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On this day in 2017

Everything Looks Worse in Black and White
   Computist magazine was something of an ‘alternative’ gaming publication in the 1980s. Originally conceived to cover Apple ][ gaming, the magazine had a special focus on how users could remove copy...

On this day in 2016

Announcing The CIC's 18th Birthday Party!
   The middle of the year is fast approaching, and that means one thing here: it's almost time for the CIC Birthday! We now hold the event on a Saturday near to the actual anniversary, and this year we'v...

On this day in 2015

Never Before Seen SM1 Ad A Dazzling '90s Artifact
    The Super Nintendo version of The Secret Missions is well known for its exotic cover art. Memory limitations at the time meant that the heavy Jalthi fighter was replaced with a green-tinted S...

On this day in 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander I on Origin
   The hits just keep coming! Electronic Arts has now released the original Wing Commander (here redubbed Wing Commander 1) via their Origin service. Like the previous releases, Wing Commander is $4.99 a...

On this day in 2013

Take a Look Inside the Hellcat
   Klavs has posted an interesting cutaway image that shows how he designs his 3D models to be ultra cost efficient when 3D printed at Terran Fleet Supply. He makes no money off all of the fabulous ship...

On this day in 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Worlds of Ultima Free on GOG
   GOG today announced the surprise release of both games in Origin's Worlds of Ultima (aka Ultima Worlds of Adventure) series. Both titles are available free. The idea behind both "Worlds" games was tha...

On this day in 2011

A New Light Shines on WC2 Mod
   Deathsnake has posted a batch of new pictures that show off his Freespace 2 mod inspired by Wing Commander 2. The first two shots are cutscene images with new lighting features enabled. Additional g...

Black Prophecy Expands Open Beta
   badaim let us know that more people can now try out the Black Prophecy MMO space sim. The game is available for European players and the US is now in open beta. Earlier this year we posted an interv...

On this day in 2010

Tiger's Claw Barracks Lit and Lengthened
   Michelle D's barracks have come together quite a bit this week. The lighting has been improved and scale adjusted. In a three dimensional environment, there were some tricky measurements to work out...

On this day in 2009

Kilrathi Female Render Improved
   Michelle D has returned to rendering a Kilrathi female. The latest samples are a big improvement over the first releases, and even the model's uniform is looking better. The red flight suit material...

Making the Game: Wing Commander 4 Post Mortem
   One of my favorite documents of all time; this Wing Commander 4 post mortem interviews a number of familiar developers to get their reaction to the game. It's interesting how few of them have actually...

On this day in 2008

To Initium, And Beyond!
   Raxiv has created a website for Wing Commander Initium, his Sins of a Solar Empire mod project. You can find it at Content is sparse at the moment, but the look is nice and we have a fe...

Making the Game - Part 44
   This is the Component Manager Meeting agenda for November 8, 1996. It looks like everything is going well -- the team sounds a lot happier, with less implied drama and a lot more joking around (give F...

On this day in 2007

Mellow Out With A Kilrathi Scout
   NinjaLA sent along this neat preview of a new scene he's been working on. It's still a work in progress, but it's pretty nifty as-is already. On the left is his first cut at the image, and a more re...

Flight Commander Gameflow Editing Guide Posted
    As a prelude to the upcoming release of Flight Commander 1.5, eddieb has come up with a gameflow editing guide. All its features are current as of the impending new version, and aspiring modders ca...

On this day in 2006

Foxtrot Sports Snappy Fan Fashion
   Foxtrot realized he didn't have enough Wing Commander clothing in his wardrobe and has set out to fix that. He spent a few hours mocking up his own image and then printed it out on iron-on paper. Th...

Space Sim First Look: Eve Online: Path To Kali
   Last week we mentioned the steady growth that Eve Online has enjoyed over the last few years. In addition to launching the game in new markets, the developers behind Eve will also be releasing a new ...

On this day in 2005

Revisit Our First Ever Dragon*Con
   This year will be our fifth visit to the Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, and we managed to dig up a never-before-seen raw video from our first meeting in 2001. We do things a bit differently these d...

CCG History Unearthed
   In April of 1995, a few months before the Wing Commander CCG came out, a press release was posted to the newsgroup by Margaret Weis. At the time she was president of M...

On this day in 2004

Intrepid Gets A Kick in The Chops
   There's been a huge increase in the number of wallpapers that we've had sent in since we opened our Wallpapers section, and official art aside the submissions have been renders or photoshops. But not ...

Neck-and-neck Poll Concluded
   It was a very close call, but Wing Commander III won the favorite ending poll. Here's the top three: Wing Commander II: 215 (12.33%) Wing Commander III: 591 (33.89%) Wing Commander IV: 574 (32....

On this day in 2003

Stamp to Celebrate Cpl_Hades' Coming of Age
   In the lead-up to Cpl_Hades' 21st birthday Britain's Royal Mail has released a set of stamps to celebrate the CIC staff member's coming of age. The stamps, which went on sale Tuesday -- three weeks be...

Sentinel Robot or Nephilim Tiamat?
   Happy over at noticed a striking similarity between one of the ships in the recently released Animatrix DVD and the Tiamat from Prophecy. There is kind of an interesting resemblance there.....

GameCube GameBoy Player Reviewed
   TC noticed that IGN has already posted their full review of the device that allows you to play GameBoy games on your TV via your GameCube. More than merely a mod to export signal to your television (...

On this day in 2001

Trivia 3, Week 34
   2634 marked the beginning of the most terrifying war in history. Now play trivia.Welcome to Game Three, Week Thirty-Four Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus questi...

Hot Off the Presses!
   And now, a very special message from Destination Games -- click here (122k, requires DivX codec)....

I'm Board!
   Here's something you might not have seen (because before Joe Garrity kindly gave it to me last weekend, I'd never seen it either)... it's a promotional monitor cover thing for Wing Commander IV! It's ...

Veteran at the Helm
   The Lancers Reactor has posted a very cool interview with Phil Wattenbarger and Jörg Neumann, the producers of FreeLancer. They finally credit the game's script to Wing Commander veteran Adam Foshko;...

From: Ser Ragnar Dannes
   To: ML Mercenary; ML Ace PilotsPlease help me! I was told that the pilots on these mailing lists were usually reliable, and at the very least would do anything for a buck. I need someone to save me fr...

   Happy AHM...

On this day in 2000

The Best of All Worlds
   Sawq reports on a very interesting fan project he's involved with. They're making themselves a CGI movie by throwing cutscenes from games like Prophecy, Starlancer and Freelancer in the mix. The first...

Rodent Show Could Be Suspended!
   Pet correspondent Rachel Domusa reports. There are scenes of despair here on Hermes, as the organisers of the System-famous Cleft's pet show face up to the fact that the event may have to be cancelled...

On this day in 1999

Alan Pavlish Joins Origin
   It was reported yesterday that the notable Alan Pavlish from Tantrum Studios, part of Interplay, will be ending his fourteen year career at that company and joining Origin. We'll be looking into whet...

WC Fans With SETI@home Work Together
   Now that school's over for the summer, I was able to put together the first of one of our new sections. We're aware that a number of CIC visitors are also users of the SETI@home program. If you're u...

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