TCS John Bunyan

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TCS John Bunyan
Type Venture-Class Corvette
Jump Drive Yes

The TCS John Bunyan was a Venture-Class Corvette that was destroyed trying to conduct reconnaissance of the planet Vukar Tag.

The John Bunyan was the second corvette sent to investigate Vukar Tag. The ship tried to get close to the planet, however it was swarmed fighters and ran for an asteroid belt in the system. The ship had suffered multiple hull punctures and had vented its atmosphere. In the process it had destroyed seven Kilrathi ships. The Kilrathi did not leave the ship alone and after more than twelve hours the crew succumbed to a lack of oxygen, the captain recorded one final entry before blacking out. The computer made one final automatic entry noting that a random Kilrathi missile had damaged the fusion plant. When the battery ran out the ship went completely dark.

The hulk was discovered six months after its fatal mission by the crew of the TCS Johnny Greene. The hulk was used by Lt. Commander Ramona Chekhova to conduct a polar sweep of Vukar Tag, where she successfully acquired the data before the John Bunyan was ultimately destroyed by the defensive Kilrathi. The image intelligence played a vital role in Operation Back Lash.