Leech (L)

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Wing Commander: Academy

This missile was designed for the Wraith fighter currently in development. It drains its target of all energy for approximately 10 seconds, inactivating shields and weapon systems alike. Within that 10 seconds, you should have no trouble destroying your defenseless enemy. Leech missiles are anticipated to be especially effective against capital ships, where they will be capable of temporarily incapacitating phase shields and flak guns.

Voices of War

Gunnery Officer's Report

The leech missile first appeared on prototypes of the Confederation’s Wraith fighter. However, recent developments incorporate hardpoint mounts for the leech. It drains a target of all energy for 20 seconds.

Victory Streak

TCN weapon engineers developed the leech missile in order to capture Kilrathi fighters intact without damaging them. The leech is not an explosive – rather, it is a sophisticated electronic weapon system capable of disrupting a target and draining its energy. Power drains slightly upon impact, but soon leaves targets dead in space.

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom