Walking Wounded

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Walking Wounded is the ninth episode of Wing Commander Academy aired and the eleventh produced.

Walking Wounded
Episode Number 1x09
Production Code 74711
Story Mark Edens
Writer(s) Ralph Sanchez
Air Date November 23, 1996
Run Time 20m53s
Animation Studio Madhouse
Theme Version 1
Previous Recreation
Next On Both Your Houses


Act One

Act Two

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
3 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters 8 Dralthi medium fighters
1 Fighter Transport (TCS Morgan)
3 Dralthi destroyed, TCS Morgan disabled
Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
1 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighter
1 hospital ship (TCS Pleiku)
1 Kamekh corvette
1 Scimitar destroyed 1 Kamekh destroyed

Act Three

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
12 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters
Bengal strike carrier (TCS Tiger's Claw)
4 F-57 Sabres heavy attack fighters
3 CF-131 Broadsword heavy bombers
2 Scimitars destroyed 2 Sabres and 3 Broadswords destroyed





Tiger's Claw


Edge of the Sector


TCS Morgan


KIS Nir'Runihn


TCS Pleiku




Terran Confederation


Capital Ships

Empire of Kilrah


Capital Ships


Terran Confederation

Small Arms

Empire of Kilrah


Animation Errors


Role Name
Story by Mark Edens
Written by Ralph Sanchez
Producer Larry Latham
Executive Story Editors Mark Edens
Michael Edens
Executive Consultant Ralph Sanchez
Executive Story Consultants Richard Hilleman
Adam Foshko
Starring Mark Hamill (Maverick)
Tom Wilson (Maniac)
Malcolm McDowell (Tolwyn)
Dana Delany (Archer)
Also Starring Lauri Hendler (Payback)
Kevin Schoen (Kilrathi?)
Pat Fraley (Grunt, Guthrig, Blizzard)
Music by Alexander Van Bubenheim
Voice Direction and Casting Susan Blu
Pre-Production Sound by Screenmusic Studios, Inc.
Pre-Production Sound Mixer Pete Elia
Recording Assistant Mark Caballero
Storyboards Bob Smith
Del Barras
Dave Williams
Storyboard Cleanup Judy Nielson
Timing Directors Tim Walker
Bill Reed
Gerard Baldwin
Zeon Davush
Character Design Larry Latham
Tim Eldred
Prop Design Lee Go
Background Design Derek Carter
Background Color Key Kathryn Yelsa
Computer Color Key Cynthia McIntosh
Studio Production Manager Alex Johns
Production Manager Patty Jausoro
Production Coordinator Estrella Capin
Production Assistants Aaron Justman
Scott Huml
Manuel Cano
Monte Alexander
Junior Gonzalez
Danik Thomas
Executive in Charge of Post Production Barbara Beck
Editors Jay Bixsen
Paul D. Calder
Assistant Editor Michael Trueba
Track Reading Glenwood Editorial
Negative Cutting Executive Cutting
Post Production Video Unitel Video, Hollywood
Post Production Sound West Productions Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor Rick Hinson
Re-Recording Mixers Harry Andronis
Stuart Calderon
Overseas Animation Studio Madhouse Animation
Overseas Animation Director Masao Maruyama
Produced in Association with USA Network


Act One

SCENE - Simulator

Archer: Come on, come on, I know you're hiding in here. There you are. Okay, lock up baby, come on. Yes! I've got missile lock. Missile lock confirmed. Bingo. Woo-hoo!

SCENE - Sim Room

Guthrig: Give us a minute, ensign.

Archer: I nailed 'em that time.

Guthrig: According to the simulator printout you hesitated. Why?

Archer: I had to make sure of the missile lock. It only took two seconds.

Guthrig: Actually, 1.93 seconds. Enoguh time for the Kilrathi to have eliminated you or your wingman.

Archer: You're going to ding me over two lousy seconds?

Guthrig: We have to run more simulations. I'm sorry, but until then I have to ground you.

Archer: I can't... fly?

Guthrig: In my opinion, you're a liability in combat.

Archer: What do you know about combat?

SCENE - Flashback

Blizzard: I want you to have this.

Archer: You know I can't accept this, Blizzard. Alan, it's Archer... it's Gwen. You've got to turn back.

Blizzard: Gwen? Kilrathi liar!

Tolwyn: Fire, Bowman, fire!

Archer: Eject, Alan, eject!

SCENE - Archer's Quarters

Maniac: So what's this crud about you beign grounded?

Archer: Won't you come in?

Maniac: Don't get cute, Archer, I saw the duty roster. Now what gives.

Archer: Doctor's orders.

Maniac: Guthrig? The doctor who needs a doctor?

Archer: He's not so crazy. Hey!

Maniac: This thing about you blaming yourself for what happened to Blizzard has gone too far. It's time to let it go.

Archer: Hey, that's mine, Maniac.

Maniac: You're a good pilot. Not as good as me but hey, who is. Look, you've got to move on.

Archer: It's not that easy.

Maniac: You make it easy. That's how I do it.

Archer: What do you care all of a sudden?

Tolwyn: All duty pilots report to the briefing room immediately.

Maniac: (huffs) Later, Archer.

SCENE - Briefing Room

Tolwyn: Gentlemen, we have received a distress call from the hospital ship Plekiu. She was part of a convoy that was jumped by a Kilathi advance force at the edge of this sector. That means the Pleiku is wihtin range of our fighters. Cadet Blair will lead this sortie. The mission: to lend close support to the hospital ship and to escort her to the Tiger's Claw. And be wary of Kilrathi traps.

Maverick: Yes sir.

SCENE - Space

Maverick: Alright guys, keep your eyes on your sensors, this is the last reported position of the Pleiku.

Maniac: You'd think we'd be seeing signs of a battle by now.

Maverick: Maybe this battle's over.

Maniac: Wait, wait, I'm picking up a ship.

Maverick: Me too. It's not a fighter, either.

Maniac: Confirm that, a hospital ship, we got it.

Grunt: Gatos don't leave much, do they.

Maverick: I'm reading a hull breach, radiation leaks, engines destroyed, main power systems offline.

Maniac: Maverick, I'm picking up life signs. There are \people alive in there.

Maverick: Okay, let's see if we can talk to them. Hospital ship Pleiku, this is Chris Blair from the Tiger's Claw, do you read? Come in, Pleiku, do you read?

Maniac: Look at that, there's nothing left of the bridge.

Maverick: Comm systems are out too, we're getting no answer. Hang on. I'm picking up another ship.

Hyena: One of ours?

Maverick: Too far away to get a recognition signal Better check it out.

Maniac: What about the hospital ship, we can't just leave them. The Kilrathi might come back to finish the job.

Maverick: Good point, Maniac, thanks for volunteering.

Maniac: Hey, woah, hey, time out. I wasn't volunteering. I go where the action is. I'm your best pilot.

Maverick: Yeah, and I'm lead on this pilot. You stay put right here.

SCENE - Morgan Bridge

Force Commander: The Terrans have taken the bait. As soon as they're in range launch our little surprise and inform the Nir'Runihn to destroy the hospital ship. (laughs) It has served its purpose.

SCENE - Space

Maverick: Getting a recognition symbol. It's Confederation, fighter transport Morgan.

Grunt: Reinforcements! Que suerte!

Maverick: Transport ship Morgan, we are here to assist.

Grunt: Maybe it's a welcoming committee?

Maverick: Some welcoming committee, they're leaving. Kilrathi! It's a trap!

Act Two

SCENE - Space (TCS Morgan)

Maverick: They're on us! Break right, Hyena

Grunt: Flaming gatos, coming up! Yee-hah!

Maverick: Hey, good shooting Grunt!

Hyena: Heads up, Mav. Furballs, twelve o'clock high.

SCENE - Space (TCS Pleiku)

Maverick: Hyena, cover Grunt! I'll take this one.

Hyena: Sorry, Maverick. Got my own problems - three of 'em!

Maniac: Aw, man, they need me. What am I doing babystiting this floating hulk? Orders or no orders, I'm going. Hey, what? I'm targeted! Where is he? Burning tailpipie!

SCENE - Nir'Runihn Bridge

Captain: Incompetent! Surprise should have made him ours.

Officer: The Terran pilot is very quick.

Captain: Or you are very slow. Lock onto him and finish him.

Officer: But captain, we have only one missile left after our last attack on the hospital ship. Shouldn't wee...

Captain: Don't question my orders, I want that Terran fighter.

SCENE - Space (TCS Pleiku)

Maniac: Okay, now you've made the Maniac mad. Woah! Okay. You've got guns? Well so do I. Woo hoo!

SCENE - Nir'Runihn Bridge

Officer: The laser turret's offline.

Captain: Get him back in the missile sites.

SCENE - Space (TCS Pleiku)

Maniac: Now to finish you off. What? Hey! Missile lock!

SCENE - Nir'Runihn Bridge

Captain: Fire!

SCENE - Space (TCS Morgan)

Grunt: Make your peace, Gato. That's the last one, Maverick.

Maverick: No. There's one more to take care of. He's not going anywhere. But we are, those fighters were headed for the 'Claw.

Hyena: What about Maniac?

Maverick: He'll... just have to fend for himself.

SCENE - Space (TCS Pleiku)

Maniac: Maniac to hospital ship Pleiku, I am docking alongside. Look, uh, look I'm one of the good guys, don't shoot. I hope they heard that.

SCENE - Pleiku Corridor

Patient: (moaning) My leg.

Patient: Look, it's a pilot!

Patient: Are you here to rescue us?

Patient: Take us home, please.

Patient: Help us.

Kyle: Hope you're not wounded, 'cause I got no more room.

Maniac: Huh? What?

Kyle: I'm Doctor Kyle. Welcome to my home away from home. We're a little crowded and I could use some more antibiotics, but we manage. Are you our rescue?

Maniac: Uh, afraid not. Uh, I'm stranded here.

Kyle: Oh, good. Well, I can always use a hand in triage.

Maniac: I haven't had any med training doc.That's okay, neither has half of what's left of my staff.

SCENE - Triage

Kyle: These are our toughest cases, the ones that need the most attention.

Blu: Doctor, I need you.

Kyle: Afraid of the sight of blood?

Maniac: No, uh, just... internal organs.

Kyle: You'll be fine. What's your name?

Maniac: Maniac.

Kyle: That's a name?

Maniac: Callsign. I'm a pilot.

Kyle: Okay pilot, come over here. I'm going to to need your help.

Maniac: Look, Um I don't want to risk hurting anybody, doc.

Kyle: Too late, the war took care of that. With the main power out we've had to learn medicine the old fashioned way. You have to work the lung pump manually until the patient can breathe on his own. I have to operate on another kid and I need my nurses. Right now, you're this boy's lungs.

Maniac: Please, don't let me mess up.

SCENE - Bridge

Nelson: Commodore Tolwyn, fighters approaching. Recognition signal says they're ours, probably part of the task force our fighters rescued.

Tolwyn: Contact that flight. Let's bring them in. They've earned it.

Officer: Yes, sir.

SCENE - Space (TCS Morgan)

Maverick: Maverick to Tiger's Claw, do you copy? They're jamming us, the Claw doesn't know it but they're aobut to get ambushed.

SCENE - Bridge

Crewman: I can't raise the ship, there's interference.

Tolwyn: What's the source?

Nelson: The ships are the source.

Tolwyn: It's a trap!

Crewman: Sir, long range missile lock.

SCENE - Archer's Quarters

Tolwyn: Battle stations, all pilots to flight deck. This is not a drill.

Archer: You're doing this, Bowman.

Act Three

SCENE - Triage

Maniac: Doc, nurse, something's happening!

Blu: Easy, pilot. He's okay.

Maniac: But he's making this noice...

Kyle: That's 'cause he's bleeding. You can take the pump away, nurse.

Maniac: Wow!

Kyle: You saved his life. What was that?

Maniac: Sounds like docking grapplers. The Kilrathi!

Kyle: Great, more guests for dinner.

SCENE - Bridge

Nelson: Shields down to 40%, sir. We're losing fighters on takeoff.

Tolwyn: We're running out of time. Mr. Nelson, you have the con.

Nelson: But... where are you going, sir?

Tolwyn: One of Napoleon's generals said it best: ride to the sound of the guns.

SCENE - Hangar

Payback: What do you think you're doing?

Archer: Same thing you are.

Payback: Do me a favor and stay off my wing.

SCENE - Space (TCS Tiger's Claw)

Hyena: My sensors are picking up one big battle ahead.

Maverick: They started without us. We'll be there in 90 seconds.

Grunt: Let's hope the 'Claw's in one piece when we get there.

SCENE - Pleiku Corridor

Maniac: The Kilrathi'll most likely board near the bridge and then move in from there. Uh, what's the situation with the ship.

Kyle: Well there's nothing between us and them but a few airtight doors.

Maniac: The furballs will kick 'em open. If the decompression doesn't get us then their lasers will. Well at least we'll go fast.

Kyle: The med-bay's a standalone compartment. We can seal it from the rest of the ship. We can all crowd in there.

Maniac: Yeah, yeah! Yeah, good. Maybe we can give the cats a taste of their own medicing. I'll need a volunteer.

Kyle: Oh pick me, pick me. That's how I wound up here in the first place.

SCENE - Pleiku Boarding Site

Officer: Find the Terrans, I want them all exterminated.

SCENE - Pleiku Airlock

Maniac: This better work, Maniac, you've only got one shot. You ready, doc? (sighs) Let's do it. (sighs) Here goes nothing.

SCENE - Pleiku Corridor

Officer: What is this?

SCENE - Nir'Runihn Bridge

Captain: Ah! Disconnect from the hospital ship, emergency thrusters now.

SCENE - Pleiku Airlock

Maniac: You guys can fly with me anytime.

SCENE - Space (TCS Tiger's Claw)

Grunt: Gotcha, furball!

Hyena: Hey Payback! Miss me?

Payback: Nice of you guys to get in the fight.

Archer: Identify, friend or foe.

Tolwyn: That's your call, cadet.

Archer: Uh, commodore, sir. I'm on your wing.

Tolwyn: No cadet, I'm on your wing.

Archer: Target at twelve o'clock. Three Broadswords. Commodore, dive through their formation. We'll scatter them and engage.

Tolwyn: I'm going in, Bowman.

Archer: Just a walk in the park, Archer. Ahh!

Payback: That's how you do it, Archer.

Archer: I had him in my sights.

Tolwyn: This is Tolwyn, I can't shake this beastly furball off my tail.

Archer: I'm on it.

Payback: So am I.

Archer: You don't trust me, do you? I'm two seconds from being in position.

Payback: I can take him out.

Archer: No!

Payback: I knew it, she won't engage!

Payback: Missile lock! On its way!

Archer: Not this time. Not the 'Claw.

SCENE - Outside Tolwyn's Office

Archer: Hey, look who's back.

Maniac: I heard you saved the ship.

Archer: I did my job. You were right, I had to move on. I guess.

Maniac: Uh, look, uh, sorry I kept Blizzard's medal.

Archer: I'll send it to his family. I won't be needing it.

SCENE - Tolwyn's Office

Tolwyn: Ah, come in, cadets. I'll make it brief. I'm recommending you both for the flying corss. Two ships were saved because of you. It's an honor well deserved.

Maniac: Uh, sir, I'd like to recommend my medal be given to someone else. The doctor and the nurses on that hospital ship. They were the real heroes.

Tolwyn: Very well, if that's your wish. Dismissed.

SCENE - Outside Tolwyn's Office

Maniac: Don't say it.

Archer: I didn't say a thing.

Maniac: Uh, hey, how bout a game of racquetball?

Archer: Any time, Maniac. I've got your number.

Maniac: Yeah, but not my backhand.

Archer: (laughs)