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On this day in 2022

Vintage Video Shows Sega CD WC1 at CES
   Looking Glass Museum has posted a brief but nifty thirty year old video. Before E3 was a thing, the Consumer Electronics Shows was one of the primary venues to showcase your big video game. This was...

On this day in 2021

Explore the Excalibur's Historic Role
   Mac's Lore has another video in his ongoing series in Wing Commander history. This time it's a profile of the fantastic Excalibur heavy fighter. Mac does a great job weaving together elements from b...

On this day in 2020

TCS Victory Taking Shape in Voxel Shipyard
   L.I.F has a proven record of bringing exciting fan projects to the community, and now he's launching into another adventure with the Minecraft-like From the Depths. His main objective is to recreate ...

On this day in 2019

Talon Tally Just Scratches the Surface
   We have a new poll today that asks about the many flavors of the F-38 Talon fighter. Some people may not be aware there's actually five distinct paint schemes out there. As the story goes, the corru...

On this day in 2018

Select A System That Suits Your Style
   A whole bunch of exciting new video game hardware has come out in the past year, and it's been quite a while since we last asked what systems people would most prefer a new Wing Commander game on. Th...

On this day in 2017

Early Wing Commanders Finally Receive Rating in Australia
   Electronic Arts has recently asked Australia's Department of Communications and the Arts to provide a rating for Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2 and Privateer. Evidently, the three oldest games in th...

On this day in 2016

Wing Commander Finally Gets Its Due?
    Den of Geek recently ran an article on the 50 Underappreciated DOS Games. As one of the best selling and highest rated DOS games of all time, we'd probably agree with Space Game Junkie that W...

On this day in 2015

Thousands of Lines Extracted for WC4 Audio Mega Pack
   Last month's audio pack with all of Plier's WC4 witticisms was a big hit, so AD has rolled up (nearly) the whole enchilada this time. He's assembled a much larger zip with some 6,000 various clips. ...

On this day in 2014

New Privateer Trade Profit Calculator In Development
   Whiplash has been tinkering with a new tool to help the pilots of Gemini Sector. He's used Privateer's commodity prices to build a calculator that helps predict the best cargo purchases and trade rou...

On this day in 2013

Fralthi Let Loose on Vega Sector
   Klavs has finished up the textures on his new Fralthi, which makes the warship essentially complete. Its Kilrathi durasteel hull looks super sharp, and there's plenty of fine details to gorge your ey...

On this day in 2012

Fighter Tokens See Battle on the Table
   Progress continues to be made on Wing Commander TacOps Online. Avacar has implemented numerous bug fixes in the last several weeks and has big plans about the next phase of the game's development. A...

On this day in 2011

Pix's Origin Adventures Cover Tremendous Territory
   It's been almost two years in the making, but Pix's Origin Adventures blog has blasted through more than a decade of classic Origin material and covered most of the Wing Commander series as a result. ...

On this day in 2010

Model Giveaway Benefits Fan Projects
   SolCommand has a big gift for budding modders. He has created dozens of space ship models for use in a Freelancer mod that fell through. Rather than see the ships go to waste, he's posted them onlin...

Prelude to Darkness Meeting Milestones
   It's been a busy week for the Frontier - Prelude to Darkness movie. There's a new profiled ship, the Asimov, and Executive Officer Paul Laski has a highlighted character biography. Two special wallp...

On this day in 2009

RedLime Still A Mystery
   EA has announced that a Jason Bourne videogame is being developed by Starbreeze Studios. Roughly one year ago, we learned that the Swedish developer is working on a game that "reinvent(s) one of EA's ...

Welcome To Luyten
    The enemy force in Luyten decided to throw a welcoming party for the pilots of the TCS Cerberus. This week's Community Replay assignment kicks off with over twenty enemy fighters at Nav 1. Scramble!...

On this day in 2008

Community Replay A Big Success
    Wing Commander fans have reported in with some interesting stories about their adventures in the first few systems of Wing Commander 1. This week's agenda focuses on a second set of three sys...

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Sixty-Four
   This shows some more early work on the '3D' aspect of the 3D avatars. Here we see a Terran in various positions - it would have taken quite a bit of work to build an entire engine for 'personalizing' ...

On this day in 2007

Print Some Tabletop WC Markers
   WholeHazelNuts from the SCNews Forum has created some markers for the Victory By Any Means game system. They kind of make me think of Wing Commander pogs. VBAM is a modular infrastructure that allow...

ASCII Cargo Is Brilliance
   Development of the Privateer: ASCII Sector project is progressing at an impressive speed, and developer Chris Knudsen has posted the latest update: the cargo manifest. Since the manifest won't fit in ...

On this day in 2006

Standoff Episode 3 Improvement Patch Released!
   The highly anticipated upgrade to Standoff Episode 3 is now available! Although the team behind this popular fan project is hesitant to release interim updates between episodes, they have isolated a ...

Geek Empire Gets The Wing Commander Message
    Smooth over at Geek Empire has published a neat retrospective on the life-changing impacts of the Wing Commander universe. The series is symbolic of the types of games that went beyond being ...

On this day in 2005

Another Peek At The WC3 Production
   TopGun found an old copy of the old Sci Fi Universe magazine. In November 1994 they did a preview of the upcoming Wing Commander III production. There's a few mistakes relating to the date and charac...

Enterprise Cancelled!
   Yesterday UPN announced some very unfortunate news for fans of Enterprise. UPN and Paramount Network Television have jointly announced that this will be the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise ...

On this day in 2004

Fun With Antman's Utilitarian Wing Commander Art
   There was a delay with our regularly scheduled CIC updates for today, so Antman stepped up and sent us a nifty 3d representation of the Hari Sector from Fleet Action. It'd be neat to be abl...

Beware The Kilrathi Saga Fraud
   While for the most part trading on eBay is safe, you do occasionally get unscrupulous people. Currently one seller is offering what at first glance appears to be a copy of Kilrathi Saga for $59.99. Wh...

Ultima V Remake Draws Attention
   Various sites are reporting about a major project to recreate Origin's classic Ultima V in the Dungeon Siege engine. It's getting a lot of positive press and seems to have some good momentum right no...

On this day in 2002

In The Money
   This war agrees with them: AVault reports that Electronic Arts has more money than a dead fish. This, of course begs the question: just how much money does a dead fish have? Video game publisher Elec...

Holding the Line: Chapter 120
   Next up is Raptor's introduction for the latest chapter of Holding the Line. You can find the chapter here. Hey all, Raptor here. HTL continues with part four of the "Toeing The Line" series, this o...

On this day in 2001

Real World Flint And Stiletto Photos Surface
   Jennifer MacDonald (Flint) and Heather Stephens (Stiletto) from WC3 and WCP always tended to strike me as somewhat plain and restricted. But recently some saucy photos of both turned up for sale one e...

Where's LOAF?
   A number of people have been asking us lately where LOAF has been these past couple weeks. He's still around, and you can find him in #Wingnut periodically. However, he'll be undergoing one of his mos...

Massive Conspiracy Thrillers Are Nothing New In Europe
   Karl Frank explained to me the other day that large scale conspiracy thrillers, such as Neil Young's Majestic, have already proved to be pretty effective forms of spooky entertainment in Europe. The f...

On this day in 2000

German Peter Telep Pages Up
   Over at the official Peter Telep site, Jens Borner and Richard Bowden have put together a version of the website in German. You can find it here. You can find Jens' site here. The Russian pages sho...

New mirc Version Released
   Yesterday those wacky people at released version 5.7 of the popular irc client mirc. I'm sure it'll be a huge improvement over 5.61, and if you don't get it, you won't be cool. I thin...

Digital Anvil President Leaving Company
   DA's president, Marten Davies, left Digital Anvil as of February 1 this week. There hasn't been a whole lot of explanation online, but that's to be expected. We had dinner with his son just before t...

Would You Like Ice in That?
   Story by Conrad Feef. Emergency services on Hermes were working around the clock yesterday following the impact of a huge ice asteroid. Approximately 35,000 were killed in the incident, which has crea...

On this day in 1999

Pretty Pictures
   Yes folks, it's time the CIC added another section! You want fan art? We've got it.. in the Fan Art section! Go marvel at the art, and then when you're done, why not create something of your own and s...

McCubbin Reports
   Chris McCubbin was kind enough to drop me a line to explain some things about the Confederation Handbook -- everything he says makes a lot of sense for those of you who care about continuity with the ...

Conventional Standards
   Sivar, of agwc, reported some interesting news. Apparently Peter Telep (WC novelist extraordinaire) will be appearing at a pair of sci fi conventions in Orlando: MegaCon (March 5-7th) and Tachy10Con (...

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