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Reaper Cannon
Type cannon

Wing Commander: Academy

Weapons of the Terran and Kilrathi Fleets

Reaper Cannon. Similar to a particle cannon, this blaster also combines long-range effectiveness with powerful damage potential. Reaper cannon are even more powerful than neutron guns, but they also deplete blaster power very quickly. Currently in development for use on the new Confederation Wraith, these weapons represent our latest advances in blaster technology.

Voices of War

Gunnery Officer's Report

Victory Streak

(This gun will be available as soon as it completes its test cycle.) The 'reaper cannon evolved from the standard ion cannon, and its refire rate is slightly faster. This gun delivers high-speed pulses of charged atomic particles that give off energy and radiation damage. Fighters find this gun especially useful against ships with shields that regenerate quickly, and any ship with slow shield generation is sure to take damage.