TCS Marciano

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TCS Marciano
Type Venture-Class Corvette
Primary user Terran Confederation

The TCS Marciano is a Venture-Class Corvette that served with the Terran Confederation in the Terran-Kilrathi War.

The TCS Marciano was stationed outside of the Terran star system of Goddard in the Epsilon Sector in 2654. It was possibly on a routine system patrol when the Goddard Colony sent out a distress call to the Confederation Space Navy. According to the message, the Kilrathi were preparing to attack the planet with a new superweapon, prompting the Confederation to scramble its nearest forces.

The TCS Marciano was one of the closest ships to the Goddard System, and was ordered to intercept the Kilrathi fleet. Pilots from the nearby TCS Tiger's Claw sent starfighters to protect the Marciano as it and another vessel, the TCS Hickok, jumped into the Goddard System. The Claw was successful in holding off the Kilrathi patrols long enough for the Marciano and the Hickok to jump to Goddard, where they discovered that the colony had been completely destroyed.