Lords of the Sky

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Lords of the Sky is the fifth episode of Wing Commander Academy aired and the fourth produced.

Lords of the Sky
Episode Number 1x05
Production Code 74704
Story Mark Edens
Writer(s) Matthew Edens
Air Date October 19, 1996
Run Time 20m54s
Animation Studio Koko
Theme Version 2
Previous Word of Honor
Next Chain of Command


Act One

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
3 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters 34 Dioscuri Dralthi medium fighters
1 Scimitar destroyed 8 Dralthi destroyed

Act Two

Act Three

Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
4 CF-105 Scimitar medium fighters
1 Shuttle
12 Dioscuri Dralthi medium fighters
command and control installation destroyed




Kill Board

Pilot Sorties Kills Status
Maniac 7 8 (1 partial) Active
Maverick 6 6 (1 partial) Active
Grunt 3 3 Active
Payback 6 2 Active
Archer 5 1 Active
Blizzard 2 1 KIA
Hyena 3 0 Active
Easy 1 0 Active
Jazzman 1 0 Active
Viking 1 0 Retired


Tiger's Claw


Dioscuri 2





Terran Confederation


Capital Ships

Empire of Kilrah



Terran Confederation

Small Arms

Terran Confederation

Empire of Kilrah



  • Lords of the Sky was the last of the first block of consecutive episodes to air. It was followed by a rerun of Red and Blue the next week on October 26th, 1996.

    Animation Errors


    Role Name
    Story by Mark Edens
    Written by Matthew Edens
    Producer Larry Latham
    Executive Story Editors Mark Edens
    Michael Edens
    Executive Consultant Ralph Sanchez
    Executive Story Consultants Richard Hilleman
    Adam Foshko
    Starring Mark Hamill (Maverick)
    Tom Wilson (Maniac)
    Malcolm McDowell (Tolwyn)
    Dana Delany (Archer)
    Also Starring Pat Fraley (Grunt)
    Ron Perlman (Kilrathi)
    Music by Alexander Van Bubenheim
    Voice Direction and Casting Susan Blu
    Pre-Production Sound by Screenmusic Studios, Inc.
    Pre-Production Sound Mixer Pete Elia
    Recording Assistant Mark Caballero
    Storyboards Ian Freedman
    Sean Bishop
    Bob Smith
    Storyboard Cleanup Judy Nielson
    Timing Directors John Cataldi
    Donna Mouliot
    Max Becraft
    Carole Beers
    Character Design Larry Latham
    Tim Eldred
    Prop Design Lee Go
    Background Design Derek Carter
    Background Color Key Kathryn Yelsa
    Computer Color Key Cynthia McIntosh
    Studio Production Manager Alex Johns
    Production Manager Patty Jausoro
    Production Coordinator Estrella Capin
    Production Assistants Aaron Justman
    Scott Huml
    Manuel Cano
    Monte Alexander
    Junior Gonzalez
    Danik Thomas
    Executive in Charge of Post Production Barbara Beck
    Editors Jay Bixsen
    Paul D. Calder
    Assistant Editor Michael Trueba
    Track Reading Glenwood Editorial
    Negative Cutting Executive Cutting
    Post Production Video Unitel Video, Hollywood
    Post Production Sound West Productions Inc.
    Supervising Sound Editor Rick Hinson
    Re-Recording Mixers John Boyd
    Stuart Calderon
    Overseas Animation Studio Koko Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    Produced in Association with USA Network


    Act One

    SCENE - Briefing Room

    Tolwyn: The Dioscuri System, gentlemen. Seven planets orbiting a G-type star. Dioscuri-2 is inhabited, a primitive humanoid civilization. Too primitive to comprehend space travel or the existence of other inhabited worlds. Avoid all contaminating contact. That's what the textbook says. Now here's what I say: I want a close recon of that planet. There's already been more Kilrathi activity in this star sector than anyone expected. If the Kilrathi have set foot there, I want to see a picture of the paw print.

    Maverick: Sir, I thought Archer... uh, I mean Cadet Bowman was supposed to be a part of this flight.

    Tolwyn: At her request, Bowman is on reserve status, temporarily excused duty. Dismissed.

    Maverick, Grunt and Maniac: Yes, sir!

    SCENE - Dioscuri 2 Environs

    Maniac: Okay boys, you heard the old man, let's dip down near the surface and do a atmospheric flyover. If we split up we can make a wide sweep.

    Maverick: Uh, are you sure you want to do that? We're already short one pilot without Archer. If the Kilrathi are down there we'll each be caught without a wingman.

    Maniac: (laughs) Ooh, scary. What's the matter, Maverick, you afraid of the big cats? Don't worry, if you can't handle it I'll come save you.

    Maverick: Hey, recommended procedure when approaching an unsecured planet...

    Maniac: Uh, uh (fake static) Uh, come again Maverick (fake static) didn't copy. Uh (fake static) Your transmission's breaking up

    Maverick: Suit yourself, Maniac.

    Maniac: Heh, yeah.

    SCENE - Dioscuri 2

    Maverick: Atmospheric hydrocarbon normal. No electromag radiation. (laughs) Nothing big on infrared excet some volcanic activity. Woah! Whoever it is, they don't mess around. Maniac, Grunt, I'm under attack, fighters coming up from the planet's surface, dozens of them. Missile launch! (groans) Way too close. Some primitive planet! Come on, baby! Get out of here! (screams) Come on! Bucket of bolts, respond! Respond! Oh Maniac, I told you so. Maverick to Maniac, I have abandoned ship. Activating pod tracking transmitter. You got me into this man, now get me out of here.

    Maniac: Alright sit tight Maverick, we've linked up and are on our way. Cavalry's coming.

    Maverick: Watch your back. One on one these guys are no match for a Scimitar but there's a lot of them.

    Maniac: Well, you just sit back and watch a real pilot work. Woah, man, Maverick wasn't kidding. We're going to have to punch our way through.

    Grunt: Understood.

    Maniac: Grunt! See if you can draw some of these guys off.

    Grunt: Roger, on my way.

    Maniac: (grunts) Just a little more. Woo hoo! Not bad, hot shot... but I'm the best.

    SCENE - Space

    Grunt: So long, losers.

    SCENE - Crash Site

    Maniac: Maverick! Maverick? You aren't Maverick! Oh man, I hate it on the ground.

    Dioscuri: (yelling)

    Maniac: Ugh! Okay. Uncle.

    SCENE - Dioscuri Camp

    Maniac: You might have warned me.

    Maverick: Hey, I never had a chance, they pulled me out as soon as the pod touched down.

    Maniac: if you were half the pilot I am you wouldn't have gotten us in this mess.

    Maverick: (groans) Well if you hadn't split us up I would've had a wingman back there.

    Maniac: Oh, it's a poor workman who blames his tools.

    Maverick: Oh, I hate it when you say that.

    SCENE - Dioscuri City

    Maverick: I don't know about you, Maniac, but this place gives me the creeps.

    Maniac: You know, we could be in real trouble when we get out of here. The Confederation probably considers getting captured to be a cultural contamination.

    Maverick: I think they've already been contaminated. Take a look at that statue. That's Prince Thrakhath.

    Act Two

    SCENE - Space

    Grunt: I've lost the ships and I've lost all contact with both Maverick and Maniac.

    Tolwyn: Understood. Hold your position. We'll vectoring a flight of Scimitars to Dioscuri 2 to help with the rescue, but it'll be a few hours before they can get there. Do not, repeat, do not attempt a solo rescue.

    Grunt: Yes sir, Grunt out. The Marines had one rule when I was with them at Repleetah: nobody gets left behind.

    SCENE - Crash Site

    Grunt: (groans) And I thought I was through with all that behind enemy lines crud when I transferred out of the marines.

    Dioscuri: (yelling)

    Grunt: (cheering) Don't mess with the marines.

    SCENE - Dioscuri City

    Maniac: They could at least let us stand up. I think my feet are getting numb.

    Maverick: Yeah, like your head.

    Maniac: Oh hah hah. Ow.

    Maverick: I've still got the personal transponder from the ejection pod. The rescue flight will be able to hone in on it.

    Maniac: Well turn it on, Grunt can track it, he'll get us out of here.

    Maverick: Oh, it's in my pocket.

    Maniac: (groans) If I wasn't tied up.

    Maverick: quiet! Look! It's okay, we won't hurt you.

    Maniac: How can we, tied up like this?

    Maverick: Oh, now look what you did! What, is that your goal, to get this whole planet ticked off at us?

    Maniac: Oh hey, what did I do? I was just, you know...

    Chieftain: Do you hear the drums? It mourns for the riders of the chariots that fly. Many will not return.

    Maniac: (laughs) Hey, you bite, we bite back.

    Maverick: We were only defending ourselves. We didn't expect you to have fighters like that.

    Chieftain: The lords of the sky gave us the flying chariots to protect ourselves from the lords of darkness.

    Maniac: Look, we're the lords of the sky. Those things are the lords of darkness.

    Maverick: No, we're not lords of anything. We're beings like you, only from other worlds. The ones that gave you the fighters, or chariots, we're at war with them. They said they were the lords of the sky to trick you. That's the difference between us and the Kilrathi, they lie to you, we tell the truth.

    Chieftain: The mouths of the dark lords... are a well of lies! You will be sacrificed to the Llords of the sky

    Maniac: Great job, Maverick, you sure convinced him.

    SCENE - Dioscuri Temple

    Grunt: (groans) Now I remember why I left the infantry. (grunts)

    Chieftan: Oh lords of the sky, accept these offerings, your sworn enemies. Feast on their spirits and grow strong.

    Maverick: Maniac, I want to apologize. You know, for getting you killed.

    Maniac: Ah, it's my fault, Maverick. You were my wingman, we should've stuck together.

    Maniac: Pretty high tech ceremony these guys put on.

    Maverick: Yeah, Kilrathi high tech!

    Act Three

    SCENE - Dioscuri Temple

    Commander: Great Shaman, the lords of the sky are pleased with these noble offerings. Yes, very pleased. Now go, leave us to accept your offerings.

    Maniac: Uh, pardon my curiosity but what are you going to do with us?

    Commander: The Dioscurians believe we are going to devour you. The reality will not be that present.

    Maverick: The Kilrathi mock Sivar by pretending to be lords of the sky.

    Commander: Sivar is exalted when the Kilrathi trick their enemies.

    Maverick: (grunts)

    Commander: Look what we have done with this planet. With a mere handful of warriors we control it. We've armed the primitives with our discarded weapons and turned this planet against the Confederation.

    Maverick: What if they turn those fighters against you?

    Commander: This mountain is taboo, forbidden. The primitives are afraid to fly near it. And if they do fight us, the ships won't fly without enabling codes which we transmit. (laughs) You see, we are truly lords of the sky. If you would be so kind as to carry the offerings. The food is simple here, but sufficient.

    Maniac: Hah, carry it yourself. And I hope you hock up a furball when you eat it.

    Maverick: Uh, Maniac, this isn't the time.

    Maniac: Sure, heh, why not. Maybe I got a future in food services.

    Commander: Hmm. For the moment you seemed to have the heart of a Kilrathi.

    SCENE - Mountain Path

    Maniac: (groans) Remind me never to fly with you again. Ow!

    Soldier: On your feet, Terran.

    Grunt: Stay down!

    Soldier #1: (grunts)

    Soldier #2: (screams)

    Grunt: (grunts) Come on, move it!

    Commander: I want them alive.

    Maverick: We won't be able to outrun them, the Kilrathi are born hunters.

    Grunt: Yeah, well I'm no bunny rabbit.

    Soldier #1: (scream)

    Commander: Fall back to the mountain top. The hunting karrigle has more than one talon in which to catch its prey.

    Grunt: Looks like they're pulling back. Maybe we can reach the fighters. Mine's in the canyon not too far from Maniac's.

    Maverick: No, that's no good. We've got to knock out the transmitter that sends the enabling code to the Dioscurians or the rescue team will fly right into an ambush. There's not much time.

    Maniac: Well I say we join the marines.

    SCENE - Kilrathi Base

    Commander: The Terrans must have reached their ships by now. Shoot them down as soon as they left off.

    Sensor Operator: Three contacts coming in from space.

    Commander: More Terrans. Transmit the enabling codes. Our Dioscurian friends can handle them.

    SCENE - Dioscuri 2

    Archer: Grunt, do you copy? Come on Grunt, answer me. Look sharp, we've got company. Lock on targets and prepare to fire on my signal. Proximity bursts only. No casualties unless we have to.

    SCENE - Kilrathi Base

    Commander: We're under attack, reinforce the perimeter.

    Grunt: Man, we could use some air support.

    Maverick: Wait, my transponder! (grunts)

    SCENE - Dioscuri 2

    Archer: A transponder signal, yes! Way to go Maverick! Payback, Hyena, hold off those fighters. I'm going down for a closer look.

    SCENE - Kilrathi Base

    Sensor Operator: One of the Terran fighters is approaching. Target lock confirmed.

    Archer: Woah, too close. Can't evade.

    Grunt: One... shot.

    Archer: I have to do it. I have to.

    Maniac: Hey Grunt! How'd it feel to be a ground pounder again?

    Grunt: I think I'll stick to flying. But for a couple of pampered fighter jocks, you two made pretty good marines. Uh but don't ever call me a ground pounder again okay.

    Maverick: (laughs) You rest up, the wing needs you.

    SCENE - Dioscuri City

    Maverick: Forget the lords of the sky and the chariots that fly. Return to your old ways. The Confederation will watch over your planet. If the Kilrathi return, so will we. Uh, anything else I should say, Maniac?

    Maniac: Tell 'em... (laughs) the real lords of the sky have spoken! (laughs)