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On this day in 2017

Pretty Neat Find: Partial WCP Flight Suit Up For Bid
   Jon Parise is an Origin veteran who was working on Ultima Online when he came across some boxes set aside during cleaning. One of them included the upper half of a Prophecy flight suit about to be di...

On this day in 2016

Tom Wilson's A Busy Guy!
   Tom Wilson has launched a series of vlog-like videos on life and what he's up to these days. He's still super funny, and his new videos are an engaging look behind the scenes of his Hollywood environ...

On this day in 2015

Homeworld Mod Single Player Demo Released
   L.I.F. has released a long anticipated update to the Homeworld mod! Version 3.25 includes a very cool - and difficult - single player mission. Some aspects are still being tweaked, but this gives fa...

On this day in 2014

Elite Pilot Takes Cockpit Design to the Next Level
   Elite Dangerous is set for release this Tuesday, December 16, and Tyrranus spotted the video of an awesome way to play! The pilot below has three 3D projector screens arranged to form an immersive di...

On this day in 2013

WCWorkShop Develops WC1 Cutscene Generation Technique
   delMar has continued to make excellent progress over at Some of the recent additions relate to programming methodology and savegame generation for the original Wing Commander. One re...

Lunar Rover Lands, SotA Preview Released, Busy Weekend!
   The first new lander and rover vehicle since 1976 successfully set down on the moon and began exploring this weekend. China now joins the USA, Russia and Origin founder Richard Garriott as the owners...

On this day in 2012

Physical Fleets Face Off
   Here's a weekend treat for fans of Klavs81's physical models. He's lined up each 3D design below to see the opposing forces in all their glory. In addition to just being able to see them in one plac...

On this day in 2011

World War 2 Film Follows Suit
   AD found a neat Wing Commander connection in the new movie Project Arbiter. The short film features an OSS soldier during World War 2 engaging the Nazis in an elaborate stealth suit. Prior to produc...

On this day in 2010

Crossed Swords of the Combined Forces
   AD has moved on from his Rapier sketch to map out what a hybrid Broadsword might look like. Surprisingly, angling the rear vertical fins and adding a fairing to smooth the angle between the nose and ...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 373
   Scene 373 shows the 'losing ending' in which Tolwyn invades the Border Worlds. It is also our last set of Wing Commander IV storyboards! We hope you've enjoyed this feature and will continue to work t...

On this day in 2009

Mod to Mod Strums Standoff's Strings
   -danr- has an update on his mod of the popular Standoff mod. Based on feedback, he's made some adjustments to his WC3 ship integration. As cohesive a package as Standoff is with its "WC2 e...

787 Completes First Flight
   The Boeing 787 took to the skies for the first time this morning over Western Washington. Its three hour test flight started in Everett, headed out briefly towards the Pacific Ocean and ended in Seat...

On this day in 2008

The Sum of Its Parts
   Why can't we have nice things? Because NuAngel found them first! The lucky fellow came across a box full of Wing Commander I memories. He was kind enough to snap some pictures... and it immediately re...

We're 31! We're 31!
   We're lucky they didn't stop at 30 - st3lt3k reports that Wing Commander IV (just) made PC Advisor's list of the The 32 Best PC Games Revealed. They say it better than I can: Genocide. Treachery. F...

On this day in 2007

Playstation Video Extraction Tests Successful
   HCl reports that he's making great progress on video extraction methods for the Playstation version of WC3/4. This is neat, because the PSX Wing Commander games included higher quality video than the...

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Forty
   This is an especially cool one: the concept art for Wing Commander Arena's Boneyard/asteroid map. Check out how early the 'Kilrathi Head' was planned... and some of the cool things that were cut (incl...

On this day in 2006

Les Commandes De Vol
   L.I.F. spotted our recent German Guides update and was kind enough to send in some pictures of a book we'd never seen before -- a French translation of Blaine Pardoe's Wing Commander III Authorized Co...

Rise of the Wingcats
   Following his recent Kilrathi head image, NinjaLA has moved on to a full-sized Wing Commander wallpaper! This cool, stylistic image shows a pair of original Dralthi fighters engaged in combat just off...

On this day in 2005

These Standoff Pictures Are Mine
   The latest Standoff update reveals an exciting mission coming soon in the mod's next episode. Images released today show off the team's new mine design, and there's even an amazing picture of a Clyde...

Lend Your Voice
   Maj. Striker has posted a request for help over on the forums. He currently has an undisclosed project in the works and is trying to recruit three voice actors who are willing to record up to six line...

On this day in 2004

Talking Heads Back In Fashion
   Eder from the Standoff team has released screenshots of what could be one of their most impressive features - rendered cutscenes. Interaction with other characters will take place through these scenes...

Saga Ships Take Escort Duty
   A new batch of in-game screenshots has been released for WC Saga. They're quite a bit more interesting than static renders. We see Hellcats and Arrows on duty and a flight taking off from the TCS He...

Ultima? Oh, No, He's A Rocket Man
   Richard Garriott, creator of Ultima and founder of Origin Systems, Inc., is in the news... the space news! CollectSpace reports that Garriott placed a winning bid of $15,540 for a small bronze rocket ...

On this day in 2003

WC Saga Uses Lost WC Ship
   Tolwyn from the WC Saga mod has written to us about the latest ship to get imported in to the mod. It looks to be shaping up quite nicely. The next vessel being rolled out is a Kilrathi capital shi...

On this day in 2002

Need More Prophecy Footage?
   We've got it right here! It's two minutes of original PC Prophecy footage, but beggars can't be choosers. Fortunately, it does happen to be extremely cool. Weighing in at about 18 megs, this was th...

Holding The Line: Chapter 147
   Here's Raptor with the introduction to a gory chapter 147: Hey all, Raptor here HTL continues with a gory chapter titled "War In Heaven." Those who prefer reading about ground combat and giblets...

WCPolaroids: Casey (21/24)
   "...and it was like, beep beep beep.." Sorry. ...

On this day in 2001

eBay Wing Commander Auctions Script Reactivated
   You've probably noticed the return of the eBay script. The next five eBay Wing Commander auctions are listed below the most recent news. It is updated every half hour, so don't use it to keep track of...

Holding The Line Chapter 113
   Once more, here's Raptor :Hey all, Raptor here.HTL continues with Part Four of the Tiger Hunt series, as the Border Worlds carriers play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Nephilim in the ruin...

On this day in 2000

And The Winner Is...
   ... with 100% of precincts reporting in... AceNet Central! The race was close! The runner's up (in order) recieve the Runner Up award... you don't actually have to display the image -- it's just fun (...

WC in Australia
   Wedge009 posted to the Chat Zone that Wing Commander will be premiering on Showtime in Australia on December 22nd....

Hitting all the mIRCs
   Version 5.82 of mIRC has been released -- grab a copy and come join the WCIRC community in #WingNut or #Wing-Commander (the latter prefers you choose, for sanity's sake)....

On this day in 1999

E-Mail Woes
   Eeek, my normal e-mail seems to have died for some reason... people looking to contact me should use

A Sad Farewell
   The Wing Commander online community will never be the same, for HCl has decided to leave it. His goodbye and reasoning can be found at his editing site. You were a great man who cared immensely about ...

Last Chance to Vote!
   You have until midnight tonight to submit an entry for the Top Wing Commander Fansite Award! The race is very close, and your opinion matters!NomineesAceNet CentralDan's WC: The Movie PagePhoenix Stat...

Post-War Reparations
   Origin's talented web guys have fixed their Secret Ops site -- those complaining of an inability to read the fiction may now rest in peace....

Lacking Truth
   Still waiting for news of Pilgrim Truth? Don't worry -- we are all. I checked with Peter Telep, and there has been no announcement as to when it will be released yet. Keep your fingers crossed and hop...

A Vision of Things to Come
   A special preview chapter of Sol 17, one of Peter Telep's upcoming books, has been posted to his web site. You'll need Acrobat to view it. Look for the book this spring!...

Men of War
   William Forstchen's 8th and final Lost Regiment book, Men of War, has been released! It's a great series -- I hope to pick up a copy soon, and I'll let you all know what I think. Check out the book's ...

Works of Art
   TCNPhil has made some very cool -- well, he says it best himself...I started doing these little people just as the movie came out, doing about a figure or two a month, but not all of them based on WC....

A New Ship List
   There's another new version of the ships list up now -- it now lists unnamed stations and some specific fighters, plus a whole bunch of obscure stuff... Stag class Police Craft anyone? Anyway, I'm int...

A New Drink List
   What is hopefully the last edition of the Drink's List is now available... anybody interested in helping me do a food list?...

Good Causes and Such
   Read about Peter Telep's involvement with Games of Encouragement over at his official site. And then do something yourself, it's quite the noble cause....

Dan's Board's Back (And There's Gonna Be Trouble)
   Dan from Dan's Wing Commander Movie Page has fixed all problems with Dan's Wing Commander Movie Page's Chat Board. People may once again resume arguing about the movie. As payment, Dan shall receive e...

The Future's Not Bright
   Wing Commander figures big in Gamecenter's the sixth of their Top Ten Gaming Predictions for 2000. Unfortunately, in this case, it's not a good thing....

I Loved That Show
   GameSpot recently posted the second GSAT -- a gaming test patterned after the infamous SAT's, for those who don't remember the pain and humiliation of last years edition. Anyway, true WingNuts should ...

Our Daily Bread
   Hey, I'm back! Where did I go? Good question... I'm not sure, but for some reason I haven't been updating lately. But I am now. Assuming I'm fine and fit, I will actually be gone early next month whil...

CIS Unveils Plans for New Departmental Building
   Tony Knox writes. CIS bosses yesterday unveiled plans for a new building on Hermes to house their ever expanding number of staff. CIS boss Shiela Nabokov said of the project, 'With our expanded resour...

On this day in 1998

It's Not Your Old Yellow Pages
   The CIC is proud to unveil our new Fan Directory. Do you need to find the email or icq number of someone you met online? Do you only know them by their Callsign or IRC Nick? Check out the Fan Direc...

Mayored to the Mob
   Stinger reports that Mark Hamill will be starring in this week's new episode of The Simpsons. Here's what The Simpson Archive has to say:December 20 • 8:00 • Mayored to the Mob (AABF05)Homer, May...

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