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On this day in 2023

Analyzing Cockpit Changes During WC Movie Production
   I've been looking at the movie cockpit instruments lately because it seems they filmed the insert shots of things like stick handling at least twice. They did an initial shoot on set, then filmed a b...

On this day in 2022

WC4 Remake Adds Stormfire & Spaceflight Physics
   Today's we've got a meaty new article with some exciting content updates for the WC4 Fan Remake. The team is currently working on recreating the WC4 demo, which is notable for including a Stormfire c...

On this day in 2021

WC1 Text Cleaned Up With Gamedat Tweak
   Thanks in no small part to UnnamedCharacter's WC Toolbox, we've seen lots of fans undertake some pretty amazing WC1 hacks from inserting new ships to whole language conversions. YPersonified has ano...

On this day in 2020

Happy CIC Easter!
   This year is a year unlike any other, obviously, and everyone is making do with what they can. We might not have any Wing Commander-themed eggs to share this time, but here's a colorful next best thi...

On this day in 2019

Check Out OEM WC4... and More Goodies!
   Here’s why weird eBay listings are so much fun. I took a chance on this “NEC PowerPlayer CD Collection” which claimed to include Mechwarrior 2, Command and Conquer, Descent 2... and Wing Commander IV!...

On this day in 2018

Do More Tinkering with Command Line Switches
    UnnamedCharacter has made great strides with his WC Toolbox application, and he's learned a ton about Wing Commander 1 in the process. Now he's started a thread to collect all of this useful ...

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Grumpy Cat
   Relieve your grumpiness here ...

On this day in 2017

Homeworld Mod Has Claws
   The Homeworld Remastered mod marches forward! L.I.F. has integrated Klavs' Bengal-class model to the project and the results speak for themself! The Bengal-class is best known to Wing Commander fans a...

On this day in 2016

New Tarsus Model Makes A Stunning 3D Print
   djfx has created an awesome new Tarsus miniature and also posted it online for fellow fans with 3D printers. The ship is available to download at Thingiverse complete with drop-in detailed modules an...

On this day in 2015

Sivar's Hand Story Coming Together
    Aginor is nearly complete writing the fiction for his Sivar's Hand mod. The plot portions will be merged with a campaign that has about ten varied missions. More is possible later, but the p...

On this day in 2014

RSI Dogfights Into PAX East
   This past Thursday Cloud Imperium Games descended on Boston for PAX East and a very special livestream event. Fifteen hundred fans were able to obtain entry to the event, including yours truly, and we...

On this day in 2013

Flash Dillon, Space Warrior
   Josh Lucas, the actor who played Jace "Flash" Dillon in Wing Commander III is returning to space. In Space Warriors, a group of kids make it into NASA space camp under the wing of Lucas' character, wh...

On this day in 2012

Emulator Adds Improved WC3 Compatibility
   There's good news on the emulation front! 4DO, which is based on FreeDO, has overcome some major video rendering issues that have existed while trying to run the 3DO edition of Wing Commander 3 on a ...

On this day in 2011

And Immortal 4 Makes 10!
   Immortal 4 is here! Orders began shipping this week and are now starting to arrive. The final track on the second disc is a live recording of Wing Commander music performed by Team FAT, apparently t...

Space Sim First Look: Black Market
   st3lt3k found a neat game that's rendered entirely in a web browser via Flash. It's more of a space trader than a space sim, but it's a pretty darn impressive one for what it is. The game is free to...

On this day in 2010

Not Much Changes in 700 Years
   Ice Cream Man found a cool picture of an ejection pod that looks mighty familiar. The escape capsule developed for the B-58 Hustler, the USAF's first supersonic bomber, was needed to protect ejected ...

McDowell Cameo in Slipknot Video
   Mark Smids spotted a famous admiral in the new music video/short film Snuff by Slipknot. Malcolm McDowell plays a doorman/watchman in the beginning and end. He's been popping up everywhere lately! ...

On this day in 2009

Standoff Voice Recordings Almost Done
    Standoff's programming team (Quarto and PopsiclePete) are still plugging away at the last set of missions. Meanwhile, Tempest has made significant progress on the voiceovers for the fifth and...

Making the Game: Mission S2
   TrainSim mission 2 (S2) is an 'obstacle course' -- clearly, someone up there was playing X-Wing (or TIE Fighter). The Rebel Alliance doesn't accept anyone who can't fly their X-Wing through thousands ...

On this day in 2008

Carriers and Coasts Don't Mix
   Vasator has found something cool - a Yorktown-class light carrier (the same class of ship as the TCS Victory from Wing Commander III) floating over the sea in the popular Second Life multiplayer envir...

A Certain Familiarity
   GamaSutra has posted an interview with Certain Affinity President Max Hoberman. Certain Affinity is an Austin-based studio whose background includes a lot of Wing Commander experience! He says: Tel...

On this day in 2007

GameTap Press Release
   Here's a quick addition for tonight: Gamers Hell has posted the official press release for the GameTap release of Wing Commander (available here): As new titles continue to join GameTap’s catalog o...

It's Official: GameTap Wing Commander
   It's not just an Easter Egg anymore! GameTap has added Wing Commander to its library of games. You can see it online here or access it through the GameTap client by searching for "Wing Commander"! Thi...

EA Arcade Site Spreads
   It also looks like Electronic Arts has also officially launched their EA Arcade website... news stories have been slowly popping up at sites like Gaming Nexus and Gaming Bits. This is good news for th...

On this day in 2006

Peek Inside Pioneer's Editor
   Joel_VanEenwyk has posted a few shots of the internal ship editor for WC Pioneer. The team is using this application to configure many different aspects of the upcoming project tech demo. Eventually...

Hydra Comes Together Inside
   Howard Day has been hard at work on Pioneer too. He's settled on the basic configuration for the cockpit of their Hydra gunship. It's a fairly large area that almost seems like a small capship's bri...

On this day in 2005

Music Video Madness Continues
   Since I mentioned the lack of WC music videos exactly a week ago, the response has been great with several people contributing. First things first, Plywood Fiend has sent us a higher quality version o...

Get Out Your Scissors And Glue
   As impressive as many Wing Commander fans' digital creations are, I often find our physical arts and crafts to be especially exciting. In the past we've reported on a variety of construction paper mo...

On this day in 2004

An Arrow and the Sea
   We'll kick off the week with yet another beautiful Wing Commander wallpaper. This one is by Darkblade. Size: 1600x1200   ...

Happy Post CIC Easter
   I hadn't seen last year's eggs for a long time, yet coincidentally made mostly the same eggs this year. The pictures are much clearer, and there are some hidden messages this time around though. ...

On this day in 2003

Have you been to WC3D lately?
   Over the last couple months the people from WC3D have revamped and merged various Wing Commander 3D related resources together into their current form. If you're into the mod scene or 3D art, there's...

E3 Convention Hits in May
   Next month my homie JustinS and I will be representing the CIC at E3. You might recall that it was at E3 last year when Prophecy Advance was announced. Could lightning strike twice? Probably not, b...

New SETI@Home Version Availabe
   The first new SETI@Home version to come out in what seems like years surfaced last week. Apparently it's in response to some new nasty exploit. If you haven't upgraded yet, we recommend you do so AS...

WCPolaroids: Maniac (4/12)
   Thank god Maniac doesn't actually have blonde highlighted hair in Prophecy. I'd like to have seen the scene where Hawk was supposed to fly up, out and away from the briefing room too. ...

On this day in 2001

Fantastic Music Update #3
   There's been a lot of discussion at the Chat Zone regarding where these songs came from -- they're high quality WC4 tracks... but we can locate no official source for their release -- they just appear...

Reset Your Zone!
   Because of recent server problems, fans of the SubSpace WCZone need to re-add the game's server to their lists... or they won't be able to connect! Good luck out there......

   Chad Ketchum found a great resource for those who just can't wait for the coolness that is Invasion -- a site called STAMods has a section of Wing Commander ships for download! They've got the Hades, ...

Lego My Bengal
   Speaking of Bengals, WC Wraith has made a nifty little carrier out of Legos... and he sent us some cool pictures! ...

On this day in 2000

POL Core Moves to Verant
   The CIC has confirmed that six Origin employees that formed the core of the Privateer Online development team are moving to Verant, the maker of Everquest and the in-dev Star Wars Online game. They w...

A Mystery in Enigma
   LOAF and Trelane will be taking a retirement effective immediately to work on secretprojects. Their fellow staff wish them luck with this....

Have The Pictures Been Getting Brighter Lately?
   Gamelinks has a review that sums up the Starlancer intro backstory pretty well. It has quite a few pictures as well.. some of them seem to have that common background with the WC Movie thing going. ...

Teams Count Cost of Deathball Season
   Sports correspondent Chip Senpisces reports from Crius. Well, sports fans, it's the end of another Deathball season, with the Bartville Blood-drinkers emerging victorious after a long, hard season. Th...

On this day in 1999

The Big One
   Hadrian has finally wrapped up editing on the fourth installment of the CIC Infoburst. Chris Roberts talks to the CIC about the Wing Commander series and gaming business in general, the movie and his...

More Tests
   LOAF will be offline for a couple days. He's at the hospital undergoing some, as far as I know, fairly routine tests. If you'd like to wish him well, you can reach him at

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