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On this day in 2018

Join The Terran Confederation Space Force!
   FekLeyrTarg has released his mini Wing Commander fan film. It takes the form of a recruiting commercial that could be used during the Kilrathi War. There's a nice mix of assets here from a Privateer...

On this day in 2017

Kickstarter Progress Update
   George Oldziey has posted an update on the Wing Commander Orchestral Recording Volume 2. The numbers aren't looking good for the current Kickstarter, but it sounds like he's willing to keep fighting! ...

On this day in 2016

New Raspberry Pi 3 Meets The DOS Wing Commander Challenge
   CrazySpence is back with great news on the Raspberry Pi 3. A couple years back he had good luck getting WC1&2 to run on one of the first models, but things started fizzling out around Privateer. The...

On this day in 2015

French Article Explores Space Sim Realism
   Here's one for our French-speaking Wing Commander fans. Histoire de L'Eternite has posted an article about the evolving balance of realism versus fantasy in space sims. They observe a recent push to...

On this day in 2014

A Razor Sharp Grikath Design
   The Grikath (Wing 2/Academy TV) may have poor acceleration specs, but pilots that go chasing after one will have to face the dreaded tail gunner. Klavs' take on this heavy fighter has more jagged edge...

On this day in 2013

Meet Ben Lesnick
   Roberts Space Industries has put together another video that profiles the staff of Cloud Imperium Games. Their focus today is Ben Lesnick, Wing Commander fan par excellence and one of CIG's first emp...

On this day in 2012

WC vs History Article Archive Now Online
   Today is the 68th anniversary of the largest carrier battle in history, the Battle of the Philippine Sea. To help commemorate this anniversary, the CIC has organized our WC vs History series into a ne...

A Torrent of Files
   On average, the CIC pushes out one and a half terabyte of data each month. Much of this traffic goes towards big downloads, and we have plenty of entertaining files that you may have missed in the pas...

On this day in 2011

Father's Day: The Story of Arnold Blair
   "Arnold Blair was the true model of an officer, gentleman and scholar. We celebrate his heroic and honorable life, and grieve for the loss of a heart so pure and a mind so brilliant at such an early a...

On this day in 2010

Tanks for the Pictures
   Iceman is trying his hand at making a battle tank from Wing Commander 4. Although it was only seen in video for a few seconds, the ground assault vehicle has been popular as one of just a handful of ...

On this day in 2009

Raph Koster On Games As Art
    GigNews has posted an article by former Privateer Online designer Raph Koster about "Video Games and Online Worlds as Art." We've posted several interviews and articles by Koster over the yea...

Making the Game: Cockpit
   This document explains how the game must be told to render its "in engine" cockpits; unlike previous games, which had large image files placed over the space-scape, Wing Commander Prophecy had three-d...

On this day in 2008

Space Shooter First Look: Novastrike
   Novastrike, a new arcade space shooter, has been released for the PlayStation Network (that system's equivalent of Xbox Live Arcade). Wired even compares it to Wing Commander: "Turns out this rail sho...

Making the Game - Part 45
   Here's the November 22, 1996 component Manager Meeting agenda. One of the things that's fun at this point is that you can see the other documents you've been reading 'interacting' with the weekly upda...

On this day in 2007

And This Week's XBLA Title Is...
   ... "Band Of Bugs", a turn-based strategy game which is already winning rave reviews for its map editing feature. Why is this important? Because this announcement fills the next-to-last June Xbox Live...

The Rotary Neutron Club
   Here's an unexpected find discovered during an evening of digging through Photobucket - someone's scratch built plastic model of a CF-117 Rapier! This is the Rapier fighter seen in the Wing Commander ...

On this day in 2006

WC4 Homeworld Mod Finishes Up Confed Ships
   czacen has released another batch of screenshots for his Wing Commander 4 mod for Homeworld 2. All Confederation capital ships and fighters (circa WC4) are now modeled in the engine, and work on othe...

She's A Kuiper
   Antman has continued work on his Kuiper engine, first reported here, and now has some screenshots to show for it. Kuiper is a 3D engine based on Microsoft's Allegiance space sim game. Antman says: "Th...

On this day in 2005

Flight Commander Gets New Ship Viewer
   eddieb's Flight Commander has been updated with a few additions to help out mod makers and fans interested in making some missions. The first upgrade is a Prophecy style ship viewer which could potent...

CIC Fan Fiction Forum Goes To Hell
   Some time ago forums member Sylvester released the introduction to "Wing Commander: A Fool's Trip to Hell." You can read parts one and two of the first chapter here. Flight Deck - TCS Tiger's Cla...

Happy Anniversary ace And blonde!
   Today marks the first anniversary of ace Hyphen One's marriage to blonde Hyphen One. We can only assume that the past year has been a complete success since so far they've only murdered each other in ...

On this day in 2004

Howie Dishes Up Pancakes
   Forums poster Howie Day has produced an amazing looking model of everyone's favorite flying pancake, the Dralthi. It looks pretty great. You can post your own comments in this thre...

First Look at Dark Matter
   Last week Gamespot noticed that the website of German developer Pixelcage has been updated with details of a previously unknown space-sim. Dark Matter: The Baryon Project is a space-sim/first person s...

Congratulations ace and Blonde!
   Today is extra special as not only is it still ace's Happy Month, but today is the day that ace gets married! In fact it's happening right now, as I type this. Chris, LOAF and Frosty are all in town f...

On this day in 2003

Crius Back Online
   Kris and Hades have successfully upgraded and moved it to the new server. Note that the IP mentioned below has changed. Other things are still in transition over the next day or so. We'll...

Get a Glimpse at Intrigue, Betrayal and Death
   Over at Crius the other day people were asking about new things added to other console ports of Wing Commander games. I happened across an Origin Crusader No Remorse with a Wing Commander 4 PSX ad in...

Pardon our Dust (It Contains Deadly Kilrantium)
   To better serve the Wing Commander online community, we're moving to a new dedicated server (also, because we are not fans of having money)! There may be some significant downtime during the transfer ...

DragonCon: Chat it Up
   Excited about Dragon*Con? I know I am -- but that's because I'm going. You should go, too, though -- it'll be more fun than a barrel of especially fun monkeys (the so-called 'funkeys'). Anyway, we've ...

On this day in 2002

Vegastrike: Privateer Released
   HellcatV has been busy developing a Privateer-style game using the VegaStrike engine. Dear WC fans: I have released the Privateer version of Vega Strike... this means an RPG style environment where p...

Holding the Line: Chapter 132
   Raptor reports that the latest chaptor can be found here. Here is his introduction: Hey all, Raptor here. HTL continues with "Wins And Losses", as the battle in the Loki system rages on. As you saw...

On this day in 2001

... and I'm All Out of StarLancer
   Shaggy has sent in three nifty screenshots from his Wing Commander/Duke 3D mod... check 'em out! The project is called Wing Commander Marine Force Recon, and is currently having its second level desig...

From: Serra Helena Shlegel
   To: ML Ace PilotsI am a humanist and normally would never stoop to using this technology, but currently I have no choice. I am being pursued by the Kiowan pirate clan for reasons I do not wish to divu...

   Happy AHM...

On this day in 1999

There's Something About Seether's Knife
   Lots and lots of people have helped in regard to Seether's Knife. We've reached the conclusion that it is indeed the knife featured in Crusade and that it is called the Double Shadow. The Double Shado...

Fear and Loathing in England
   Wildshot reports that there's some scary question as to whether or not Wing Commander will be in England. He called two Virgin Cinemas people, one of whom reported that it would definatly be at the Vi...

PC Gamer
   The July PC Gamer features a goodbye column from Dan Bennett. He reminisces about his time at PCG and mentions visiting the Heart of the Tiger set... anyone have the exact quote?...

More from Hollis
   Here's a tidbit on Wing Commander Online from the June issue of Maximum PC, courtesy of Hadrian.Then there is Andy Hollis, who is leaving the hardcore Jane's sim line to manage the creation of a persi...

Battlestar Galactica
   LocoMan says we should check out this article on what's next for Wing Commander's producer. I personally like Lamont's version better -- NO DAGGITS....

Help Peter Telep
   Peter Telep sent me this... I suppose you should drop him a line if you can help.I'm teaching a class on War in literature. What I need are as many war story concepts as you can think of.For example:...

StarLancer Pictures
   Zohrath asks that I report that his Starlancer Freelancer HQ has a series of exclusive screenshots from the upcoming Starlancer game -- they're nice, but they're not as exciting as this picture of a C...

A New Club
   Genesis asked that I post some information on a club he's helping start... here goes!The BlackLance HeadQuarters is now officially taking applications. We are working on getting the RPG setup. We are ...

Star Light, Star Bright
   Here's Lancer on why Wing Commander was so dark in US theaters...I thought I might add a comment as to why so many US people commented on how dark the effects were in the film.this came to light recen...

Our Daily Bread
   Oh, just go vote for Kerri, dammit....

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