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On this day in 2017

It’s the End of the World as We Know It!
   Happy Earth Day, everyone! There are certainly important issues facing the world today… but let’s take a moment to jump forward and see what disastrous await our home planet in the Wing Commander ...

On this day in 2016

Huge Prophecy Spread in Old Korean Mag
   AD has come across a Korean blog that posts scans from old domestic gaming magazines. One post showcases a massive 18-page spread on Wing Commander: Prophecy from around April 1998. At first glance it...

On this day in 2015

WC Film Project Energizes Next Generation of Gamers
   Mike Peters is a high school teacher and a huge Wing Commander fan. For an exciting summer project, he's working with his students to put together a fun film series. They've already started on the s...

On this day in 2014

WC Album on Track for October Recording; Supplemental Campaign Announced!
    Since the conclusion of his successful Kickstarter last month, former Origin composer George Oldziey has been in negotiations with symphonies all over the world to find the best musicians an...

On this day in 2013

A Defiant Few: The Dam Breaks
   The first chapter of Wing Commander: A Defiant Few has been released! Part 1, "The Dam Breaks," takes place near Perry Naval Base in 2683 in the aftermath of the initial Nephilim incursions. It begi...

On this day in 2012

It Belongs In A Museum!
   Our last installment of the WC vs History series looked at the Doolittle and Kilrah Raids. Within that update was a new piece of art by NinjaLA representing the famous moment in End Run when Lieutenan...

On this day in 2011

Quick Look Back at WC3 Promotion
   Dino from Simulation World posted some fun pictures taken during the development of Wing Commander 3, when he was a PC magazine editor. Has it really been 17 years since WC3 was in development?! The...

EA's iOS & Android Games on Sale
   EA Mobile is holding a "Sweet Deals" sale for Easter weekend. Many games are $0.99 in the Apple App Store, and a handful of Android games are $1.99 as well. Some of these normally $5-10, so it's a p...

On this day in 2010

Black Box on the Frontier
   The ninth chapter of Frontier - Prelude to Darkness is now about 90% complete and should drop by the end of the month. Hit the links below to catch up on the story so far. Part 9 will follow a groun...

Longest Discovery Mission Concluded
   After 15 days in orbit, the Space Shuttle Discovery is back on the ground in Florida. Here's some cool shots of the landing. ...

On this day in 2009

Scroll Through New Ascii Sector
   Another new update to Ascii Sector has been posted online. In addition to numerous bug fixes, new sound effects were added and the manual has been updated. The mouse wheel also now works for numerou...

Making the Game: Mission SG2
   SG2 is an interesting take on the typical gauntlet - it's a gauntlet which must be fought in a particular sphere of space, limiting the players' overall maneuverability. It's a confusing concept for W...

On this day in 2008

Let's Make This Brief...
   The new poll asks which briefing rooms were most memorable. They mostly have about the same items in roughly the same configuration, but the atmosphere and circumstances of the missions we faced in e...

More Music, Mysteries
   In a recent update we touted the discovery of a rare and unusual 1993 Electronic Arts soundtrack CD containing tracks from many classic games... including several Origin titles and two Wing Commanders...

On this day in 2007

Arena Supplement in the Works
    AD recently started a discussion about Wing Commander game manuals over at the EA Arcade Forums, and community manager James Pond has replied by hinting at some exciting news - something extra is in...

What Will You Fly?
    Today's new poll asks which upcoming Arena fighter you're anticipating the most. There will be three variants for each of the six main frames for a total of eighteen flyable craft. Each ship is a c...

Poll Archive Refurbished
   On the same subject, the CIC poll archive now contains 150 past surveys! In addition to some layout changes last year, we have retooled this section to make it more accessible. You can now drill down ...

On this day in 2006

Arrows Sail The Sky
   Kilrah Moreira continues to put his Arrow model to good use. He's sent us a new wallpaper for your desktop, available in three resolutions. Is this flight of Arrows cruising through low clouds over a...

More Updates For Space Sim Fans
   There haven't been a whole lot of new space sims announced recently, but a couple of in-production ones are nearing completion. Today's pair of games are developed in Germany and Russia, which still ...

On this day in 2005

Striker Hits Prophecy On The Head
   Our second Prophecy music video this week is brought to you by Major Striker. It's a look at the confrontational and aggressive nature of the major players in the game. The events are tied in well w...

Wing Commander Meets Pinocchio
   AD recently found a neat cinematics company that was involved with the flying-by-wire sequences in the Wing Commander Movie. Harry Wiessenhaan and team are an expert at all sorts of special effects. ...

On this day in 2004

DRAsvitt Makes More Ships
   Following his return to active duty a couple of weeks ago, DRAsvitt has once again been hard at work. This time he has made models of the Steltek scout ship and the derelict fighter from Privateer. Al...

Rylex Makes New Wallpaper
   Wow, people sure have been hard at work since we launched our new Wallpapers section. Rylex is no exception, so he has sent us his latest work.. and here it is! Rylex asks that this isn't modified in ...

On this day in 2003

A Mix of Old and New Prophecy Dates
   Most places have erased their April dates and replaced them with new ETA's about 4-6 weeks out. Everyone seems to continually organize around the same times, so it's amazing that so many coordinated ...

Wing Commander Academy Still Up
   It's come to our attention that some people out there are selling CDs with the Wing Commander Academy television show burned to them. These aren't going for cheap either. In case some people have mi...

Blacklance Boards Back Up
   The community boards are back up for those who missed them. If you haven't followed the activities of the Blacke Lance club, they're a friendly and inviting group that roleplays, write...

WCPolaroids: Maniac (9/12)
   All unzipped, untucked and ready to go! ...

On this day in 2001

Trivia Reminder
   Attention all hands: Trivia players must turn in their Week 25 answers by midnight tonight -- Week 26 begins Monday! That is all....

Academy Mirror, Episode 9
   Thanks to Tye, Episode 9 of Wing Commander Academy is now available! Grab "Walking Wounded" here... enjoy!...

Handles Like a Brick
   Scim-tastic news from the Unknown Enemy team -- WildCat has finished the new Scimitar model... and here she is, in all her glory!...

Nephilim Invasion!
   WildCat has, indeed, been a busy modder... he's also extracted all the Nephilim models from WCP/SO -- they're intended for Invasion, but he's posted them in 3DS format with TGA textures for everyone e...

Who is Number One?
   I've gotten quite a few e-mails asking where TNC broadcosts #1 and #6 are... the answer is that you've already seen them! The shorts are listed as they are classified by the WC3 script -- #1 appears i...

Sweet Music
   Want to help convince Electronic Arts to allow George Oldziey to play Wing Commander music? You can help out by signing this petition at the Chat Zone... LeHah has promised to take the battle to the e...

StarLancer Lives On
   The Lancers Reactor has announced that the reports on the demise of the StarLancer mission editor are premature -- according to Warthog programmer Paul Hughes, he will be completing the editor despite...

The Arrow Points to Yes!
   TLR has also posted something of interest to the discriminating Wing Commander fan... a model of the Arrow V in StarLancer format! You can grab it here. The model was converted by Lost-lord....

   Want to help program the Wing Commander Universe fan-made game? Darkmage has put up a page here to let people know exactly what sort of help he needs... go check it out, if you've got mad skills to sp...

On this day in 1999

Peculiar Banner Link
   While checking ATFW this afternoon a certain banner link caught my eye. Ultimate Gaming Zero is using the banner below as its UGO link. The banner features an Excalibur (specifically a picture of th...

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