubes apparently. Anyways, the fire raged out of control pretty quickly, the Butter store having gone up first, when, all of a sudden, these really loud explosions start taking place. Everybody ducks for cover, only to be showered in little white balls: the fire had reached the Gran section, which had already been coated in molten Butter, and the whole reserve had turned into popcorn in one go. Good news for Vidflix lovers, bad news for the now-starving population.

Riots Break Out After Election Chaos Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tony Knox reports. Widespread rioting was reported on the planet of Hermes last night after controversial election results. There have been many incidents of shooting, and police sources indicate a massive growth in the black market Firearms trade. A cordon of Olura patrol ships has been established around the planet to try and prevent smugglers getting through with new supplies.

SciPubTech? Report! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Kris got word from SciPubTech on the status of the Tiger's Claw cut-away poster... very exciting.
We are working on the Tiger Claw and are in the final stages of production right now. We have not determined the final run or whether we will have a limited version of the poster yet.

When it is ready to ship we will add it to the web site.

Thanks for your interest.

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If it's in a Book... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

LeHah sends the description of Wing Commander from the Video Movie Guide 2000.
Wing Commander (Turkey) In the year 2564, two brash rookie pilots and their female militray girlfriends blast aliens into space debris. Based on the popular computer game. Dir: Chris Roberts. Cast: Freddie Prinze Jr, Matthew Lillard, Jurgen Prochnow, Saffron Burroghs, Ginny Holder, David Suchet, David Warner. 1999
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Another Review Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Asterix sent this Wing Commander review from Clarin, an Argentinian journal).

Feeding from a mixture of old plots and videogames, Wing Commander is only routine.

There is nothing that wasn´t already inn "Flying Tigers", "The Heroic Bomber", "Shark of steel" and any other WWII movie. Take these stories to the XXVII century, lasers and all, you will have Wing Commander, inspired by a videogame that torments parents with explosions and repetition.

Two young actors from "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer", Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard, are pilots Blair and Marshall, who have just graduated from the Academy and sent to join a human group that are fighting against the Kilrathi, aliens that want the Universe for themselves.

They are ugly, bad and worst of all different - so nothing good will wait for them, even if the script writers attempt to make those aliens threating for the younger audience to try some kind of suspense. Without one surprise, a lot of special effects (and not bad ones) Wing Commander was a videogame and still is on the big screen. What a shame that there is no "interactivity" to make it better. Or an escape to push and exit...

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7.5 x 10^5 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

With relatively little fanfare, the CIC received its 750,000th hit yesterday. You can find our tracking stats here. Here's looking towards one million.
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Bratjoy Recalls Product Line Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Industry watchdog Lynn Caring reports. Children's toy manufacturer Bratjoy Ltd. is warning customers of a potential death-trap they may have bought for their children. The whole Choochi-Poppet range of stuffed toys are being recalled, after tests revealed that the substance the dolls are made of, hexaplatylonate, becomes highly explosive if introduced to the presence of banana-flavoured yoghurt drink. One accident has already happened, when a habi-cube on the planet Anhur mysteriously exploded. CIS investigators probing the wreckage found tattered pieces of Choochi-Poppet packaging, the discovery which sparked the product tests. The CIS are considering legal proceedings.

Shoulda Been A Contender Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Intelligamer (home of the much-loved ATFW) is running an article on the 5 Games I Wish They'd Make. Wing Commander Armada II makes the list! Looks like Armada wasn't completely misunderstood...
Wing Commander Armada was the first space combat game that allowed players to fight one another, rather than just the computer AI. To this date it is still the only game set in the Wing Commander universe to support multiplayer at all. The original mated a rather pathetic strategy game with in the cockpit flying that you could participate in.

But the real fun was tangling over a modem or a serial connection with a friend. I spent literally hundreds of dollars in long distance phone charges flying against people all over the United States. The flight model was pure Wing Commander but the variety of ships, the pacing of the game, and the sheer adrenaline rush of the kill stay with me to this day. Indeed, even with high tech marvels like Freespace 2 and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, the ancient Wing Commander Armada remains the most fun I have ever had in a multiplayer game.

It's incredible to me that in the six years since the release of Wing Commander Armada there has yet to be another game from Origin that allowed gamers to face off against one another. Rumors of a massively multiplayer Wing Commander game persist, but what I really want to see is an upgrade of this classic, with 1999 graphics, an enhanced strategic game and the same seat of the pants, fast and furious, missiles flying, boom and zoom multiplayer game play.

Origin, my $50 is waiting...

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Tiberian Sun is no Wing Commander Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Dundradal sent in below paragraph from CGW's Tiberian Sun review. The article can be found on page 120 of the December issue.
The in-game movies, as in the previous games, combine high-class computer graphics with video schlock. TIBERIAN SUN may not represent the low point of Michael Biehn's 15-year post-Terminator career slump, but his jaw-flexing performance as the Commander McNeil isn't going to move him to Hollywood's A-list anytime soon. The best that can be said about Jones' performance is that you rarely catch him checking his watch. The villains fare somewhat better, with Joe Kucan a vigorously hammy Kane and B-movie vet Frank Zagrino appropriately zealous as second-banana Slavik. The plot sure ain't Shakespeare - heck, its not even WING COMMANDER - but it certainly has enough cheesy zest to keep you awake. It's bad, all right - but in a good way.

I'm Just Going to Implant my Brain! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A savage indictment by Sarah Blurp. CIS officials on Karatikus were distraught last night as they prepared for the beginning of the annual VidVert conference, an event which attracts thousands of Vid-stars, AdvertXecs and other scum to the unfortunate host planet. Chief among the worries is the huge increase in the Brain Implant trade that notoriously accompanies the event. Extra patrols are being posted all around the planet's atmosphere, in an attempt to restrict the huge influx of smugglers that will undoubtedly be arriving. Lets just hope that some of those arrogant Vid-types get their comeuppance as well, eh?

CIC Back Up Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sorry for some temporary downtime today. That just happens once in a while. This time it happened for more than a couple hours. Everything should be back to normal by the time you read this. Thanks for everyone's patience and a super big thanks to Kevin.

Techno Prisoners! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Dave Cool is on the scene. Respect to Hard? Cor!, techno wizards extraordinaire, for organising this king-size love fest on the planet of Janus IV. The scene is kickin' up here, with all the beautiful people in attendance, going for it like never before. Frontman Wok-eyes is banging it out on the mic, raising a real special feeling here. We're vibed, man, and it's only getting better; this one's special, so if you're in the area, get on down and get them dancing trousers working. There's Warp Steroids for sale all over the shop, but the way this one's shaping up, we're gonna need more and how! Peace and love, Universe crew.

Unfortunate Good Games Recognized at Gamespot Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Gamespot is running another "Best Games You've Never Played" feature and they mention Wing Commander in their Terra Nova section. As usual, they have a feedback section where you can vote for a game you thought should have been mentioned. My bid was for Armada. You can find the feature here and the feedback page here.

Zebu Herds Feel the Bite Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Agricultural editor Varma Jyles reports. Dairy farmers on the planet of Anhur have been heavily stricken. Unseasonably wet weather has provided the perfect breeding conditions for the Frillic Exploding Mite. Large swarms of these unpleasant creatures have over-run the grazing pastures of the Tyrellian Zebu, the planet's chief form of Livestock. The female vermin, already fertilised, burrow into the bodies of the Zebu, waiting for their gestation period to end. When it does, the bugs explode with great force, freezing their offspring. The force of the explosion is usually sufficient to kill the host being outright; fortunately, the Mites do not infest humans, but Zebu stocks have been decimated.

X-Wing vs Vampire Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Just when you thought it was all over...Steele has produced yet another fine X-Wing Alliance conversion! This time the Vampire of WCP and SO fame. Grab the download for this ship and the previous conversions from his site.

Improved Afterburner Available Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Test pilot Shane Cleft offers his opinion. It's here! What all speed fiends everywhere have been waiting for! The Afterburner Mark III! I had one fitted to my Patriot, and boy, does it move! Far better performance all round, and the acceleration is absolutely unbelievable! I'm telling you, it's really, really good.

WCA Up For Grabs! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Great news if you still need the Wing Commander Academy cartoons. I've just updated the WCATV mirrorpage, and I'm happy to report that the entire show is once again available for download! Thanks to Matthew O'Neill of the Mystery Men the 400MBs of Wing Commander history have found a new home. What are you waiting for? Go get them!

Wing Commander Mention in FS2 Review Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Edward Pang noticed that the Adrenaline Vault's Freespace 2 review keeps referring to Wing Commander, calling Origin one of the most innovative companies. You can find that review here. He also sent in the article's final paragraph, where the reviewer calls Freespace just another Wing Commander clone:
The negatives in Freespace 2 don't add up to a whole lot. You will have to own a fairly powerful machine to play the game at an acceptable framerate, and even on a powerhouse box, things tend to get a little choppy during the mammoth scale battles. As I mentioned earlier, the artificial intelligence has been improved over the original game, but in-flight dynamics boil down to the same basic concept we've seen since Wing Commander 2. For me, the only prevailing thing I don't like about Freespace 2 is that it never breaks the Wing Commander mold completely. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, having seen glimpses of Digital Anvil's Freelancer, I expected a little more than I got.

The Missile That Won't Miss Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Veltek spokesman Phlamin Omer reveals all. We at Veltek are proud to unveil the Maelstrom class Proxmity Missile. Research has shown that an astonishing 47.9% of combat missile launches fail to destroy their target, due to the missile being out-maneuvererd, the deployment of decoys, or simply an insufficiently powerful warhead. The Malestrom remedies all these problems: it contains a proximity fuse that will detonate the missile when it attains a certain distance from the target, rather than merely on impact, making it very difficult to avoid or decoy. It also has a much more powerful warhead, and a far larger blast radius, than conventional missiles. Buy one today, or it could be bye-bye tomorrow.

Veterans Day Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As every other news site has no doubt made you aware, today is Veterans / Remembrance Day. Be sure to give some thought to everyone who has died to preserve our ways of life.

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An Old Review Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tarantula sends this Wing Commander review from the July issue of Empire.
Starring Freddie Prince Jr., Saffron Burrows, Matthew Lillard, Tcheky Karyo
Director: Chris Roberts
Screenwriter: Kevin Droney
Details 1hr. 40 mins. Cert. PG USA

Sci-fi computer game conversion pitching humans into a race to same earth from dastardly aliens.

When Mark Hamill-star of the Interactive PC series opon which this is based-won't turn up for the film spinoff, you have to wonder whether the force is with you. As it turns out, this latest sci-fi dustup 'twixt vicious alien horde and a mismatched cadre of doughty human types isn't that bad.
While aboard the freighter of grizzled merchant-man Taggart (Karyo), two newly qualified pilots Christopher Blair (Prince Jr.) and Todd Marshall (Lillard) are seconded to courier crucial information of a kilrathi assault massing against earth, arrive on the Confederation battle cruiser Tiger Claw, and are swiftly drawn into the last ditch vanguard of defiance.
There's a tasty war-feel here- while purportedly 27th century, all craft have an agreeably industrial and functional look and you can almost smell the oily grit in the fighter bay. In fact, the movie's best credentials come from being steeped in history: opening credits fill in a background story of man's pilgrimage across the stars, battle sequences evoke world war II dogfights and (as the badly damaged Tiger Claw hold's it's breath while a patrolling Kilrathi battleship tracks overhead) director Roberts pulls the scene straight from a claustrophobic submarine thriller.
Playing up the military angle is the best move, but this and some excellent incidental effects can't completely cover up the shortcomings , namely Freddie Prince Jr. unable to coop with a ham-laden script, the rather faceless enemy ( removing much of the peril) and what appears to be a spot of butchery in the cutting room.
It's not quite the disaster it might have been- with Karyo being the best thing in it, Lillard being the crazed shtick with reasonable success, and Burrows as sexy squad leader and mostly solid turns from old reliables like David Suchet and Jurgen Prochnow. And its not without potential for the sequel treatment.

3 stars\5 stars
The Knowledge:
o Chris Roberts makes his directorial debut here, having created the 5 Wing Commander games and helmed much of the footage used therein.

IMAGE CAPTION "Freddie Prince Jr. saying "Have you seen Mark Hamill anywhere?"

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Military Coup Continues on Hermes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

War correspondent Tony Knox reports. The massive coup lead by military commanders against the Hermes government was showing signs of lost momentum last night. Loyalist forces have come out strongly, and rebel foces are hold up in mountainous country some 100 km from the planet's capital. CIS forces have intervened, establishing a controlled exclusion zone around the planet in an attempt to prevent smugglers supplying rebels with firearms, which the rebel generals are offering very high prices for.
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Peter Telep's Next Project Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Peter Telep's Official Site has been updated with information on his next trilogy of books, Night Angel 9 (Like Ramans, Peter Teleps apparently do everything in threes). Read all about it here.
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Where's the Search? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've had to remove KrisV' search engine because it caused an odd conflict with the poll system... but fear not, Trelane is hard at work on a new search which will link to specific updates instead of just entire archive pages.
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Movie Novel Redux Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The German version of the Wing Commander Movie adaptation is available at Amazon.De! Complete with strange new artwork... Actually, I prefer this cover with original artwork to the one we got in the 'States -- even if it does look like it's from an Honor Harrington book. At least it fits with the other novels...
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Synthi Skin in Demand as Fires Rage Out of Control Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A report by Tony Knox. A medical crisis has been declared on Hermes, following a week-long fire ravaging local population centres. Large numbers have been hospitalized, though luckily the death toll has been low. Synthi Skin is needed extremely urgently, however, to treat the thousands suffering burns, and the government has offered premium prices to raders in an attempt to stimulate imports.
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Search, And You Shall Find Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As you may have noticed already, we've just added a new search function. Two of them even. The one on this page (and all other red pages) searches our news archives. The second one is located in the Ships Database. We'll be making a few final adjustments in the next couple of days to improve performance and layout. Pretty buttons courtesy of Hadrian and Cpl Hades.

All Shiny And New Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I finally got around to completely redesigning two sections that have been bugging me for ages. First of all, Fan Art has been split up in to multiple pages so now it doesn't look so cluttered. The second update is to the WCCCG page which has had all of the old stuff cleared out, and details on what happened to the computer game project. Enjoy!

That Classic Feel Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

J P Meyer contacted EA Direct about the possibility of a re-release of Wing Commander IV or Kilrathi Saga. Although they say there is nothing certain yet, these games could be available in about three months.
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Sci Fi Gaming Chat Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Several old friends of mine have started a new channel on DALnet for Sci Fi gaming chat... and they asked me to mention it here. Thus far there's been some excellent (and very polite) discussion -- so drop by #Sci_Fi_Gamers if you're in the neighborhood.
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Dream Date With Blair Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

TAFKAW informs us that a recent PC-Games poll asked "Which game character would you like to have dinner with?". Maverick Blair won 9th place. Scary... I'd have guessed Rachel.
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Book-able Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The_Doc has discovered that a book called Game Design: Secrets of the Sages contains nine pages by Allen Jackson, who worked on Prophecy and Secret Ops. The book, published by BradyGames, retails at $19.99. It is available for $15.99 at Amazon.
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Our Daily Bread Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I mentioned Ultima IX in an update yesterday... Samcat was kind enough to bring over the demo last night, and it is SWEET. I ran out in the middle of the night to pre-order the special edition... of particular note is the incredibly music, by Wing Commander veteran George Oldziey. If you haven't yet done so, grab the current CGW and try out the demo!
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New decoy proves a success Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Alec Trofobe of Susan's Defence Weekly reports. Collected Military Chiefs of Staff gathered in the Vidur sector of Hades' airspace yesterday to observe the first public display of the 'Siren' class of Decoy Mk.II. It offers greatly improved defence from incoming missiles, thanks to its revolutionary 'Proactive Sensor Affector', which attempts to reporgram an incoming missile while it is in flight. Impressions from the experts was favourable, and it looks set to redefine the role of misslies in zero-G combat.

Was There Ever Any Doubt? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The Adrenaline Vault ran an excellent interview with Richard Garriott. While talking about his next game, he mentioned this...
We're also continuing the Wing Commander property, so one of the reason I chose not to do Bounty Hunter was because we are continuing to work with the Wing Commander property.
Parts one and two of the interview. Check out of WCO/POL Confirmation Roundup here.
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Back at the Academy Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Since a lot of people have been looking for them, Kris has uploaded the Wing Commander Academy RMs to a temporary server. We're still in desprate need of someone to host them, so please let us know if you're willing to help.
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Grin and Bearcat It Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Steele has completed his Bearcat model for X-Wing Alliance. As the picture shows, it is SWEET! Grab it at his web site here.
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Top of the List Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Markus Steinkamp reports that the December issue of GameStar has a 'top 100 most important PC Games of the decade' article. The Wing Commander series comes in number four, after Civilization, C&C and Doom. The Privateer games are #59.
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Flower Shower Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Ethnic editor Blossom Mooncow offers her meditations. Warm greetings, fellow beings endlessly in pursuit of the ultimate truth. I bring you words of love and understanding from the planet Anhur, where the Transcendental Commune of Divine Joy are holdin their first Petal Party in an attempt to engender universal peace in all lifeforms. Anarcho-lovebrother Barry has thus flown his WV CamperShuttle into low orbit, and is showering the joyous throng with Sunflowers, a gesture which seems incredibly significant. However, we seem to have run out of Sunflowers; any right-on merchant individual with room for blooms could, like, really sort us out. Peace.
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Peter Telep Stuff Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Peter Telep was kind enough to update me on his various projects... Pilgrim Truth should be published next year, but he's not sure when. He's completed his novel of the upcoming movie Red Planet. The novel will be out in late May, with the movie following in June. He's also sold three non-SciFi for Berkley (about firefighter-paramedics) and is up for the novelization of Clint Eastwood's Space Cowboys.
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Electronic Books Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Baen, publishers of seven Wing Commander novels, are now offering an online subscription service. For $10 a month subscribers get access to upcoming novels online. Although it doesn't affect us now, if they ever decide to publish more Wing Commander books we'll want to take advantage of this service...
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PrivOnline in Review Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a quick wrap-up of what we know about the most likely next Wing Commander game...

November 1, 1999: Yahoo News publishes an article stating that Origin will develop a massively multiplayer Wing Commander game.

September 28, 1999: GamePen does an article on Andy Hollis which mentions that he is not among those working on 'Wing Commander Online'.

September 18, 1999: CGW runs an article about Starlancer which mentions the 'upcoming online version' of Wing Commander.

September 11, 1999: PC Games interviews Alan Pavlish, who says that he is working on an online game set in the WC universe.

June 30, 1999: Origin registers

June 19, 1999: Maximum PC mentions Wing Commander Online in an article about Andy Hollis.

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Rugby Final Marred by Faulty Player Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Jenkin Foster reports. This year's All-System Rugby Challenge Cup final between Crius Wanderers and Janus Old Boys was postopned for the first time in the Cup's 300-year history. Trouble started when the ball went down for the first scrum, when the pack collapsed on top of the Wanderers Prop Forward Derwin Hengstrom. Hengstrom, notorious for being the game's most cybernetic player, with only 18% of his original body remaining, promptly went haywire. He tore both arms off Old Boys captain Crispin Lickton-Fudley, and used them to beat the scrum-half to death, before he was switched off. The fixture will be resumed as soon as Lickton-Fudley has undergone restorative surgery.
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Filed Under Music Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

All our music files from the games (MIDI and MP3) have been moved to the Music section. If you can name any of the Cobalt 60 tracks from the Prophecy simulator, please drop me a line.

Good Prospects for Anhur Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Financial analyst Nelson Stoneman writes. There's cause to celebrate on the planet of Anhur, where a team of government prospectors has discovered what seem to be the largest reserves of Platinum in the system. Such is the demand for Platinum to supply both the jewellery and microcircuitry industry that this find is bound to significantly boost the planetary economy. Resources secretary Kjartan Bollason revealed yesterday that Platinum prices were to drop greatly, undercutting other planet's prices by a large margin. 'I'm so happy I think I'm going to wash', yelped a crusty miner yesterday.
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An Addition to Our Menagerie Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our staff. Kris has been instrumental in various Wing Commander activities online -- anyone familiar with agwc will recognize him. As his first official act he has updated the links page. He requests that anyone with links to be added contact him. Welcome aboard!
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Absolutely No Meat Content - Guaranteed! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

New, from Hokey-Cokey Foods, the Synthi Meat sensation that's sweeping the system: The Not Poddle Instant Snack! Just rip off the tab, and Hokey-Cokey's patented Aerotherm system heats the meal up - before your very eyes! Many people find real meat distasteful - just think of all the creatures you could be tucking into. With Not Poodle, there's no problem - just big, juicy strips of genuine Synthi Meat. And all for just 5 credits. Mmmmm.
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Things to Come Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Yahoo News ran an article about the new trend in massively multiplayer gaming... Check out this segment about Origin. (Yahoo, and a big thanks to MB for pointing this out).
Origin Systems, for one, has no doubts about the segment. After the coming release of the final sequel to its long-running "Ultima" series next year, the company's five development teams will eschew single-player games and instead focus on a variety of online multiplayer projects. "Ultima Online 2", which will succeed but not replace "Ultima Online", will be released next year, and the company intends to develop a game based on its Wing Commander universe.
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Something's Rotten in Denmark Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Michael Sorensen sends this e-mail about Wing Commander in Denmark... here's to hoping they get the movie very soon.
I'd check about the WC movie presumed opening night in Denmark. I wrote you some months ago that the movie was set to come in November or December. But the truth is that no ones knows a damn thing. The movie companies in Denmark is never told what to expect until the movie finally arrives.

So i guess all i can do is to wait. Again.

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An Award! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The people over at Nowa Fantastyka were kind enough to send us this sweet award picture... (see the earlier report). We'll have to find a place to put it, but for now here it is... the CIC's first award. To borrow a line from Wing Commander 1: "Filled with pride, you meet the applause of your fellows". Thanks!
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Descent Contest Over Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The winners of Peter Telep's Descent: Equinox contest have been announced! You can check out the list here. In addition to that note, we should take a minute to thank Richard Bowden, Mr. Telep's webmaster -- he works pretty dashed hard on that site *and* to keep us updated here. We're in his debt.
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Sales Figures & Stuff Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The new Gamespin over at Gamecenter deals with sales figures for the last three Wing Commander games. Check it out -- although I might be wary of the specific numbers... they're a source of much heated debate at agwc. (Naturally, I noticed this at ATFW).
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Trivia Milestone and Double Week Combined Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Since Trivia Week 49 was delayed, we've got a combined Week 49 and 50 this time. It's been a while since our last double week, and as usual, these are good times for new and old players to participate because of the increased points available. It also just so happens that we're now in Week 50 of Game Two. Some of the old vets may recall that Game One was closed after fifty weeks, so we're at a bit of a milestone now. You can reach Trivia here. And.. that's good enough for now. I'll save the bigger news today for LOAF.

Rave Off! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Brian Turnell champion of truth, speaks out. Intergalactic dance fiends Hard? Cor! were yesterday banned from performing their eclectic Tribal Rainforest Chip-Shop Alkali Soul set on the planet of Bex ever again. The reason? It seems the calcium-challenged bleep gods had incorporated a number of indigenous shamen in their dance routine, telling them to 'do somethink a bit funky, knowwhatimeanlike?'. The tribal holy men thus performed the pride of their repertoire, the Heap Big Thunder Rain Dance. It has yet to stop raining on Bex, and Fresh Water is in abundance. We asked Hard? Cor! frontman Wok-eyes for comment, but his jaw was clenched too tightly to speak properly.
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