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Type Heavy Fighter
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
Length 38 meters
Mass 7135 kg
Max Velocity 695 kps
Cruise Velocity 500 kps
Acceleration Ok
Max Y/P/R 4/3/3 dps
Armor Fore/Aft/Sides 3.7 cm
Shields Fore/Aft 5.0 cm
Jump Drive Yes
Crew 1 (pilot)

The Kor-larh (or Korlarh) is a two-seat Kilrathi fighter-bomber flown through the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War. A Kor-larh squadron flew off the KIS Shiraak in 2669.

Kor-Larh Target Identification, circa 2669.

Wing Commander: Armada

Voices of War

Flight Deck Officer's Report

Armada Manual Voices of War
Length 38 meters
Mass 7135 kg
Class Heavy Fighter
Maximum Speed 695 kps
Cruise Speed 500 kps
Acceleration Rate Ok
Yaw Rate 4 dps
Pitch Rate 3 dps
Roll Rate 3 dps
Guns Flux Cannon (2)
Phase Blaster Gun (2)
Missiles Friend or Foe (2)
Dumb Fire (2)
ECM Chaff Pod (2)
Front Shield 5 cm
Rear Shield 5 cm
Front Armor 3.7 cm
Rear Armor 3.7 cm
Left Armor 3.7 cm
Right Armor 3.7 cm