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On this day in 2018

RPS Highlights Origin Fandom
   Rock Paper Shotgun has run a neat article on longtime Origin collector Joe Garrity. There's a really interesting Q&A that delves into how Joe got started many years ago buying up spare copies of Ulti...

On this day in 2017

Digital Wing Commander in HD Discounted to $6.99
   Vudu enthusiast Jacob reports that the company has included Wing Commander in their latest monthly HDX sale. Through March 7, digital ownership of the movie will run you just $6.99. A few months ago, ...

On this day in 2016

Wing Commander Series Profiled In The Playroom
   Last year we reported on General Taggart's Playroom's video that showed the awesome evolution from Wing Commander 1 to 3. It turns out he's actually made a whole series of WC clips that profiles each...

On this day in 2015

Kilrathi Renderings to Assist WC Art Creation
   Terran pilots aren't the only figures up on deck. NinjaLA has started using mockup Kilrathi test sculptures to assist with future drawings. Reference objects are a great way to hone the skill. His ...

On this day in 2014

Minecraft Carrier Gains Escort Fighter & Interior Layout
   Duckman has made some significant progress on the interior of his Confed carrier rendered in Minecraft. The ship looks pretty sharp from the outside, but the real challenge is making the bridge, pilo...

On this day in 2013

Artist Joins Wingnuts to Remember The Darkening
   Three-dimensional environment artist Michael Paul Cottam recently stopped by the CIC to share some of his wonderful history in the games industry. Mr. Cottam started his career in the mid '90s with E...

On this day in 2012

Amazon Upgrades Academy to Release Date Shipping
   The listing for Wing Commander Academy has been updated to advertise that Release Date Shipping is now available! This service is free for Amazon Prime members if they select the two-day s...

On this day in 2011

Gratha on the Ground in Giant Graphic
   Michelle D has made many different iterations of the Gratha, and here they all are displayed in silhouette form. A large planetside scene with the latest incarnation has also been rendered. The forw...

Smithsonian Snubs Space Sims
    Victor Amaya reminded us that the Smithsonian American Art Museum is running a special exhibit on video game art next year. They are now taking votes for feature games for the project. Candidate...

On this day in 2010

Evolved Kilrathi are a Little Shaggy
   There's been a lot of Kilrathi made for Will Wright's Spore, and some of them have been kind of fugly. Shaggy's posted one that's not half bad though. They remind me a little bit of Kilrathi from th...

ISS Gets Cool Upgrades
   The three spacewalks of mission STS-130 from the crew of the Shuttle Endeavour are now complete. The third major node of the station was installed with a variety of equipment & docking ports. Attach...

On this day in 2009

Invasion Mod Working Smarter
   The Wing Commander Invasion mod recently hit a few snags relating to starbase implementation, but those have been worked out and progress continues. The game's AI now properly uses Wing Commander shi...

Making the Game: Comms Priority
   Today we have a short table showing the comm 'types' used in Wing Commander Prophecy. Unlike previous games, Prophecy featured some fifty-odd wingmen... and every single one needed to have every singl...

On this day in 2008

Wing Commander Arcade Now Playable With Wii Remote
   Mark Smids has added a neat new feature to his Wing Commander Arcade scroller shooter project. In addition to keyboard control, the game now supports input from the Nintendo Wii Remote. Anyone with ...

Point of Origin: Vol. VI, No. 2
   Wing Commander IV is launched -- as is the Origin website which many of you may remember from way back when. There's even a picture... it certainly brings back memories of my misspent youth. Speaking ...

On this day in 2007

Yeah! You're Nailed, Pal!
   Here's another look at the status of Privateer Ascii Sector. This is the first time we've seen the cockpit in a while, and there have been some improvements. The most obvious item is the communicati...

Hidden in Plain Sight
   GameSpot has done a little detective work of their own, and they've come up with more evidence that EA Replay 2 is in the works! Apparently the ESRB now reports that the game has been submitted for a ...

On this day in 2006

Stealthy Strakha Finally Decloaks
   Lars was sifting through some old files and came across a Strakha model he created a while back. The ship has been retextured, and the sharp looking result is below. There isn't an elaborate story b...

Shoot For A Complete Set
   We're about to conclude another round of Wing Commander Customizable Card Game trading, so if there's gaps in your collection, now is a good time to drop us an email. Starting a new set can be diffic...

On this day in 2005

That's A Lot Of Cats
   Starman from the WC Saga team posted this wallpaper featuring a nice collection of Kilrathi ships seemingly about to bombard a planet. It's based on a screenshot taken in-game, which is quite surprisi...

European Chance To Meet Paladin
   Raptor reports that John Rhys Davies will be attending the Collectormania convention this year. The convention takes place in Milton Keynes, England on April 29th through to May 1st, and is a great op...

On this day in 2004

Even More Auctions! (Alternatively: Poster?! I Just Met Her!)
   Sean Murphy (SWC, WC4, WCP & SO artist) is back with a pair of very desirable Wing Commander posters! While Wing Commander III 'movie posters' were given out in stores, Wing Commander IV and Prophecy ...

American Knight, Stay Away From Me (Alternatively: Fokker This!)
   Variety is reporting that Chris Roberts' next film project with Ascendant Pictures is going into production! Chris plans to direct "The American Knight", a romance set against a backdrop of World War ...

On this day in 2002

Holding the Line: Chapter 122
   And then here's Raptor to introduce our weekly chapter of Holding the Line. You can find Chapter 122 here. Hey all, Raptor here HTL continues with part seven of the Tiger Hunt series, called "Throwi...

Babylon 5 Commander Ship of the Day: Omega
   KillerWave is making available a Babylon 5 ship for Prophecy's Vision Engine each day for the next month or so at his Babylon 5 Commander project website. Today's ship is the Omega class Destroyer... ...

Purple Excalibur
   CamW has sent us some promo art for his upcoming Wing Commander fan-movie 'Raiders'. It's a neat-o high-res blueprint image of the F-103 Excalibur: ...

On this day in 2001

Preserving Armada
   Jetlag has made Voice of War available in .pdf format... grab your copy here -- a much nicer alternative to the unusually formatted version included with the classic version of Armada....

No One Expects Ziggy!
   In the annals of Wing Commander fan fiction, one name stands above the rest -- Ziggy Stardust. His incredible stories have touched our collective hearts -- and now, the CIC is proud to announce that, ...

On this day in 2000

Small Screen Affair
   Seeker over at the Chat Zone reports that Wing Commander will be on Cinemax on Friday at 8....

You Owe, Too
   Origin has updated their Multima 2 page with a new logo and information about action figures from McFarlane Toys. There are also four new questions in the FAQ... at least one will hopefully apply to ...

Construction Strike Generates Materials Surplus
   Industry reporter Tony Knox writes. Hermes authorities have still to strike a deal with state-employed construction workers, who have taken industrial action over low wages. As a result, this year's p...

On this day in 1999

A Quick Fix
   Some people may experience difficulty viewing the new trailers. If you're one of those people, our Media Specialist, Hadrian, has come up with a fix. This problem appears to occur in Voodoo Bans...

Trailer Available!?
   The Wing Commander Movie trailer is available! Grab it in various forms below. Thanks to an anonymous tipster you can view this amazing trailer in a much higher resolution than is available from wcmov...

Whence Arrive the Toys?
   Jeff Cope (of Independent Toy Newswire @RTM fame) posted at agwc that he's spoken with X-Toys, and that they report that the Wing Commander Movie action figures are due to ship in two weeks. They shou...

Bonnie Connie
   Hadrian, working alongside Prophecy & Secret Ops alumnist Captain Johnny, has developed an intensely detailed 3D rendering of the third TCS Concordia (CVS-65). It's for TS4, and you can grab it here. ...

The First Stages
   Keen observers will note a slight change in the Wing Commander movie site (not to be confused with Dan's Wing Commander Movie page) today compared to yesterday. As we're expecting the site to open an...

   Author Chris McCubbin sent us another note about the Confederation Handbook. It would never occur to the publisher to mention this in marketing materials, but it might be important to long-term f...

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