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Wing Commander: Armada
Platform MS-DOS
Engine RealSpace
Release Date September 22, 1994
Label N/A
Language English


The life of a seasoned starfighter pilot isn't all glory and adventure. After years of following orders and losing ships and friends, you are now the sole commander, responsible for heading up a momentous strike against your enemy's homeland - either the Empire of Kilrah or the heart of the Confederation. This war requires real strategy, not just hotshot piloting, and you have to determine where to fight, how to fight, and what ships will get the job done. In ''Wing Commander Armada'', you have the freedom to build your own universe, your own missions and your own campaign.<br><br>

'''Never play the same game twice as you explore, fortify and mine hundreds of planets in an infinite number of randomly generated universes'''<br><br>

'''Maximize your field of vision by flying in invisible cockpit mode'''<br><br>

'''Pit yourself against a sinister computer, or use a modem or network to combat a player across the country'''<br><br>

Key Features:

* Choose from 3 levels of play - intense dogfight scenarios, strategic search-and-destroy battles, or extended campaigns to destroy an opposing home world.

* Pit yourself against a friend, computer, or with a friend against the computer - via modem or network.

* Live life on the edge as a topnotch Terran or Kilrathi pilot and fly up to 10 different ships.

* Customize taunts and controls with ''Armada's'' built-in audio file integrator and keyboard configuration utility.

* Carefully plot tactical moves to stop your enemy cold - but beware, the tides of war may swiftly turn your next move into your last!<br><br>

Box Back Cover

System Requirements

Armada CD

  • Computer - Wing Commander Armada CD requires at least an Intel486/33+ MHz or 100% compatible system with MS-DOS version 5.0 or higher and a double speed CD-ROM drive.
  • Network - Network play requires NetBIOS. (Novell networks also require IPX.COM.)
  • Modem - Modem play requires a 9600-baud or faster modem (16550 UART Alpha Chip recommended).
  • Serial Card - 16550 UART Alpha chip recommended for external modem play.
  • Video Card - VGA video card (VESA local bus or PCI recommended).
  • Hard Drive - You must have a minimum of 3 megabytes of free hard drive space (13 megs for 4 meg systems) on your hard drive to install and play this game.
  • CD-ROM drive - You must have a double-speed CD-ROM drive with MS-DOS CD-ROM extension 2.1 or higher required. (We recommend 350 milliseconds or faster seek time.)
  • Joystick (Optional) - We highly recommend playing with a joystick for the best Wing Commander Armada CD experience.
  • Mouse - Wing Commander Armada CD requires a Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse using Microsoft software driver version 7.0 or higher, Logitech software driver version 6.0 or higher, or 100% compatible software driver.
  • Memory - Wing Commander Armada CD uses 560K of conventional RAM (base memory) and 2592K (4 meg machines) or 6144K (8 meg systems) of expanded memory (EMS). You must have a minimum of 4 megs RAM installed in your machine to install the game to your hard drive. You must have 8 megs RAM to play the game directly from the CD-ROM drive.

You must load NetBIOS to play over the network, as well as your mouse, sound and CD-ROM drivers.

Box Contents

US Release, CD-ROM Version

US Release, 3.5" HD Diskette Version

  • Play Guide manual
  • Voices of War manual
  • Wing Commander Armada Reference Card
  • Wing Commander Armada Install Guide
  • Wing Commander Armada Strategy Guide advertisement
  • Wing Commander III Is Your System Ready? advertisement
  • New Releases from Origin catalog
  • Origin's 1994 CD-ROM Exchange/Update Policy
  • 3.5" HD Diskette (6)

Wing Commander Armada Manual & Voices of War (VEBE) (1.8 MB) Note that the Armada VEBEs are an old alternative to PDF files that may take some tweaking to install on newer systems. VEBE (Vermont Electronic Book Engine) must be installed, and must be run under win 95/98 compatability mode in Windows XP.


Role Name Source
Space Flight Jeff Everett Game
Jeff Grills Game
Chuck Karpiak Game
Strategy System Jeff Grills Game
Jeff Everett Game
Chuck Karpiak Game
Modem Support Jeff Grills Game
Network Support Chuck Karpiak Game
Jeff Grills Game
Digital Support Aaron Martin Game
Additional Programming Rob Corell Game
Donavon Keithley Game
Wendy White Game
Art Director Denis Loubet Game
RealSpace Objects Dean McCall Game
Paul Steed Game
Cockpits Elizabeth Pugh Game
Damon Waldrip Game
Armada Intro Jake Rodgers Game
Additional Artwork David Lawell Game
Chris Douglas Game
Craig Halverson Game
Micael Priest Game
Music & Digital FX
Music Midian Game
Digital FX Kirk Winterrowd Game
John Tipton Game
Digital Speech Processing Martin Galway Game
Original Concept and Design Jeff Everett Game
Whitney Ayres Game
Additional Design Jeff Grills Game
Denis Loubet Game
Quality Assurance
Product Support Manager Kay Gilmore Game
QA Supervisor Donna Mehnert Game
QA Project Leader Dan Orzulak Game
Testers James Flores Game
Jason Habel Game
Kevin Kushner Game
Bill LaCoste Game
Starr Long Game
Jeremy Mappus Game
Chaitanya Marvici Game
Jennifer Mason Game
Marc Petrick Game
Ben Potter Game
Jeff Shelton Game
Anthony Sommers Game
Eddie Stringer Game
David Thacker Game
Reece Thornton Game
Todd Wachhaus Game
Forest Yule Game
Writer Tuesday Frase Game
Producer Chris Roberts Game
Associate Producer Jean-Marc Chelma Game
Director Jeff Everett Game


  • Wing Commander Armada Sell Sheet




Computer Gaming World review, issue 125, December 1994.

PC Zone, issue 19, October 1994

Press Items

Gaming Magazines



FM Towns

Same as the PC release.


Same as the PC release. The PC98 was a Japanese computer that ran special versions of MS-DOS and Windows 95.

Windows 3.1

Origin contracted Windward Studios to port Wing Commander Armada to Windows 3.1. David Thielen completed the project but it was never released. His online resume states: "Ported Origin’s Wing Commander Armada from DOS to Windows. Increased the resolution form 320x200 to the screen resolution, limited only by the CPU speed." Wing Commander Armada for Windows has never been located; Mr. Thielen does not have a copy.

Strategy Guides


  • Electronic Arts Presents CD-ROM Classics (US)
  • Electronic Arts Presents (US)
  • CD-ROM Classics (Europe)




Patches / Addons


Fan Made

Editing Tools


Manuals and Game Documentation


Afterburner		Tab
Fire guns		Space
Fire missile		Enter
Accelerate		+
Decelerate		-
Full stop		Backspace
Look left		F2
Look right		F3
Look forward		F1
Look behind		F4
Chase view		F5
Battle view		F6
Missile view		F8
Cycle weapons		W
Cycle guns		G
Cycle targets		T
Lock target		L
Damage HUD		D
Autopilot		A
Comms select		C
Nav Map			N
Eject			Ctrl-E



Terran Confederation

  • Fighters
F-27 Arrow V
F-98 Phantom
F-97 Wraith
A-15 Gladius
A-20 Banshee
  • Capital Ships
Belleau Wood

Empire of Kilrah

  • Fighters
Dralthi III
  • Capital Ships



Terran Confederation



Empire of Kilrah





Mass Driver Cannon

Laser Cannon

Flux Cannon (Kilrathi)

Photon Cannon

Neutron Gun

Flak Gun

Electron Gun (Kilrathi)

Plasma Gun (Kilrathi)

Reaper Cannon

Particle Cannon

Tachyon Cannon

Ionic Pulse Cannon

Mass Accelerator Gun (Kilrathi)

Sonic Accelerator (Kilrathi)

Phase Blaster (Kilrathi)



Heat-Seeker (HS)

Image-Recognition (IR)

Friend-or-Foe (FF)


Leech (L)

Chaff Pod