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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Sa'Kahn Quadrant
Locations Masa III
Jump Links Silenos, Lennox, Tyr, Hawkins

Masa is a star system in the Epsilon Sector. It is a part of the Union of Border Worlds.

Masa is home to at least three planets, including Masa III. It is a civilian system that hosts a number of Border Worlds facilities.

During the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673, Masa was attacked by the Terran Confederation due to allegations that the Border Worlds had seized a Confederation space lab within the system. The TCS Lexington launched an attack on the Border Worlds forces guarding the base and then sent in marines to liberate the station. In reality, the base was in fact property of the Border Worlds being invaded by Confed. The actions of the Lexington were being manipulated by an unknown faction within Confed seeking to create war with the Border Worlds. The Border Worlds retaliated by sending a cruiser task force to infiltrate Confed airspace and reclaim the station, but they were swiftly routed by the Lexington.

While in the system, Captain William Eisen was replaced by Captain Hugh Paulsen of the 3rd Fleet, who brought these orders from Regional Command. Eisen was to be "transferred" at Sol so that he could be investigated for "alleged violations of the Security Acts and Section 212 of the Admiralty Court Directives". In reality, Captain Paulsen was a Black Lance operative, who was ordered to replace Eisen on suspicion that Eisen knew of the group's activities within Confed and was plotting against them. Paulsen was also ordered to illegally seize the Border Worlds space lab on behalf of the Black Lance. Eisen was to be terminated when the coast was clear of prying eyes.

Eisen however caught on to the plot and escaped on a shuttle with Major Todd Marshall in order to defect to the Union of Border Worlds. Colonel Christopher Blair was ordered to lead a wing to kill Eisen, but refused to kill the commander whom he had served with on the TCS Victory. He, along with Lieutenants Winston Chang and Troy Carter, also defected, forcing Paulsen to launch several waves to destroy the rogue squadron. However, the attack failed and the defectors fled on board the BWS Intrepid. During this effort, the Intrepid was intercepted by a Confederation cruiser and her destroyer escort. The Intrepid successfully fought them off, but at the cost of two-thirds of her crew. The Lexington gave chase and pursued the Intrepid to Silenos.