TCS Johnny Greene

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TCS Johnny Greene
Type Venture-class Corvette
Captains Macmillan Harcourt
Service Terran-Kilrathi War
General Characteristics
Crew 9
3 (port dorsal wing, starboard dorsal wing, tail)
Oxygen fusion reactor
Jump Drive Yes
Standard Venture configuration, Joan's 2654.092.
Johnny Greene equipped with additional two engines and tail gun.
Source Wing Commander: End Run

The TCS Johnny Greene was a Venture-Class Corvette. As of 2667, it was commanded by Captain Macmillan Harcourt. It was one of three corvettes sent to reconnoitre the Vukar Tag system. It was the only one to succeed.


Two Years of Picket Duty

The crew of the Johnny Greene had been on station for two years and fought off fifty-three Kilrathi raids when they received orders to proceed to Xanadu for R&R and a refit. The Johnny Greene was a heavily-modified Venture. The crew had added a rear turret and Kilrathi engines integrated into the hull. After two years on picket duty however, the ship was in dire need of a refit.

New Orders

It was diverted from Xanadu to Hilo Base where it received orders from Captain Tor Ripley to conduct a reconnoissance of the planet Vukar Tag. Lt. Commander Ramona Chekhova was assigned to handle the intelligence collection on the mission to Vukar Tag. She developed what turned out to be at first a very abrasive relationship with the crew.

When the Johnny Greene arrived in Vukar Tag it moved into an asteroid field to survey the situation. After brainstorming the idea of using an asteroid as a distraction, CPO Coriander was EVA when she noticed the silhouette of a Venture corvette. It was the second ship to attempt a recon of Vukar Tag, the TCS John Bunyan. Shortly thereafter the wreckage of the first Venture sent to recon the planet was found as well.

Gathering Intelligence

Lt. Commander Chekhova proposed using the hulk of the John Bunyan as a means for her to reach the planet undetected while the Johnny Greene created a diversion by attacking a supply ship. Chekhova was slingshotted towards Vukar Tag by the Johnny Greene where with a single polar pass she gained image intelligence on the entire planet. She sent it by burst signal to the Johnny Greene before she was killed by the Kilrathi near the planet. The Johnny Greene returned to Confederation space with the intelligence. This intelligence allowed Operation Back Lash to proceed eight months later.

Wing Commander: End Run