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Alcor V is a desert planet located in the Alcor System. It is the fifth planet of the system. It is a former Terran colony located in the Roberts Quadrant of the Vega Sector. As of 2669, it was under the control of the Kilrathi Empire.

Alcor V is a rocky, largely hostile world defined by barren landscape and craggy mountains. Its isolated location and distance from the Terran colonies made it an ideal world for the Kilrathi to hold prisoners of war, and thus it became a prison planet.

During the year 2669, the TCS Victory, ferrying Brigadier General James Taggart, entered the Alcor System with the intent of rescuing Terran prisoner Dr. Philip Severin, the inventor of the Temblor Bomb. Due to the poor state of the Terran Confederation in the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Terrans intended to use the Temblor Bomb to destroy the Kilrathi homeworld of Kilrah to end the war. This could not be done without Severin's assistance in assembling the bomb.

It was prior to the arrival at Alcor V that Kilrathi Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, who was previously loyal to the Confederation, betrayed his comrades on the Victory in order to inform the Kilrathi leadership of Kilrah's impending destruction. In his escape from the Victory, he murdered Lieutenant Laurel Buckley and fled on a HF-66A Thunderbolt VII Heavy Fighter.

Upon arrival at Alcor V, the Victory deployed Colonel Christopher Blair down to the surface, where he was to destroy the land-based defenses defending the prison where Dr. Severin was being held. When this was done, a force of Terran Space Marines landed on the surface and stormed the Kilrathi facility, extracting Severin and bringing him back aboard the Victory. This successful raid enabled Confed to finish production of the Temblor Bomb.

It is unknown how many prisoners were held on Alcor V or what the planet's status was after the fall of the Kilrathi Empire.