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On this day in 2018

Origin's Legacy Lives On Through Vast Industry Influence
   TechRaptor has published an article on the history of Origin Systems. It's a rather in-depth piece that focuses on many of the notable developers who joined the company in the early days and then wen...

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Disaster Girl
   There's two ways this could have been handled ...

On this day in 2017

Wing Commander Makes History
   It's time for some serious history! The Digital Antiquarian has put together an excellent article titled From Squadron to Wingleader which follows the first half of the development of the original Win...

On this day in 2016

Diverse Designs Incorporated Into Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack
   It hasn't been very long since we first saw the upgraded Moray and Wasp models, but DefianceIndustries has already got both running smoothly in the Vision Engine. The Nephilim medium fighter is a ver...

On this day in 2015

New WC Saga Tools Released To Assist Pilots
   Luke has created two more useful tools to help both players and modders of WC Saga. WCS Base Extract is a utility that unpacks Saga files as a first step towards creating new missions in the game. M...

On this day in 2014

Get Started With IRC
   Internet Relay Chat or IRC may date back to the late 1980s, but it's still a great way to interact with people. You can chat with other Wing Commander fans in the #Wingnut channel on the CIC network (...

On this day in 2013

Hellcat Model Gets Major Fuselage Features
   Whiplash has made some nice improvements to his Hellcat model this week that have transformed the center fuselage from a wooden block to something more closely resembling a Confed spaceframe. There's...

On this day in 2012

Rapier 3D Print Now Available
   Klavs has taken a big step forward with his gorgeous models and posted them on the Shapeways Store. Fans can now order his take on the classic Rapier II starting at $21 for the 1/600 scale model, whi...

On this day in 2011

Privateer 2 Language Conversion Reveals Interesting Differences
   Ser Lin Kuei Ominae has further researched Privateer 2 and discovered it's relatively easy to switch between regional versions. For his testing, a German copy was converted into English, but this sho...

On this day in 2010

Director of Photography Talks Movie Lighting
   Roger Simonsz, camera operator and second unit DP on the Wing Commander Movie, presented at the Showlight conference in 2005. His experienced have been summarized in a brochure (PDF, page 6) posted a...

X-37B Successfully Launched
   There's more fun space news this week. The US Air Force launched the X-37B space plane yesterday on its first flight. Described by some as a "mystery" ship, the new shuttle is officially tasked with...

On this day in 2009

Chris Roberts Interviewed by IGN
    MartySheen found a cool interview with Chris Roberts. Most of the focus is on his most recent sci-fi film production, Outlander. The interview was conducted in the UK where the movie begins ...

Making the Game: Mission SG3
   SG3 is the third of the original Wing Commander Prophecy concept's increasingly elaborate gauntlet missions. This one is a capture the flag scenario, which most will remember was very popular in multi...

On this day in 2008

Prepare to Fold Space... Ships
   PĂ©ricles of Paper Commander has posted a great set of images of the completed Dralthi IV paper model, and it looks... well, beyond spectacular! Check out the weapons, the base, the scale compared to ...

We Need You!
   Next month, members of the CIC staff will be assisting in a project to restore and archive a large amount of historical data from Origin Systems, which surely includes some fascinating lost Wing Comma...

On this day in 2007

More Pioneer Available in 3D
   Howard Day has released four more 3D fly-around movies for WC Pioneer. The classic Jalthi is followed by Howard's Phalanx and Camel designs. One of the fancy modular stations is also included in thi...

Leader Spins Some Yarn
   LeaderOne has put together a couple of comic strips based on Wing Commander 2. They're short, but cute and to the point. For creative Wingnuts who aspire to do something similar, screenshots are eas...

On this day in 2006

Famous Gemini Hangar Rebuilt
   A while back Marc conducted some research in order to remodel the interior of the Perry Naval Base landing structure. To help get a better feel about the area he was building, he looked at where ship...

It Pays To Run EA
    GamaSutra recently analyzed a report on CEO compensation and found just one game company CEO that made the list. Forbes Magazine recently documented the payouts that America's 500 largest comp...

On this day in 2005

Graphics Are Everything
   ZFGokuSSJ1 recently caught an early peek at June's PC Gamer and was upset at what he saw. There's a pretty odd article in the back where the editor takes a stab at classic series like X-Com and Wing ...

Intelligent Life Not Found Yet
   We're still searching for aliens with the help of the wcnews SETI@home group. Our local statistics page has been updated to reflect changes over the past five months. In those five months we've gained...

On this day in 2004

Mark Dacascos Hosts Iron Chef Tonight
   Psych and ace noticed that Mark Dacascos, who played Catscratch in Wing Commander 4, will be hosting Iron Chef America on Food Network. It begins Friday night at 9 pm ET/PT with replays throughout th...

Star Wars Galaxies Space Sim Shots Released
   Sony has released a number of screenshots for the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies expansion set to feature space combat. Many former Origin employees have worked on Galaxies, which should be good news if...

On this day in 2001

Trivia 3, Week 26
   What does this week's trivia and the day after Casey arrived on the Midway have in common? That's a stupid question!Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Six Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two m...

A UE Fralthi
   He does Fralthi, too -- WildCat has done some great work updating Unknown Enemy's Fralthi model... ...

You Should Be In Pictures
   Here's one for the wall -- a screenshot from the Invasion beta has earned STAMODS dubbing of "Screenshot of the Week"... and, oh, what a screenshot it is! ...

Poll-Vaulting Forward
   Another day, another Wing Commander themed poll at Action Vault -- now you can decide "Which of these classic space sim series is your favorite?"... Wing Commander and Privateer are both options! Than...

Like Wing Commander... But Not!
   Tye found an article at PlanetDreamcast that mentions our favorite series... apparently an undersea game called Deep Fighter "actually has quite a lot in common with the PC's X-Wing and Wing Commander...

Carry This
   Wraith is working on a Wing Commander style capship, which will be posted to our WC3D section... called -- the TCS Wraith (CV-85)! Here's what's done so far, by skilled modeller Derrin Proctor... (you...

On this day in 2000

Capt. Johnny's Incredible Screensaver
   Once again, the creator of things such as Capt. Johnny's Christmas Message and other things you may have heard of never ceases to amaze. This time he has sent us a screensaver featuring WC ships flyin...

AICN's Ginger Lynn Interview
   Ain't It Cool News has whipped up a interview with Ginger Lynn Allen, who plays Rachel Coriolis in WC3 and WCP. The interview contains a large chunk about Ginger Lynn's part in the two games....

CIS Bulletin
   CIS operatives are requesting information from anyone who knows who is responsible for the death of Harold Binkum, a popular singer whose most recent song, 'Old Marlene, she ain't what she used to be'...

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