Lexington-class heavy carrier

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Lexington-Class Heavy Carrier
Type Heavy Carrier
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2669
Length 725 meters (1325 maks)
Mass 3.25 million kg (4 octomils)
Max Velocity 50 m/s (60 om/s)
Cruise Velocity 50 m/s (62 om/s)
Acceleration Poor
Max Y/P/R 1/1/1 dps
Turrets Flak Gun (10)
Armor Fore/Aft/Sides 90 cm (132 zm)
Shields Fore/Aft 120 cm (170 zm)
Jump Drive Yes

Lexington-Class Carrier Target Identification, circa 2669.

The Lexington-class heavy carrier entered service in the last year of the Terran-Kilrathi War. The class takes its name from a previous TCS Lexington (CV-44), crippled at the Battle of Earth. This ship was later returned to service.

The first ship, TCS Lexington (133B), was assigned to the Terran Intelligence Agency as part of a long-duration mission behind enemy lines. For her mission the Lexington was modified at Goddard Transfer Station with oxygen planetariums, water-producing modules, greenhouse gardens, recycling systems and mining apparatuses. She also carried a 62-person Special Operations team. Lexington left Goddard on 2669.018, crossed the border and then fought a series of running battles with the KIS Shiraak across the Jakal, Teragon and Evian systems. The carrier failed to return after its planned six month assignment and is still missing in action.

Wing Commander: Armada

Voices of War

Flight Deck Officer's Report