Wing Commander Armada Playtesters' Guide

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Wing Commander Armada Playtesters' Guide
Author(s) Chris W. McCubbin
Language(s) English
Pages 92 pp
ISBN 0-929373-23-5

Cover Copy

Wing Commander Armada Playtesters' Guide

Whether you've just lost your carrier for the hundredth time or have
exhausted your stash of military gaming moves, the Wing Commander
Armada Playtesters’ Guide is packed with useful stats and info on how to
conquer your foes.
In 96 pages, our playtesters share the secrets of the Armada universe,
outlining both Kilrathi and Confederation advantages. You'll learn the ins and
outs of each ship, as well as the best strategies for managing and allocating
planetary resources. And if you can't get out of a tricky situation on your
own, chances are good that our playtesters and give you a hand. Campaign
maps, ship-by-ship analyses, tips for manipulating resources and ships ― the
Wing Commander Armada Playtesters’ Guide covers all points of play.

Key Features

  • Discover tactical strategies you can use to overcome tricky situations.
  • Scan the statistics, pros and cons associated with each ship in the game.
  • Plot out your course of conquest with the aid of detailed maps of all
    campaign sectors.
  • Expand your planing and allocation skills with useful tips on managing
  • Learn all the inside tricks used by ORIGIN's playtesting crew.
  • Check out probability tables used to calculate “quick combqt” results.