Venture-class corvette

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Type Corvette
Primary User Terran Confederation
Ships of the Line Gwenhyvar
John Bunyan
Johnny Greene
Service Terran-Kilrathi War
General Characteristics
Length 80 meters
Mass 1,000 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 3 dps
Maximum Pitch 3 dps
Maximum Roll 3 dps
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 250 kps
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 15 cm equivalent
Aft 15 cm equivalent
Front 11 cm
Rear 11 cm
Side 10 cm
Venture-class Target Identification, circa 2654.
Source The Secret Missions 1

The Venture was a Terran Confederation corvette. It was included in Joan's Fighting Spacecraft Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092.

Venture corvettes served a large variety of roles, including system patrol, reconnaissance, capital ship escort, and even as a VIP transport. Corvettes are often configured with special cabins for this final role. Those corvettes that serve on border patrols near the edge of Terran star systems can be configured to last two or three years without the need to return to base for resupply. Ventures were among the smallest warships in the Terran fleet, but they served their purpose well and have become a trademark of the Terran Confederation's arsenal.

The Venture typically carried a crew of nine men. These included the Captain, First/Helm Officer, Sentry, Astrogator, Damage Control Officer, three gunners, and a mechanic. The ship can hold a limited number of passengers when fitted for VIP duty.

Ventures are armed with three laser cannons and two missile launchers.

The Venture has seen action in the Epsilon Sector, Vukar Tag, among many other fleet actions. One such vessel the TCS Marciano, was one of the first ships to respond to the attack on Goddard in 2654.


VariantCruise speedMax. SpeedWeaponsFore shieldAft shieldFore armorAft armorSide armorSource
TCS Johnny GreeneDual-Mount Laser Turret (2)
Tail gun
Wing Commander: End Run
Venture (Claw Marks)150200Mk. 25 Laser Cannons (2)
Dual Mount Laser Turrets (2)
Pilum FF (1)
Javelin HS (2)
1010988Claw Marks
Venture-class corvette150250Mk. 25 Laser Cannons (2)1515111110The Secret Missions

Super Wing Commander

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The Secret Missions 1: Operation Thor's Hammer

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Wing Commander: End Run