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  • The Border Worlds Conflict took place.
  • The elusive Black Lance faction launches dozens of raids against military and civilian interests from both the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds, using unmarked ships to conceal their identity; massive civilian and military losses are reported on both sides.
  • The Vesuvius-Class Heavy Carrier is activated with the commissioning of the TCS Vesuvius.
  • The new F-104 Bearcat undergoes regular combat trials.
  • Confederation Colonel Christopher Blair defects to the Union of Border Worlds.
  • The Border Worlds launches a campaign to liberate the Peleus System and its vital shipping lanes; they succeed in shattering the enemy's control of the system.
  • The Circean Civil War takes place.
  • The Black Lance test the Gen-Select Bioweapon on Telamon, exterminating 90% of the population.
  • Colonel Blair destroys the TCS Vesuvius.
  • Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn is promoted to Space Marshal.
  • Colonel Blair exposes the existence of the Black Lance to the Confederation Senate and the conspiracy of Geoffrey Tolwyn.
  • The Confederation Senate votes unanimously against war with the Union of Border Worlds.
  • Space Marshal Tolwyn's military tribunal commences; he is found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.
  • Space Marshal Tolwyn commits suicide on the eve of his execution.
  • The Terran Confederation recognizes the independence of the Union of Border Worlds.