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On this day in 2020

Software Toolworks Introduces Vivid Interactive 3-D Space Simulation
   Earlier this week we posted a neat Deluxe Edition of WC1 on CD. That spurred LOAF to dig up this classic ad from late 1992. It's a Software Toolworks catalog with Wing Commander on the cover. In th...

On this day in 2019

Listen to the Prophecy Advance Soundtrack
   Classic Vgm Soundtracks has posted the music for Wing Commander Prophecy on the Game Boy Advance. As we know from the History of Raylight Games, the developers did not have access to the source track...

On this day in 2018

WC Minis Make Impressive Use of Cardboard
    We most recently saw Adm_Maverick work on a large upscaled Tallahassee cruiser, but now he's gone in the opposite direction. His latest creations are a pair of tabletop gaming miniatures. They loo...

On this day in 2017

Come For The Fleet Carrier, Stay For The Retro Workhorse
   DefianceIndustries has pulled back the curtain on his impressive fleet carrier model. This is his detailed rendition of the TCS Lexington. The exterior space frame looks exquisite, but the interior ...

On this day in 2016

Wing Blender 2.0 Beta 2 Released
   Kevin Caccamo has released the second beta preview of Wing Blender 2.0, the app that lets fans easily import and export Vision Engine models into Blender. He's tightened up the code operationally so ...

On this day in 2015

Birthday Party Just One Week Away!
   The CIC turns seventeen years old this Monday, but we're once again moving the actual birthday event to the following Saturday to better accommodate people's busy schedules. So all Wing Commander fans...

On this day in 2014

Kilrathi RPG Campaign Coming Along; Creator Interviewed at SGJ
   It's been a few months since we checked in on capi's Wing Commander RPG, but he's been hard at work the entire time. Over sixty star systems were profiled, tons of ships were tweaked and Epsilon Sect...

On this day in 2013

Wing Commander Movie Sountrack Available for Digital Download!
   There's yet another reason for Wing Commander fans to celebrate this week! The Wing Commander Movie's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has stealth launched on many of the major digital services. W...

Wing One Also Available!
   On the other end of the Wing Commander Spectrum, the Fat Man's rerelease of classic WC1 music is still available at Vibedeck. These files will sound just like game being played on the higher end Rola...

On this day in 2012

Wing Commander 2 - Now In Cinemascope!
   The December 1991 issue of PC Plus brings us a full page review of Wing Commander 2. They like the game, but the major sticking point is about system upgrades. Many of us can fondly look back at every...

On this day in 2011

We're Here!
   Team CIC is on the ground in Austin - birthplace of Wing Commander - to celebrate our 13th year! Actually only half the crew got to come to Texas. The other half is busy making final preparations fo...

On this day in 2010

Starcraft 2 Appears Easily Moddable
   Last week I jokingly asked when the Wing Commander mods for Starcraft 2 would start, and CptnEisen took me seriously! There isn't actually a full scale mod in the works (yet!?), but he mocked up thes...

On this day in 2009

Standoff's Last Crunch Time
   The fifth and final episode of Standoff is now just days away, and the team is busy patching any remaining bugs. New screenshots released today demonstrate how Episode 5's graphical upgrades will also...

Making the Game: Mission Script
   Rekindle your love of comm messages with today's complete mission script -- every single 'mission specific' comm message, in order from Hrekkah to Kilrah. These updates are thanks to John "Captain ...

On this day in 2008

GameTap to Discard Pile
   From the not-so-tragic-when-it-happens-to-them department: Gamasutra is reporting that Turner Broadcasting is preparing to sell off the poorly run GameTap service: Time Warner says that GameTap p...

Making the Game - Part 95
   Series H of the Wing Commander Prophecy bible is the Hrissith System (as it is now known) - and for a portion of the game criticized for not having very many video sequences, it actually clocks in at ...

On this day in 2007

Wing One Update: Track 9 Added
   Wing One Track 9 has been added to the virtual album at Amie Street. "The Great Dogfight" is the longest track released so far. It's the exciting piece that plays during the heat of battle - complet...

Gemini Gold 1.02a Released
   A new version of the Gemini Gold Privateer remake has been released. The "a" iteration expands on this summer's major release with a handful of bug fixes and tweaks. The Paradigm and New Constantino...

XBox 360 Price Drops
   Microsoft has announced that the first North American price reduction for the XBox 360 console takes effect today. The Core package is now $279, standard XBox 360 (formerly "Premium") is $349 and Eli...

On this day in 2006

Remember To Buy A Book About The Day After Pearl Harbor
    What's Wing Commander novelist Dr. William Forstchen up to these days? What more likely place to answer that question than US News and World Report. Owing to his partnership with former Speake...

Stargamer.Net My Destination
    Despite Electronic Arts' apparent position on Wing Commander, space games are making a comeback -- games like X, Eve, Darkstar One and the like are showing up with more and more frequency from...

On this day in 2005

Neat Things Are In Flight Commander 1.2
   While discussing bug reports, eddieb has mentioned a few neat additions to the Flight Commander 1.2 test. When people are testing out the game, they can try out new features such as the Kilrathi HUD....

Back When Everything Was Wing Commander And Stuff
   Dundradal caught a neat mention of the Wing Commander series buried in the historical articles at the Bungie website. Jason Jones reminisces about PC gaming and Wing Commander being popular at the ti...

On this day in 2004

German Wing Commander II Ad Uncovered
   While TC was attacking search engines, he uncovered this little number on the German site Shadowfire. Apparently this advert ran in the May 93 edition of the German magazine PC Review. I have no idea ...

Wing Commander SNES Goes French
   If you want to play WC on the SNES and can't understand English, then you probably can't understand this either. But if you do, then once again TC has come to your rescue! He came across this site whi...

On this day in 2003

CIC Birthday Weekend Is Here
   We have teams working day and night to make things presentable for the Birthday Party, so I hope everyone will check us out Sunday evening/Monday morning. There's a rather tense excitement between us...

EA Super Sizes Its Offices
   Reuters and many other places are reporting that Electronic Arts has secured a new 250,000 square foot compound for the EA Los Angeles development arm. EA LA has absorbed much of the remaining staff ...

New Nintendo Device To Be Announced Next Spring
   GameSpot, Slashdot and the rest of regular sites have reported on this, but it's gotten to the point where CNN felt it necessary to do a blurb on it as well. Nintendo has announced a new mystery prod...

On this day in 2002

Working DALnet servers
   If you're having trouble connecting to DALnet, try or Type one of the following in mIRC: /server /server

Two Days and Counting..
   We're counting hours now over in #Wingnut until the party starts. If you're not set up yet, download mirc and join us on DALnet by 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT) on Saturday afternoon/eve...

Previous Party Logs Back Online
   If the wait for CIC Birthday Four is getting too intense, we've gone ahead and made a log of CIC Major Events available for you to browse in the mean time. There's a lot of history and great memories...

On this day in 2001

Birthday Update
   Come to the CIC Birthday... it's just two days away, in #WingNut! Everyone is invited... there'll be prizes, cheap champaigne, new CIC bits, a UE sponsored trivia contest and more!...

They're Not Dead!
   The Wing Commander: Rebel Assault 3D movie site has been updated... reporting that the project is once again underway. And to prove it, here's a screenshot they've posted of a Privateer-style agricult...

Multi-Ethnic DVD Madness
   More on how to get the Region 2 Wing Commander DVDs with extra features... People can order the Denmark version from or! Hades has tried one, and I've tried the other -- we'l...

Playing With Cats
   Bloodfang sends us two screenshots to show the progress of the Wing Commander: Marines mod for Half-Life! One is the new title screen, and the other is a Kilrathi model in progress. Great work! ...

State of the UEnion
   The word from the Unknown Enemy is that Missions 5a, 5b, 7 and 9 are almost finished -- and that mission 8 is about half done! Progress continues on cutscenes, music and graphics....

TCS Panther Needs You
   The TCS Panther project website has been updated with another request for help (contact, and a review of the project's plot...Nephilim have entered the Enigma sector destroying...

   Well, you know HotT. ...

A Better Poster
   NoRemorse sends this picture of the French Wing Commander Movie poster! Very keen... ...

Conquest Screenshots
   The guys over at WingCenter.De ask that we report that they've got five new screenshots from Conquest, a new RTS game that was initially developed by Digital Anvil....

I'm Back...
   Sorry for the lack of updates, folks -- I was awfully sick for a few days. But food is staying in me now and I'm not having weird delusions... so it's back to Wing Commander! (There'll be more Nephili...

   After losing their bid for the Bexian Cup in a heart-breaking fifth game, the Dark Moon Rompers (18 to 1 favourites) are returning home to Hermes at Nav Point #5. Team manager Jurgon Finsman fears his...

On this day in 2000

Last Chance to Sign up with WCESCRP
   The dedicated team trying to petition Origin to release some sort of Wing Commander source code has received its five hundredth signature and is virtually ready to contact OSI this Thursday. If you'd...

An Example of Things to Come
   Even though Death reminded me yesterday, I forgot to provide a link to the logs from our past #Wingnut events. There are several available if you'd like to see how things go at these types of parties...

Easy Money
   Well, not the money part. After three years of in-universe Wing Commander questions (wow, we started with this trivia format in August of 1997 at the original agwc Homepage), it's time for something d...

On this day in 1999

Tom's Fictional Dinner With Origin
   Next Gen pulls their usual stuff in an article making its rounds of the various news sites. It's entitled "My Dinner with Origin" and supposedly investigates Origin's cancellation of the Jane's A-10 ...

Starlancer Delayed
   Recent announcements have confirmed that Digital Anvil's Starlancer is no longer scheduled for a 1999 release. Current estimates are first quarter 2000. Chris Roberts helped to found Digitial Anvil ...

New RPG Calls for Players
   Michael Leyden asked us to mention the TCS Alabama RPG. If you're looking for something like that, you can email him here or check out their website here....

DA Issues New Guidelines
   Deathball correspondent Viman Vigga reports. The Deathball Association this afternoon revealed plans to add four new rules to the rulebook, a decision which will make that slim journal three times lar...

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