Proving Grounds Mode

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Wing Commander Armada: Proving Grounds Mode
Creator Origin Systems Inc.
Download Download
Filesize 566 kB

Archive Contents

  • PG.EXE
  • PG.TRE


Wing Commander Armada: Proving Grounds Mode

This Add-on is being distributed free of charge. It does, however, require the original Wing Commander Armada.

This version of Proving Grounds is believed to be free of bugs. If you find any problems please report them to the Origin BBS at (512)331-4446 or through our internet address at SUPPORT@ORIGIN.EA.COM and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Installation: To install Proving Grounds just unzip the file into your Wing Commander Armada directory, the run PG.EXE.


  • 6 player IPX support.
    Proving grounds mode that allows players to kill each other
    while competing for powerup items to increase your ships
    capabilites, including shields and armor, weapons, cloaking
    device, fuel, and a cloaked ship scanner to view ships that are cloaked.
  • Battle mode allows any combination of 6 player (ie. 1-1-1-1-1-1,3-3,2-2-2)
  • Colorado Spectrum notebook support added
    1. Follow the instructions provided with the adapter to enable it.
    2. type pg.exe -j to use the notebook gameport
    3. The Colorado Spectrum adapter only supports COM 1 and COM 2
  • Note: One player play is not supported in proving grounds mode.
  • Note: Proving Grounds does not support NetBIOS.

Keyboard reference for Proving Grounds:

Key Function
T = Toggle Target
L = Toggle Lock
KEYPAD8 (up) = Control Down
KEYPAD6 (rt) = Control Right
KEYPAD2 (dn) = Control Up
KEYPAD4 (lt) = Control Left
TAB = Afterburners
G = Toggle Guns
W = Toggle Weapons
SPACEBAR = Fire Guns
ENTER = Fire Missile
KEYPAD PLUS = increase Speed
COMMA = Roll Left
PERIOD = Roll Right
1 = 1/3 Speed
2 = 2/3 Speed
3 = Full Speed
APOSTROPHE = Launch Chaff
Q = Toggle Guns to Cloak
A = Toggle to All guns
C = Activate Comm VDU
D = Activate Damage VDU
S = Activate Score VDU
N = Toggle between graphic and numeric displays for gauges
Alt-KEYPAD PLUS = brighten the targeting crosshair
Alt-KEYPAD MINUS = darken the targeting crosshair

During the ship selection screen you just need to hit T to change teams.